Saturday, May 31, 2008


Just when my heart poured out with sheer generosity towards the street children outside KFC, I got violated (my heart would usually go out to the old ones, I cry when I see them wandering off the clean streets of the city). It was something uncalled for. Maybe I exaggerate too much but still. I was asked to buy dinner for our impromptu party at home, Jb accompanied me. So we were by the car waiting for the barrel of chicken we ordered and these kids, god, these kids started begging for the drinks we had. HELLO, the little girl was brushing her arms, trying to get a feel of my bag. Jb and I were a little too patient. I love kids, really. BUT THESE KIDS tested my patience. I threatened them...

"Magagalit na yung guard oh! Babarilin kami niyan pag binigyan namin kayo ng pera!"

Puta, bakit ako babarilin. Di ba dapat sila yung barilin? 

Joke lang.

Friday, May 30, 2008


I had a major bonding experience with my cousins. The excitement of today's happenings is brought to you by Clara Tan, who finally got the breath of fresh Fort Bonifacio. According to her, FORT BOH-KNEE-FAH-SEE-YO!
Clara is such a good sport. AND a good tourist too!
I am not a great artist. I have no creativity in my system. I have no color coordination, shape coordination, doodle coordination, and the like. All I can squiggle is a frickin' letter "T" and it's not even god damn perfect! HAR HAR. Lela, I feel for you too.

I am going to lock myself in my house for a week with no internet access. I BOUGHT ALL OF MEYER'S BOOKS!

Bella. Bella. Bela. Eh. Eh. Eh.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I'm reading Twilight again. :-) 

Okay, so it's funny how I get in trouble and get out of it in a matter of seconds. Yes, scratch the hasty verdict. I am not in trouble anymore. But, I have decided, it's a unanimous decision by me, me, and me, to stay at home. I'm sorry, Pooch. Bob messaged me last night and I can't talaga. ALL IN THE NAME OF PA-GOOD SHOT.



I got in trouble for going home late last night. As punishment, or at least that is what I think, I was asked to fix my bags (thanks, Mom, really). So, yaya and I were segregating my bags--all neatly lined up, the bags that I use, the bags that Zia might use, and the bags that is out (these are the bags that I wouldn't be caught using, otherwise everyone will hail me as The Fashion Mishap). THEN YAYA SHOUTED: "Achi, Diane's here..." (yes, Yaya Mayet speaks good english). There they were (John, Carlo, and Diane), in my house as if it is the most normal thing in the world. I was in my favorite red pajamas. Thank God I had my contacts and my bra on (not that there is anything to cover, but STILL). So, my parents forgot about the "little" incident that I had the night before and allowed my to go out with my wonderful friends! 

But... It gets even better. :-) or so I thought. Before I declare everything and before I admit that I have wronged again, I just wanna thank my friends for: kidnapping me, making my parents unground me (at least for today), helping me get away with my little chore, and getting me in trouble again! YAY! HA HA. I love you, guys. THIS IS, BY FAR, THE BEST DAY (AND NIGHT) OF MY LIFE.

So, friends. Yes, I got in trouble for going home late again. So whatever happened to the movies? HA HA. 

Tacsiapo. Salamat ng madami!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


OKAY. I won't expound on the title.:-) Thanks for the fun day, you guys. I am so excited to watch Greek. Evan is my new love interest. Even though he is a fuckin' bastard. Funny, I have a thing for bastards. Take Chad for example. HA HA. Napaka-feeling. ENOUGH.

So, I was talking to my friends and I couldn't be any happier to have them around. I mean, I wouldn't wanna stick with people who are so full of it. Oo na, MAGANDA KA NA. Excuse me. HA HA. My friends, jeez, I don't wanna flatter them all too much (HA HA HA) BUT our friendship has been tried and tested. Take Enzo, who came in straight from Walt Disney, he ate two strands of LONG hair. It was from the cupcake I gave him. I have long hair. So... And Diane, who I've travelled the world with one too many times. And Anj, who is now in BCD. Okay, melodrama. 
Let me tell you about my Physics test. Nes texted me at 12 noon and I was taking my precious time because I wasn't needed in Pearl until 3pm. BUT NO. Luck has not been with me lately, I had a final at 1 pm. I swear to the good Lord, I've reached 140 in the traffic. No, I'm kidding.
Goodnight, it's Greek time. 
I need a title for my song. :-(

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Yay! I've finally, finally made a song. Well, it's not yet complete but I still managed to make a verse and a chorus! The sCRAP demo (WOW) is in multiply and I've shared it with a few friends only because I am shy. PLUS the song is too... I don't know. I'm gonna make revisions. I shall allow myself to digress from the original thought, or maybe I could just put a disclaimer note. OH, WHAT THE HELL???

I got a text from Bea Puyat and she said that our Physics finals is gonna be on TUESDAY! WHAT THE FUCK??? Puta, summer mode na ako.

Cherrios and tarts.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

So, I feel really bad because I didn't get to meet up with my friends tonight. I know you guys are upset with me. I'm sorry, something came up. I love you, guys.

I'm trying to do a project in GarageBand and I'm failing miserably!

Mmkay, bye.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


The frickin' post options is still not working. I cannot document my posts well, I hate it. 

Okay, last night was F-U-N even though we had a rough start. Kam, the barbeque was super! Mom, your pasta was great. So, Diane brought some furniture (yes, tables, lamp shade, pillows) from her house. Wait, I didn't know that the plural form for "many furniture" is just "furniture" without the S. Anyway, Pipoy is in Bacolod and I spent 4+ hours on the amateur video I made because I was in a rush AND because I don't know much about video editing. I even tried using my iMovie, GOODLUCK.  I will post the video here, SOON. 
Thanks, Carlo! Okay. So, Anj and I are bound to suffer from ear complications anytime soon, let's hope not. We were talking for almost an hour. Hello, radiation! Anj is right, "you lose someone, but there's gonna be another someone". We're not in a bitter state, believe me, WE'RE FINE and guys are the last things we need right now. We are having so much fun hanging out with our friends. AHEM. ;-). AGAIN, I couldn't agree more! Life has slapped me one too many times and I think it's about time that I look at life in a different way. AND I AM. About the "having another someone", Anj and I don't want to have one (or two, um, three?) anytime soon, unless he looks like Chuck Bass. As Anj would broadcast in our PolDyn class during one of the reportings (AND WHEN MR. ZIALCITA HEARD HER), "I'M LOVIN' THE SINGLE LIFE". Jeez! Mr. Zialcita heard that! And she was just whispering. Again, I couldn't agree more. 
People, let's not mope around because there's no one to cuddle with and no one to give orders around. Let's be happy and DRINK the punch we had last night. 
Thanks, Angela. I will listen to you from now on.


Monday, May 19, 2008


                                                With Krisca and Ashley
                                     Monster, Ashley, Angelyn, Mary, and Krisca

                                                           Madame Arvi and Oliver (?)

I accidentally deleted my entry yesterday afternoon because I was cleaning out my blog. :-( But it's OKAY!
The shoot went by pretty well--that is, if you consider working for 12 and a half hours festive. Call time was at 3pm but I was already in the area at 2 pm because some of us did not want to be a diva. Ha ha. And because DIVA is bad. Tatang dropped us (yaya Nini!) off at McDonald's and ta-da! Ronnie from the agency and the bearer of goodluck and moolah arrives. That's fun. BUT IT GETS EVEN FUN-ER! We rode a... TRICYCLE! It was a 5-minute ride and boy was it FUN! I met the wackiest people! Fun waiting with them. So I had to run in 4-inch heels. Can you just imagine how much pain I had to go through? I am experiencing the effect NOW and I don't like it. So we were done by 3:30am the next day, and  I had to be up 6:30am! Hello! 


Sunday, May 18, 2008


NO, NO, NO! Gossip girl is not loved! YES, it's true. For them, at least. This is such a huge disgrace! Click here--comment and defend the show that we all wanna be part of, may it be because of the guys and the clothes that the girls are wearing. GO.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I felt sick today. Aloha! Thanks to the sunny-then-rainy weather we've been having for a few days now. Thanks! I had to sneak out of my Physics class to go to the clinic, I actually wanted to smoke too. So there we were, Kam and I, smoking like lunatics under the pouring rain. Kam suddenly ditched her fag, she didn't feel well too. It had something to do with our throats. Well, thanks to the 2-hour concert we had last night in Baliw Theatre! CORNY. Ha ha. Maraming salamat sa inyooo! Lalo na kay Bobby at Pat! They went up the stage pa talaga. OKAY, I'LL STOP NA. Anyways (The Hills style, Heidi style), the clinic was frickin' closed. WHAT THE FUCK. Eh, paano pala kung hindi sore throat yung problema ko? Paano kung nangisay na ako sa labas ng clinic na may "store hours", ha? HA? If i die, NAKO. Edi patay? SUS. STREPSILS LANG, PARANG AWA NIYO NA.

Pop took me mega shopping! THANKS. BEST BUY: Leopard print sneakers. ;)

Cheeries. Don't panic.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I had Anj and Diane, two of my favorite people in the face of the planet (Aw!), sleep over last weekend because there is no one but me and my yayas at home. They were in Quezon for Kuya's birthday. I would've come but freakin' PolDyn made me stay and have the house all to myself. I CANNOT LIVE ALONE because I was actually tempted when Yaya Lynette (who calls me, "Archie", instead of "Achi") told me that it was my chance to go out. "Archie, bilis! Mag-disco ka na, hindi ka namin isusumbong basta kasama mo si Yaya mo!". "Eh, Ya, may test pa ako". SAAN KAYA PWEDE MAG-DISCO?

After school, we (Anj and Diane) went to the mall to look for Diane's LBD because she has an IEP party to go to. Yes, Little Miss IEP found the perfect dress and I found a strand of hair in my food. It wasn't my hair, I was sure of it, because I had to pull it out of the pita I was eating. Gross! 


To the owners of Chick Pea Deli, Galleria Branch:
I found an index-finger length, strand of almost-black hair. I am sure that it belongs to one of your employees. BOTH of the employees had LONG HAIR, which only means one thing... I, GOD FORBID, MOST PROBABLY ATE HAIR. Ew. I demand 150 pcs of what I ordered because it tastes good, except for the hair part. You do not know how I freaked out when I saw the, um, HAIR.
Thank You. For nothing. 

I'm catching up on One Tree Hill. Kudos to Peyton Sawyer! She wore an "Angels and Airwaves" shirt. I'm not a big fan, but I'll give them another shot. Woah, I sound so important for a moment there.


I'll be posting a video from our sleepover. Some, I dare not post. Just because.


Saturday, May 10, 2008


I give up. It's freaking 2:13 am. I'd say, I GIVE UP, rolled into one just as how my friends would say it. GUESS WHO. I'll sleep na. Keri yan. MotherfuckinA, screw it. I don't want anymore. HA HA. GOODBYE.

Hail the FAIL ME. I'm sleepy.

Friday, May 09, 2008


Alone at home with no one to talk to, except for myself. It's been a habit, do not laugh. It's my PolDyn midterm tomorrow! YAY! Not. I'm not even down to the 3rd reading. We have SIX monstrous, thorny readings. When I say thorny, I mean it literally. I cannot even touch them for a long time. Since I have the house all to myself, constant yosi breaks are impeccable! YOSI LANG NG YOSI. I miss them though. Mother called me, I made Zia and Franco laugh. They're gonna be in Quezon in a couple of hours. I, on the other hand, am stuck here in Manila because of frickin' PolDyn, which we're all going to ROCK tomorrow.

It's my brother, D.A.'s tomorrow. He's in a happy place now. Please pray for his soul. I terribly and sorely miss him. :(

Happy birthday, Tatang! He drove Kong-kong to Baguio yesterday. 

Adios, amigos!



Pat threw an inuman at her place--WE HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH ALL THE PUMPING. It was one monkey ride. AND THE RAIN. OH MY GOD. Thanks, Don! We cannot thank you enough, God has been with us. Diane will give you a kiss once she sees you in school. Thanks, okay? Bless your kind heart. It's been so long since I went out. I've missed a couple of "spontaneous" night-outs. I miss the people I went to Tagaytay with. :) SUS!

Clooney arrives today. I'm extremely happy. Thanks, Kong-kong. Thanks, Franco and Zia for the late birthday present, my protector is rockin' shit.

Cheerios to the WHITNEY POSE (my attempt, SORRY).

Monday, May 05, 2008


The song that I've been playing while driving around the neighborhood awhile ago. I am so happy, the board meeting went well. I was an hour late. I arrived at the office and went straight to Kong-kong's desk, he was smiling when said, "You're late!". Okay. So all's well, I am finally getting a new computer. Thanks, Kong-kong. I love you dearly. I cannot believe I am still celebrating my birthday up to this date. Kong-kong spoils all 24 (23?) of us. We've had our fair share of "shopping" sprees. But I think I had the best one, I mean, Mim and I had the best one! Two years ago, Ama Perly called me and asked if I was busy because Kong-kong is planning to take us (Mim and I) shopping. I was 18 already and Mim was turning 18 the next day. He got us matching watches from Washington. Mim and I couldn't believe it! We walked around Shangri la with the biggest smiles on our faces, plus the grandparents allowed us to go crazy clothes shopping pa! Okay. Natutuwa lang ako. I want red grape. :(

I visited my niece, Ling, awhile ago. She is the cutest. We watched Hannah Montana, Hi-5, and Skip it (?). She got us snacks and we made a toast, "To Hannah Montana!". Okay. She is funny, I love her. I felt like I was that girl from Nanny Diaries. FUN! She was stalling when I told her I needed to go home.

To Hannah Montana.


I've been stuffing my mouth with Perte chocolates, which tastes like heaven, and whatever it is that I find edible and palatable at home. I am gaining so much weight, it's not even funny anymore. I stayed home last night and I had Anj call me because for one, my phone bill was soraing high and my other cel amounts to nothing except for my greatass game AND I was depressed. I feel like I look like a monster. I even told her that she won't be seeing me at school during lunch breaks because I've decided to spend my lunch break with the grumpy, old librarian who does nothing but shush us. Like that's ever needed. And whenever I go hungry, which is always and forever (this is the only thing I could get to "always and forever"), I'd eat lunch in the 7th floor restroom.

It's 4:16 and I haven't even showered yet. Oh, my life is going down the drain, I can almost feel it.


Saturday, May 03, 2008


The I. The HEART. The U.

Because people never fuckin' care. And because girls are just plain idiots. No offense, but it's true. It's so good to help Kam unwind, at least a bit. I went swimming with Kam, Bob, and Pat. Our out-of-this-frickin-world dance moves, our in-desperate-need-of-voice-lessons singing, our let's-drink-to-that shot sessions (which helped a lot tonight, 'cos it's not only Kam who needs relaxation), and our let's-get-bobby water gun fights, HELPED A WHOLE LOT. I was talking with the girls ('cos Bob was busy doing something elsewhere) when Pat said something about fairytales, love, and relationships. It's true, fairytales don't happen. As much as we want it to happen, it can never be. Fairytales require a "once upon a time"--which is way too easy to get and a "happily ever after"--which requires "forever". I don't mean to be the Love Grinch, Anti-Cupid, or whatever it is they call it, it's just that, there is no such thing as forever. Think about it then you'll realize how fucked up love can be. What is the best thing to do then? Screw love, fuck love, ditch love? See, even if love is fucked up, people will always opt to choose love-with-no-forever because of the temporary and inconsistent happiness it brings. "Risk it" is what I've been telling Kam constantly. Because you'll never really know unless you do. Cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to be happy, even for a moment. Because you're sure to go back to that feeling where you're almost on top of the world. You can even share you're fucked up love story to your grandchildren and be thankful that it was their grandfather that you married, NOT HIM.

Okay, stupid cupid. You can shut up now. The drinks are getting into me. Thanks, fucking courage!

"Don't say I never tried..."--Kam Untalan. This one's for ya!

Cheerios, Alcoholics.

Friday, May 02, 2008



I want one. But then I'm not Georgina Sparks and I do not look like a ho, at least I think so.

I've given up on PolDyn. I cannot make a sentence outline out of a hundred-page chapter. NO WAY. I'm still reading though, to make up for the loss of resurgence. PUTA AYOKO NA TALAGA. I'm using a green highlighter,a red, pink, and purple pen ust for the reading and I have not gone too far. I am actually far from the last page. PUTA.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


I've finally squeezed in a little time to catch up on my, um, "reading". I haven't finished the Gossip Girl Prequel (I know). I came across one of the most cheesiest lines that Von Ziegasar decided to fill into Dan's character. Oh, poor Dan!

Hold yourself until I get there, then I'll do the holding.
We're flapping like fish on a rock. Come on, flap in and swim!
Catch me. Or better yet, I'll catch you.
Jesus Christ! My eyes hurt, my stomach churned when I was reading! It was a total misdemeanour . NO, NO, NO! The first line is okay, but the next two, what the fuck is Dan thinking? I'm still trying to literally read between the lines, but darn, page 312 of the book is unjustified.
I ended up hanging out with myself tonight. WOW. That was so fun. Ew, ew, ew!
Okay, there. I sorely miss you.