Tuesday, May 27, 2008


OKAY. I won't expound on the title.:-) Thanks for the fun day, you guys. I am so excited to watch Greek. Evan is my new love interest. Even though he is a fuckin' bastard. Funny, I have a thing for bastards. Take Chad for example. HA HA. Napaka-feeling. ENOUGH.

So, I was talking to my friends and I couldn't be any happier to have them around. I mean, I wouldn't wanna stick with people who are so full of it. Oo na, MAGANDA KA NA. Excuse me. HA HA. My friends, jeez, I don't wanna flatter them all too much (HA HA HA) BUT our friendship has been tried and tested. Take Enzo, who came in straight from Walt Disney, he ate two strands of LONG hair. It was from the cupcake I gave him. I have long hair. So... And Diane, who I've travelled the world with one too many times. And Anj, who is now in BCD. Okay, melodrama. 
Let me tell you about my Physics test. Nes texted me at 12 noon and I was taking my precious time because I wasn't needed in Pearl until 3pm. BUT NO. Luck has not been with me lately, I had a final at 1 pm. I swear to the good Lord, I've reached 140 in the traffic. No, I'm kidding.
Goodnight, it's Greek time. 
I need a title for my song. :-(