Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last night (or should I say the other night, coz it is already the 30th), my friends and I went out for dinner for Shai's birthday at Mr. Kurosawa, Eastwood Mall. You know how much I love my friends? VERY MUCH! It is ridiculous how much I depend on them. Of course, we headed to Bugsy's for late drinks. I went home late, which is not really part of the plan. It was quite eventful, you see.

I am currently counting the hours to my trip to Quezon for my Grandparents' 51st anniversary and also to see my dad. So I am very excited. Today (or awhile ago), I had a shotgun bonding with my sister, Zia, who I think is born in the 80s--I do not think of her as 6 years inferior to me. She gives me good advice. We hung out at Starbucks, did a little shopping (mostly for our yayas and our driver Tatang's children). I also gave P50 to two sampaguita vendors (one who, might I add, gave me a little bit of a trauma because she cursed me before due to the 15-peso change I gave her).

Now I leave you with lines from the song I am listening to.

do you remember
how i carried your heart
and i carried it far
and i know
that theres no one to blame
its a sure given shame of my own
that you dont..
-- Parker, Automatic Loveletter

My cousin, Lela Plurked that I listen to Unhearted by the same artist.

I did not bother to watermark my photos for this entry becauseI HAVE YET TO LOOK FOR A DECENT WATERMARK APPLICATION. SUGGESTIONS?

Friday, August 28, 2009


Mukamolabko by Franco and Trizia Lim

We made this shotgun. To no one in particular. Comment if you must! Chords are by Franco, btw. Isn't he genius?

Song written by me and my brother Franco. Chords by Franco. This is just for fun and the lyrics aren't meant for a particular person. Ha ha ha ha.


bakit tuwing tayoy magkasama
ikay nagmumukang jokla
ichura mo, mukang multo

bakit naman tayoy wala na
ikay lalong gumaganda
pinagsisihan ko
na wala na tayo

bakit naman akoy nakita
ang dami naman
sa iyo... kasi ang jeprox mo

ngayon naman ikay handa na
sa muka ko kong mala diyosa
oh diyos ko, bat ganito

bakit ngayoy tayoy wala na
hindi mo maalala
ang pagtitiis
sa muka mong....

hayaan nalang kitang pumila
magdusa ka sa kanila
oh ang long hair ko, love mo ito


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Credit: Zia Lim for the eye.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


So yesterday, I felt like a boy. I took advantage of the sun because it does not seem to rise when I want it to.

I love the acid wash jeans I got from my good friend, Bea. Visit and shop HERE. These shoes, I got last week. It is my new favorite. Obviously, you cannot see how gorgeous and down-to-earth they are because of the exposure but trust me they are. Harley seems to be attached to me and I to him. He follows me around like a puppy, which he is (and I fail to keep that in mind and accept the fact the he is).

Toying with the mask I borrowed from my brother. I wonder if it would be weird to walk around with it. Let's see. I apologize with my stringy hair. I had a haircut today. Could not stomach imagining it short. Chopped off a quarter of an inch. Well, I tried!



Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sometimes, I would give the rain a chance--a chance for it to be appreciated by yours truly. Tonight, the hard rain is something that I dare not like. I think about the houses made of card board boxes, ones that are near the creek along Araneta Avenue. The rain, specifically that one that is pouring mad as I type, can be so unforgiving! Probably a sign from the heavens to, I don't know, stop being so cruel? Hmmm.

A whole LOT has happened this week--things that I do mind sharing. So, never mind. However, I would like to share a piece of my priceless possessions.

I may have over... I lost count. Can you? I spent exactly 3 hours wiping each and every one of my precious with a damp cloth (with alcohol, of course). All are plastic covered and most of the spines of my books are not broken. I only have about three that's broken. Weird. And also, I wrap my books with plastic cover with no scotch tape involved. How do I do it? Hmmm. Magic. I still have to go through the same process with my Archie Comics, that is over 300 pieces. Numbered and covered, too.

I lololololove my mini library. It is the one thing that I come home too in my most stressful self. I look at it, admire it even, and everything just falls into place.

I am also proud of the Best Actress award from ROC Playfest '07. Sweet Jesus! This is my sanctuary! Go through my library and you can see the kind of childhood I had.

Follow me on Twitter! Click HERE. I had to secure my Tweets because there are a lot of mushroom followers, mostly bad, bad ones, like porn sites or something. So, check your followers constantly, they made have a penis in hand in their profile photo. Eeek!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


It took an hour before everything dawned into me. I felt faint. I have been waiting for this for a long, long time. Mmmmkay!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I think that Twitter has got the best of me. And Plurk, too, which I am gonna be over and done with some time soon. Because of these social network sites and the microblogging it offers, both have overshadowed my blog since I am always on the go--or I would just like to think so. It has been a habit for me to go on mobile and I do not consider myself as a madwoman, a partial one, no less, to blog on mobile. I carry a notebook around with me so that I could scribble down random thoughts that pop out of nowhere. See, even passersby inspire me to: one, ridicule them (i.e. what they are wearing but mostly about how lovers go by, like those in movies) and next and last, think about my blessings in life--my family, my friends, and the list goes on.

Geez, that was quite a ramble on, even for me.

Flip over a new page, or better yet, tear that. Change topic.

I have been buried alive with books that I have bought over the past week. It is amazing how books can take you everywhere, be in someone's shoes, page after page after page. It made me miss theatre, the adrenaline, most of all.

I started to think of the most painful thing, instance, moment, that Claire (a college student, taken for granted by her true love, gave so much but never appreciated--but then again, what is 'so much'?), turned her back and let go of the person who she thought was the one, which I commend her for because she did it for herself) and Gail (a young mother, a wife, who has got the 'everything is going according to plan' but OOPS, am I happy?, perfect house and perfect husband with a young bundle of joy, lives in the moment but caught up in the past, kind of like Claire, waiting for Fred Astaire). The common denominator? Every girl's story. What do you think?

Sunday, August 16, 2009


But today is the day. We all know that copycats do not succeed, I am one myself. I know that I did not give justice to the outfit but hell.

I love how this outfit implies: I've no care for the world, I am drinking my coffee. I do not know which twin this is, do you?

This is my take. I tried to "make it my own" by adding a few accessories, still no justice. I am a copycaa, a fairly lousy one at that but hey, I tried. I mean the twinpire is THE TWINPIRE. And I? I am just a lone copycat, no cent as compared to the original. In case you were wondering about the construction site, which I obviously took advantage of (just to have a dramatic location), workers are repairing broken cement at the roof deck.

We went shopping awhile ago. Thank you, Mom! I bought a whole lot but this has got to be my best buy. Skinny jeans with zipper detail from Zara. PERFECT FIT. It is made for me! Excuse Dumbo, intention was to show off the best jeans in the world.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I threw a silent bitch fit in the restroom earlier today, right after I turned in my test, which I studied for (yes, I do study). A herd of dimwits were hogging the bathroom's mirror. I placed my laptop and bag by the sink. Dimwit #1 was combing her hair. My advice: wash it a hundred times, your hair smells like a moth ball. There was a little space in between her and my things and I practically shoved her. It was my turn to hog the mirror. Dimwit #2 was praising herself with a pat on her shoulder because she has finally sported Blair Waldorf's black tights, short dress, and headband. Excuse me, you little twit, that phase was out, so never walk around like you are born cool because clearly, you are not. Dimwits #3 to #88 smelled so bad I wanted to barf, I could have sworn Dimwits #6 and #67 farted. I could not take the coolness of it all anymore, I had to leave the restroom. Since I was having a really bad morning, I stepped on Dimwit #1's foot. I did not say sorry, she did.

Thank you.

Monday, August 10, 2009


I missed Diane and hanging out with her over coffee awhile ago brought nothing but the old times when we would both take a break from studying. She is done and over that agonizing phase in her life, which seems to last over a lifetime. I, on the other hand, still have one year (hopefully one year, so let’s get it on!) to endure that phase. I am not so sure if Thursday’s test is just a test or a midterm—either way, preparing for it for a week would seem to be the best thing to do and right now, I am more than ready to take it. Although I am taking it on the DL (down low, FYI to those who have not encounter the abbreviation, I AM TOTALLY KIDDING), I cannot stomach those people who claim they “did not study” but ace the test. I will prepare for this test because I have more than just a wake up call over the past week. I had several that hurt, like slap on the face, which hit hard enough for me to land on the floor.

On a lighter note, it seems like the anorexic phase of the teen kingdom is out as FOOD TWEETS and PLURKS are next IN thing today. Ergo, goodbye diet, hello cholesterol. I will take my time to get my mind set on the diet. I love eating so beat that shit. If that time comes, the diet I mean, I will grace each and every mall in the Philippines draped in nothing but a wisp of sheer chiffon. I will be sexy. Yeowch!

On a much lighter note, I have almost half of the money I need to get a new phone! I tormented my Tito Darwin with guilt (and my Mom, too) and persuaded him to the deal of the century. I am not in a hurry though. Pop just bought me a new phone but STILL. It is quite good to have your eye on something. “Eye on the gold, bring home the bacon”.
This is such a long entry and I am sure I have bored you enough. Wish me luck on my exams on Thursday. Pray for me, I’ll treat you to coffee. Oooh, that was a bribe. But seriously do.

So there is not even an ounce of International Eco in my system. Okay, I exaggerate. I am way behind schedule due to DVDs and just sheer slacking off, which I think is very clever of me, confident, even. I hope I do not fail my test on Thursday, after which, I will celebrate like a 7-year old girl--candies and balloons.

On a much lighter note, Tito Darwin has promised something very dear! I am too excited to tell! When he visits Manila again, I will get a hold of it. I hope it is very soon!

Photos of IE cruelty:

Thursday, August 06, 2009


I have bawled like a baby, watching President Corazon C. Aquino's wake, funeral cortege, and burial. I think it is an injustice not to write anything about her here. But I was thinking it will also be an injustice if I wrote something that is not decent enough to explain the loss of not only the Philippines, but the whole world as well (not that it is my responsibility but this get it? No?). With utmost respect, I salute you. "We are... BECAUSE OF YOU"--the only thing I can say. Salamat.

I got this from Danica's Plurk. Thoughts?

Hmm. Thoughts are welcome in the FAQ Box.

Thank you for your questions. :-)


Who could ever thought that Harley can be a fashionista?

View full album HERE.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Date: July 26th, my sister's birthday. It was only the four (well five, counting Harley) of us. Pop was at the other car. Don't ask me why we rode separately.

At YinYang Tea House. L-R: Karla, Toni, Me, and Rissa taken last July 30th. Sean, Bea, Toby, and JP were there too.

Car ride going to Con's condo. Ready for her surprise! I love my bestfriend even if according to her, "I invited myself over". In my defense, I was PROVOKED to invite myself over (I have the habit of ambushing her) when she over the phone she said, " Bes, it's my birthday and you're not here to visit me. You have to make bawi." SO THERE (I know one of my professors hates, SO THERE but SO THERE).

This was before the surprise for Con. Taken at the 7th floor parking lot.

Hello, we were obviously bored waiting for Karla and Shai.

Matching phones. Shai and I.

L-R: Laverne, COn, Me, Shai, and Karla. MIA: Katrina (who left early to go to another party), Karryl (who was studying at Tomas Morato), Cheska (who was at a party), and Kandz (whose phone acted up). I love you all.

Last August 1st, Marie Digby performed live at the NBC Tent! She was awesome and beyond!

While waiting for the concert to start. Photo of me and my siblings.

Hope you enjoyed and did not rot out of sheer boredom.

I have several questions waiting to be answered. :-)

I apologize for the bad quality of the photos. I will get a decent photo editor soon. And an SLR when I get rich.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Prepare yourselves with a mound of photos. Actually, heaps of them. I just have to watermark them even if I am lazy to do so.


The downpour is quite unforgiving, way to witness midnight. I hope it stops; there are thousands outside the cathedral. But see, even the heavens are mourning.

Yellow salute.

Sunday, August 02, 2009


1. Name: ......
your so pretty, how come your still single..
-- Ewan ko. ☺

2. Name: fan
kapamilya or kapuso? Ehe
-- I love ABS-CBN shows!

3. Name: fan
it looks that you're good in applying make up, any tips?hehe
-- Hmm. I use 3 kinds of powder/base for my face. The first one I apply is foundation for under my eyes, to cover the unwanted dark circles. Next is a 2-way foundation for my T-zone. And last is just an ordinary face powder to even up the skin tone of my face and neck—this powder that I use is a natural tone, a bit darker than the first two I apply. I rarely put on poweder on my cheeks (this way when your skin gets oily in the afternoon, you’ll have a natural-looking blush) It may seem a lot, but I swear it is not too much. I cannot live without my eyeliner; I use dark brown. I put on my lash line (to make my eyes bigger). Then just a little blush.

4. Name: klsp
what happened to us? we used to be so close but now I don't even think I know you anymore. I miss the old Ish... simple yet noticeable. quiet nevertheless funny. distant but reachable. lovable although crazy. I just miss the old you... I don't want to be emo but hearing you sing makes me remember the way we were before.

-- Sino ka ba? I was never quiet so you’re definitely lying. ☺

5. Name: kandz
love you, ish!!!

-- Love you, too!

6. Name: shai dela merced
can we share jake? :-) (friends forever!!!!)

-- Fine, fine. In the name of friendship! Friends forever!!!!

7. Name: fan
what is UA&P ?

-- University of Asia and the Pacific.

8. Name: FAQ
Hey! I too like your fashion and am also surprised because like me, you're also a big fan of Wowowee. :D How did you start modeling?

-- Thank you! I am a big fan of the show! I remember attending VTRs since I was a kid, but I was a shy one so I didn’t get any projects. When I was in the 2nd grade, I became a Sailor Moon model. END OF CAREER. Ha ha ha. Seriously, though, I don’t model naman. Just a few stints, that’s it. I have an agency though, I got connected with the agent in highschool thru a team mate and is now an actress.

9. Name: tara
Hi! What do you think should be my creative shot? I'm really in to dancing, and novels by sophie kinsella and music. What can you suggest? :)

-- Hi, Tara! I suggest that you go out of your comfort zone. Try something that isn’t you or something/someone that you wanna be aside from going along the lines of dancing. For my creative shot, I was torn between Andy Sachs (from The Devil Wear Prada) and Phoebe Buffay (from FRIENDS). Phoebe won. He he he. Why not Andy Sachs, eh? ☺ Tell me how it goes! Sorry I’m not much help.

10. Name: meggie
have you tried hair extensions?

-- Not yet.

11. Name: inns
i love your outfits here. i wanna raid your closet if given the chance. all your stuff seems expensive. do you buy cheap stuff also?

-- Thank you, Inns! I am the Queen of Thrift! Nothing beats the feeling of having someone praise you for an outfit that is under a P100!

12. Name: g
sa inyo yung bldg? ano busines ng falily nio?

-- As in where I live? Yes. It’s my Kong-kong,s (grandpa). Real estate, shipping, fishing, and poultry.

13. Name: KC
cute ng latest vid! gnda ng voice mo. pwede! ahm, ano height mo?

-- I’m short. 5’3” and ¾ . May ganon?!

14. Name: siL

hi, trish.. alam m sikat pala ako dto s blog mo... ehehe. nywaz, feeling ko i knw u na.. lgi ko binabasa kaht na mrmi galit sakin dto. gnda mo..

-- Good for you!

15. Name: baby
anu celfone number mu?

-- ☺

16. Name: clarisse
thanks for answering my question. you like tom welling pala (your inspiration) gets mo? lol. do you have projects now? how do you get projects?

-- I get it. Wala eh! Attend VTRs and castings. Wait for what would seem like a million years.

17. Name: jane
where did you get your pink shoes?

-- Topshop.

18. Name: nhellieboy
i did'nt know your modelling pala, my friend is asking , how tall are you daw.. i'm just 5'5".. in short.. i'm short.. how bout ya?

-- Nope! 5’3” and ¾.

19. Name: mariedigbyfan
how was the concert? :-)

-- Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, everyone! Hit me up with some more! This was just shotgun.


So my mom thinks I should pray harder and be extra careful. God has been saving me from getting myself into serious danger--I am so accident prone that I could end up in the hospital. Barely a month ago, I stepped on my sister's file case and slipped, head first and then my arms bent. I fell with a dramatic BAM. Good thing though is that I also landed on a cushion. My arm was sore for 2 days. Yesterday, I woke up with a stiffed neck. My mom had to call our pedia and I had to consult my tito (who is a doctor and who also lives next door). I was probably fidgeting in my sleep and when it was time to wake up, I cracked in my neck. While at the shower awhile ago,I had to literally catch the bathroom sliding door with my arms. It is made of glass, by the way.

See, unfortunate accidents are on my way.

On a lighter note, Marie Digby Live in Manila was fun. She was awesome. I will post photos later.