Monday, August 10, 2009


I missed Diane and hanging out with her over coffee awhile ago brought nothing but the old times when we would both take a break from studying. She is done and over that agonizing phase in her life, which seems to last over a lifetime. I, on the other hand, still have one year (hopefully one year, so let’s get it on!) to endure that phase. I am not so sure if Thursday’s test is just a test or a midterm—either way, preparing for it for a week would seem to be the best thing to do and right now, I am more than ready to take it. Although I am taking it on the DL (down low, FYI to those who have not encounter the abbreviation, I AM TOTALLY KIDDING), I cannot stomach those people who claim they “did not study” but ace the test. I will prepare for this test because I have more than just a wake up call over the past week. I had several that hurt, like slap on the face, which hit hard enough for me to land on the floor.

On a lighter note, it seems like the anorexic phase of the teen kingdom is out as FOOD TWEETS and PLURKS are next IN thing today. Ergo, goodbye diet, hello cholesterol. I will take my time to get my mind set on the diet. I love eating so beat that shit. If that time comes, the diet I mean, I will grace each and every mall in the Philippines draped in nothing but a wisp of sheer chiffon. I will be sexy. Yeowch!

On a much lighter note, I have almost half of the money I need to get a new phone! I tormented my Tito Darwin with guilt (and my Mom, too) and persuaded him to the deal of the century. I am not in a hurry though. Pop just bought me a new phone but STILL. It is quite good to have your eye on something. “Eye on the gold, bring home the bacon”.
This is such a long entry and I am sure I have bored you enough. Wish me luck on my exams on Thursday. Pray for me, I’ll treat you to coffee. Oooh, that was a bribe. But seriously do.