Friday, October 03, 2008


I have been such a busy bee this week (DAW). I'm in the course of "doing" my paper and I'm actually thinking of not passing it. I mean, I'd rather watch FRIENDS until I doze off. RRRRR, I don't wanna study anymore. Mother took me to iGig and shoe shopping (I took her there, rather).She picked me up from school because "naawa siya sa akin, matagal na daw ako hindi nagsh-shopping. Mukha ba akong "mukhang shopping"? HINDI. ANNNNNDDD Ta-da! Clooney has a new look. Thanks, Ma, nahiya na talaga ako. But she says that I deserve it after a week of not being able to sleep. Tignan nalang natin sa grades. Baka hindi na ako i-shopping ever! 

To pass or not to pass?!