Thursday, September 30, 2010


I never really thought I would come to my senses and appreciate the color beige. Now, I am professing my love for it along with my current appreciation for suede Bluchers (click on the link, mine is in beige). Best paired with absolutely everything! I promise to go easy on them.

I referred to this as my "boy-meets-girl" outfit. It is all over the place and it seemed like I just threw in whatever was in sight, which I did.

Hot pink H&M top, L.E.I. denim shorts, beige soft Zara Bluchers, beige dual H&M bag, black rebel Ecko watch, leopard-print lower H&M barrette-slash-brooch, and granny pearls, which I got from I do not remember. Ha ha ha. No rings for now.

Trusty red lips to vamp a simple outfit. It never fails.

I am starting a new collection. It is going to be anything with shoe laces on. My dependency on ballet flats and weird-looking heels will be put to rest first.

Barrette mania. This one is rather heavy than expected. But ain't it pretty?

It is a quick post. I should have given more justice to my current outfit mix-up. I had an exam for a job awhile ago. I went without any sleep. What a waste!

Photos by: Clara Tan
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Sunday, September 26, 2010


“Oh, you think so? Well, I know so. And when the lights all go out. Slay me, hold me down, and hollow out my heart.” – Dressed In Dresden, The Hundred In The Hands

Overdue look (I posted a new one and will blog about it tomorrow):

Black Forever21 cardigan, Be Free cropped tank top, H&M Bandage skirt (given to me by Angela, black Zara purse, gold Headphones necklace (can be seen only if you zoom, ha ha), Random bangles, Rubi ring and chain connector ring both from Aldo, Over-sized owl ring from Forever21, and my best-buy from my trip to China...

My brown leather, 4-inch clogs with orange floral detail.

Also available in white and black. Look at how pretty these are, I had to take a photo. I wanted to buy all three but they won't fit into my suitcase and I am afraid I won't have money left. This is located at the Ongoing Department Store, 1618 Nanjing W. Road, Jing An District, Shanghai,China. I think that this is also the only mall that sells Doc Martens. So, friends, if anyone wounds up in China, please get me the other two. I will pay you and thank you forever.

I do not think that I can go on with life without a bandage skirt--it goes with anything. Find out how celebrities wear them. Check it out HERE.

I have always been addicted to barrettes but this hot pink floral barrette is striking ergo added to my favorites.

Visit my Chictopia for full deets.
Photos by: Clara Tan -- make sure to visit her blog and send some love, she is amazing!
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


By The Mynabirds

Finally got to update my Chictopia again. I have so many stories to tell--my China trip, my good finds, and a whole lot more.

One thing I love about my mom is the fact that she accepts my very weird taste in clothes. I would say "fashion" but I do not think I have the credibility to carry such big a term. Anyway, she got these acid wash-looking but tie-dye in real life men's trousers that I have been meaning to purchase for months now. I saw a lot in China--trousers placed in second in my "to-buy" list, next to Doc Martens Hello Kitty edition. Both, of course, were not bagged. The trousers I have seen are all plain and this is the reason why I snagged these pair from my mother who was really cool about it. It is a little loose on me but it is to die for so I try to cope.

I love you, Mom. Worn with a splattered Zara tank top, 5.5-inch satin pumps from Aldo, gartered belt with gold heart medallion from Zara, red zebra print bangle from my brother , psychedelic bangle (my all-time, trusty favorite from The Bead Shop), gold bangles from Aldo, ruby ring with gold band, and gold chain connector ring, both from Aldo.

Full deets HERE

Photos by: Clara Tan

Sunday, September 19, 2010


At long last, I have been approved to be a Chic VIP on Chictopia (I know I will be bashed by Clara--ha ha ha CHIC!). Just a quick post because this look was posted about 3 days ago. But in my defense, I prepared and planned on writing good thoughts about this one.

Outfit inspired by Emily (Pretty Little Liars) but I failed and realized it just now. So, I am changing it... Outfit inspired by Real Life by The Tanlines.

Vintage denim polo from Guess, Jeans (Katy Perry would call it "Skin Tight Jeans" and a fellow Chictopian would call it "Cigarette Jeans", and I would just call it jeans ha ha ha) from Forever21, beige suede boots, vintage Gucci purse, and accessories from all over.

Flowers, heart key, owls, cameras, and lock & keys.

Photos by: Clara Tan
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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Weird choice of title. I know. I will post photos of my China trip soon. But for now, I am gonna share a video that is all about my best buy in China (the rings are just an extra clip I included). I miss the busy street of Nanjing Road--this is how some of the Chinese girls my age look like in China.

Do you like my headband? I love it so I will probably over use it in my upcoming looks in Chictopia and Lookbook. I tried my very best to make my eyes super chinky.

"Hi, excuse me! I am now covered by a tangy pimple patch, I will leave tomorrow." - Trizia's pimple

Post-China from Trizia Lim on Vimeo.

Sneak Peek:

My "Eat Pray Love" moment in China.

Thursday, September 09, 2010



There is a rule book made by millions and millions of girls. It contains the "when", "where", and "how" to's in this madness called L-O-V-E. These existing rules contradict each other often and I do not think there are any further references (much less, a solution) to fill in the gaps. Most girls have rules because they believe in love; they want this experience to be trouble-free, painless, and perfect. Some girls break these rules (more often than not, their own) because they trust in love; they have accepted the imperfections of it--the pain the other person inflicts on them, the bumpy road they go through, the sacrifices and risks they take, and mental killing of prince charming.

WHEN. Do you have to be an adult--over 18 and mature--to find love? I'm giving you two cases.

(1) My eldest cousin met his first love in high school, age 15, I believe. They broke up, got in and out of relationships, parted ways, and uttered not one single word to each other for a decade. They are both married now. To each other. They also have a plus one now, their daughter.

(2) He was spoiled, knew and cared about nothing but cars, ball, and the long list of girls who like him. She was the typical college girl, lots of friends, and guys fell for her but she would not budge, she was single since birth. Two people, age 17, with nothing in common but breathing found each other. I really have to save up for their 25th wedding anniversary. Story of my mom and dad.

WHERE. Do you have to meet him/her in church? At a bar? A coffee shop?

They say that if you meet someone at a bar, expect that the flaming love will end even before it begins. Why? I have no idea. But if you ask me, I would not want to meet the love of my life while Ridin' Solo is playing. If a stranger walks up to me and asks if he could get me a second cup of coffee, I would say, "Sure. Under the name "Free" (get it? One Iced Vanilla Latte for Free!--this is me trying to input some humor). And I doubt if I meet someone in church.

My cousin's flight to Cebu got delayed. She sat and waited in the aiport. There was a guy whose flight to Cebu got delayed. The two of them chatted only to find out that they were on the same flight. They are now happily married with two beautiful kids. They now live in Cebu.

Love acts in silly ways. If their flight did not get delayed, they would not have found each other. The 2-hour delay marked the rest of their lives together. What a sweet love story.

HOW. Do you have to build a foundation or walk in the park and meet the one?

The key to a successful relationship is friendship (sure). It is one of the love stories with a dreamy start, a shaky middle, and a happy ending. Just like any other romantic comedies, this one, I must say, is taken out of the oven, fresh from the cinema. It goes like this: Best of friends. He was in love; she was in love. But not with each other. He went through a break up and so did she. He called, she answered, and both of them (finally) on each others' end. He is the funny one, she is the serious type. They fell in love after years of being "friends". They were happy then became sad. They grew apart and have had enough. He tried to be okay. She pretended to be happy. The end?

It was just one look that made them fall back into each other's arms. It was magic. It was their magic that no one else can decipher. They had it in them. People around them can just feel it.

Therefore, the key to a successful relationship is magic. Something that not only they feel but what their friends feel.


It took so long, I know. It is just so hard to knock some words out of my brain nowadays. I will be gone for a week.

I am going to China and maybe write about the third installment of this madness. A change of scenery would be good.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

I'm going to a Gossip Girl-themed debut. What do you suggest I wear (head-to-toe)? Hahaha. Is it advisable to wear stockings? :) I admire your fashion insights, that's why I'm asking you :)

Hi! I wouldn't go for a pair of stockings. I have three outfits in mind. :-)

Serena: Wear a "dressy" dress. Dressy meaning cocktail, asymmetrical, long sleeve. Anything form-fitting. A good pair of strappy, chunky heels (chunky is the way to go). Get a basic pair, one that you can still wear and would go well with your other clothes. A vintage necklace. A messy bun would be perfect. Light or almost-natural makeup and pink lipstick.

Jenny: White top, black (preferably leather) jacket, black skirt, above-the-knee socks, and high-heeled booties. Silver and leather accesories--go heavy on your rings, bracelets, and necklace. Smoke-y eyes, super-red lipstick. For your hair, you can either go for a super straight 'do or waves. This would be my favorite look because I'm sure everyone is gonna dress as my Blair or Serena. :-)

Vanessa: Go for anything (maxi or short dress/top) that has a psychedelic print. Top it off with a denim vest or jacket. Large hoops, beaded bracelets, and rings. Your look should be very "disoriented" and "no-care-for-the-world". Ultra curls or high-messy ponytail with barrettes. A weird-shaped purse (crocheted or leather) with weird prints or statements would be good for this look. If you decide to wear a maxi dress, wear brown sandals, no heels. If you decide to wear a short dress, low-heeled or high-heeled booties would be perfect! :-)

I'm not gonna get into a Blair outfit because there is a large possibility that everyone would wear a headband, colored tights, blazers, and skirts. Everyone would look the same. Be different! Good luck! Please do tell me what look you'd go for and if I find the time, I will post an outfit for you.

Ask me anything. Tell me something.

Have you seen the new iPod Touch? I want to buy it but it doesn;t take pictures,which sucks for me, and now am thinking of buying an iPad. What do you think?

Cool stuff but I find it weird that it doesn't have a camera but allows HD video recording and video call! Ha ha! If I were you, I'd get an iPad--it's gonna come along handy since there's a lot more you could do with it. (A BlackBerry would be great, as well, hee hee.)

Ask me anything. Tell me something.

hi i've been reading your blog since i was in the pi and i still do while im here in england, any plans of coming over here? bloody hell i really miss home specially now that christmas is just around the corner, so random,hehe, congrats by the way :)

Thank you very much. If only I could! I also have a "so random" rant, I can't think of anything to write in my blog at the moment. That was really random. But, really, thank you very much. You just made my day. :-)

Ask me anything. Tell me something.