Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Enzo Chavez12:11 AMthe good apples fail to realize that there are also two kinds of guys: pigs and monkeys. The pigs are those jerks who date girl after girl, getting what he can from her and then just dumping her like dirty laundry. And then he gets more girls. and more. And the nice guys wonder how the heck the pig is getting all the apples, and he can’t even find one. But here’s the difference between the monkey and the pig, the monkey can climb trees. He has the ability, the patience, and the self-respect to climb the tree and find a good apple out on a branch somewhere. Sure the pigs get a lot more apples, but the apples they get are rotten. And they’re PIGS. why would a good apple want to go to a pig anyway? 

Trizia Limi will post this!
Enzo Chavezhaha
Enzo Chavezi just had to comment on the whole why the girl should wait for the right guy
Enzo Chavez12:13 AMdoesnt mean she has to avoid dating right haha