Thursday, January 28, 2010


This has been a busy, busy week! Let me give you a run down. I had midterm yesterday. I had to study three sessions: Hegemony, Regimes, and Domestic Politics. All in all, there are 21 readings--approximately 25-50 pages PER reading. It was, according to my professor, a 2-hour test. Fine, he gave us an extension. I spent one and half hours answering question number 1. Okay, that is the story. How I studied for it is a different one.

I am very fond of making playlists--each categorized according to mood and day (e.g. Lazy Sundays, Jumpy Saturdays, Heartbreak Wednesdays) ... LAME I know. Before you laugh, which I know you will, I would just like to say that I have improved. Why? I used to make Brooke-Lucas playlist and a While-Reading-Twilight playlist.

I will share the songs and will put it in random. This is fun, you get to categorize them according to the lame-ass sets. HA HA HA.

Breakable - Ingrid Michaelson
I Want You To Want Me - KSM
In Pursuing Design - VersaEmerge
Happy - Sister Hazel
Make It Mine - Jason Mraz
Tidal - Imogen Heap
Breakfast At Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something
Allow Me To Introduce Mr. Right - The White Tie Affair
Half Of My Heart - John Mayer
The Quiet Screaming - The Legion Of Doom
Show You Love - Jars of Clay
Let Me Fall - Alexz Johnson
Assurance Closure - Artist Vs. Poet

These songs played on random. You know how you wake up in the morning and you select SHUFFLE SONGS on your iPod? The first song will be a sign of how the rest of your day will go. That's what I do.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Road rage, prostitution, Haiti… these are only but a few things that made me depress today. Or so I thought.


A feeling that is so vague, you can never explain it. I am confident that most of you will agree, it is so vague that it can be in line with the feelings of hurt, pain.
I have not come into terms with this “pain”—I may have been hiding it, or maybe I was bored awhile ago that I decided to feel the pain. You know, just for the heck of it.

It only takes a certain log in on one of your many social network sites. Just a few backs or previous-es. It only takes a few seconds, eyes closed, no less, to type in the name of the moron, who until now, you think caused you nothing but... Let me enumerate:

1. Your reputation. Drunken phone calls and text messages are never welcome in the middle of the night.
2. Headaches.
3. The infinite “All About Him” playlists in your iPod that takes you back to the old times during your drive home from school/work. This results in #2.
4. A low grade in your paper.
5. Vast amount of blabbing to your friends over coffee/drinks when you could have talked about something like “how beautiful the world is”.
6. Increasing the number of the people you follow on Twitter (TheDailyLove, thelovestrings, LoveYourself, and the like)
7. Your soul.

Okay. I was not serious about the last one. I just had to end it with a bang. Point is, love is not something you should worry about, much less, think about. Someone broke into your core, you fell for it, he left, and never called the next day. I say, “so what?” I will never ever recommend that you put “regret” in your dictionary—it is such a hasty judgment. Take it in: the pain, the anger; then channel it in and allow yourself to transform this into something positive. Remind yourself constantly: Now, you know. That you should not watch Romantic-Comedies? No. That guys are morons? No. That you are the dimwit that fell into their trap? No.

Think about this, you are here in one piece with a great set of support groups—AA or not. You are packed with knowledge, armed with wisdom, and backed up with hope that someday you will never ever have to cringe when you see his photo.

You are not killed in a road rage. You are not a victim of prostitution. You did not experience the unfortunate event in Haiti.

So, why worry about something that is so shallow as compared to the ones mentioned above? And why stress about the moron that you will surely laugh about in 5 years?

Sunday, January 17, 2010


If you could just excuse the title... It's an inside joke. As suggested by my wonderful friends, I am going to dedicate a blog entry to the official gate crashers of Ortigas. I am currently in my balcony, armed with a pack of cigarettes and my nth cup of coffee, taking a break from editing my essay.

Although my BB connection was down last Friday, I was able to manage to take a photo of the people who have gate crashed for the first time, no less.

It was Amazona who I blame for the sudden bursts of laughter and the rudeness that came along with it. We tried to be polite--we laughed in Shai's car when the gold-wearing, hep-hep-hurray, close-to-the-looks of a stand-up comedienne was out of sight. Or so we thought. I was close to being salvaged by Con upon going down the car when we came in close contact with the Amazona. IN A DIFFERENT PLACE. I practically squatted in the middle of the road laughing, trying to warn Shai that, yes, it was not a horrible nightmare, SHE IS ALIVE!!!"IN THE FLESH, MADERFACKERS, IT'S CRAZY IN THERE!!!"

I guess I should stop there? Otherwise I would fill this entry with non-sensible paragraphs that only THEY can comprehend.

Photo from my then-non-serviced phone. Shai, Me, IC, and Con.

I am happy that my highschool friends get along with my closest college friend. It is not everyday that you can see that. So, thank you for hitting it off, you guys! Photo from Shai's seriviced-and-cooperative BB: IC, Con, Me, birthday girl Diane, and Eleu.

That is all.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The past weeks have been bloody, hence, me not being able to blog religiously. I am running out of ideas plus the fact that I have not been able to find the right tune. I think I need a new camera.

Quick update: I already got a BlackBerry Bold 9700, it is beyond amazing, I cannot even explain it. Add me on Twitter: FOLLOW ME! I have long, jet-black hair.

My sister, Zia claims that she has found her new love, which is photography. Here are some photos she took of me. I took it as an opportunity to update my Chic Blog on Chictopia--amazing community, by the way. See my looks HERE!

Details on my Chic Blog, which I hope you visit!

I wore this to my dad's birthday dinner. I feel so bad that I did not get my parents their much deserved birthday presents. I have been on a massive hold up--I blame myself, I am way too impulsive. My mom and dad turned 42 years old, January 5th and January 9th, respectively. I love them to death.

Why do I smile with my teeth this way? It is the start of the year. I am not a fan of making a list of "I will not"s and "I promise to"s. Why? Two reasons--I forget them come January 2nd and I think that change should come naturally, impulsively even.

You cannot see the black sequined detail but let me describe it through my brother, Franco's wonderful words. "You look like a fish, Ish. Hi, Fish!" I said, "Hi, Picnic Mat!"

I am a big fan of red, ergo, the red lips. On New Year's, I wore a red bra, which can be seen through my shirt when the camera flashes.

Leave a hasty comment, even nasty ones--I like this!!! Cheers to New Year's!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hello, 2010! I'll be posting photos in this entry. Quick post because I am too busy! I'm not gonna adjust the size of the photos anymore. Maybe in the next one, which will be up in 6 hours.

The thing I love most about holidays is the carolers. After dinner, carolers go our house and this is the best one yet!

This is during Christmas Eve with my cousin Ralph and Harley, rocking his Christmas outfit!

I just had to take a photo of my 9-year old niece's Hello Kitty gladiator sandals she wore on Christmas Eve.

My sister Zia gave me the dress I wore. Thank you, I love you!

Quick and easy!