Friday, November 26, 2010


I got a message from an anonymous girl in Formspring asking for outfit suggestions for her pre-debut photo shoot. The theme of her debut is "Paris-inspired". 

French fashion is interesting because there is not one style that you can associate it with. It is a mixture of high fashion, grunge, experimental, sophisticated, laid-back, androgynous, and the list goes on. The looks I have created in my Looklet for this entry are named after French bands and I did not create looks that are "traditionally" French (beret paired with glasses, huge coat, painting, you know the drill). I was supposed to include a photo of Madeleine, the adorable orphan in her infamous yellow coat--I think you can take her outfit up a notch and include it to one of our looks, as well.

Have you seen the season premiere of Gossip Girl's fourth season? This outfit is inspired by what Blair Waldorf had on in the first scene where she and Serena Van Der Woodsen were strolling the wonderful streets of Paris. Print on print is the "in" thing now and I think that the teal top with rugged flower detail goes well with the hot pink skirt. Blair Waldorf wore a beret but I think that a straw hat would look perfect for this. With the right background or set, say, having lunch or tea at a famous French restaurant, you can definitely pull this look and this would definitely scream "Paris-inspired".
Inspired by my French teacher back in high school. She is so pretty and dresses quite impressively. No, she does not wear mini dresses to school but the print and the somewhat preppy look reminded me of her. Knee socks look best with heels--this, I should have realized when I was in the 4th grade. Think of this look as one that you would wear in a school in Paris. The satchel/attache is the weapon of this look!
Wouldn't it be nice to just shop 'til you drop in Paris, no less?  This is inspired by one of the looks I have (check it out HERE and HERE). Cashmere striped dress paired with tights and cute pair of shoes is the way to go! Top it off with something made in faux fur and a beret plus shopping bags, then you are good to go.
I was talking about the tacky French artist earlier and how I did not want to even include that, well,  I did not have the heart to leave it out. But let us take it to a whole other level, the fashionable, laid-back artist. This look is simple but very well put together. You can include a drawing board to complete the whole look. Remember it is all about the set. Ask someone to Photoshop a nice background for you.
This one is really cute! I saw a French girl's look on Lookbook and it looked something like this, only she had a white dress on. White tights are in now. This can be your "out for a picnic" look or something, hence, the basket and the boat hat, which is super-cute. 
Have you heard of the band Plastiscines, famous French rock band? I listen to their songs and they are really good. This is something that they would wear. I just thought it would be perfect to pretend to be part of the French rock band, arm yourself with an electric guitar and scream into a mic.
I hope these looks help. I had fun logging in Looklet. It has been awhile.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


College is the scariest place on earth. It is the time where you start anew and every wrong foot on the ground, you are bound to be doomed. Only God knows how conscious I was in walking at a certain pace, always minding where my foot went (also terrified from the watchful eyes of those gnarly professors). I am lucky enough to have found friends who were also scared--testing the sometimes cold, sometimes hot water. We were small fishes in the ocean we call college. 

My 17-year old self, gauche and immature, thought college was about, well, boys, meeting new people, going to parties, and more boys. Do not judge me, I bet you thought the same, too. What never really crossed my mind was the very important fact that college also meant meeting new people who will never judge you and be there for you when you slack up your pace and set the wrong foot on the ground. I thought that this was highly unlikely to ever occur, considering the fact that college is nothing but swarmed with a bunch of manipulating bees. Okay, I was exaggerating a little bit. But point is, why would people even bother gaining even more (true) friends when they have enough from when they were in grade school and high school?

College for me has been over for roughly 5 months now. It was a toxic place to be in but fulfilling at the same time. Now that I am 22 (I would very much like to think that "gauche" and "immature" are words that are not chained to me anymore), I realized that there are only but a few people you meet in college that you feel you have known since you were 5. Not everyone can find a wonderful set of mixed personalities conquer the stress you experience that is brought about by the demands of college. I am lucky.

And no, ten decades (or even more) of friendship do not define the depth of its true meaning. You may think you know a person because you used to braid each other's hair when you were 6 but sometimes, that is not the case. You are missing something very important. And that is the NOW. The things that you have been through--good and bad--and how you got over it and made the ropes of friendship even sturdier than how it was before.

Hi friends, I miss you all so much. Let us have coffee soon and bring our readings just for fun.

This is a long overdue post. These were taken months ago and since this week I am feeling very lucky because I got to see my friends despite their busy schedules, I am posting this and because Anj needs post-its of reminders from me.

This is Angela, one of my closest friends in college. We were the scared ones, so concerned about our footing. And then we discovered Orange Chicken and that made us happy.

Isn't she such a pretty face?

We always end up wearing the same thing, unplanned! This is our graduation dresses. Anj is wearing a dress from Debenhams. I am wearing a dress from Provocouture by Shai Dela Merced (the design is her graduation gift for me--thanks, Shai!). Anj and I walked in these 5.5" Aldo pumps for more than 8 hours--hers is leather and mine is satin. We also shared the same horrific "fall" during graduation but let us not delve deeper into that. Notice how we were looking that way? We were waiting for Diane, who, by the way, came in late. Ha ha ha. You were sorely missed, Diane!

I should not have posted this but this is our default face (evident in one of our classes where Anj hissed at our professor when he gave us something to do over the weekend). Anj always with a smile and me with my infamous "lost" look.
This was taken in 2005. Matching tank tops!

I know that this is a complete sabotage, even for myself. BUT... Mmhmm (that was me clearing my throat). Exhibit A: Young girls who have yet to discover the wonders of side bangs, hair dye, and a nice shade of lipstick!

And now, to save us from further embarrassment (due to my sudden burst of reminiscing the good old days when we were nothing but scared little fishies in college), I end with this: OUR FASHION SENSE MAY HAVE CHANGED BUT THE FRIENDSHIP REMAINS THE SAME.

Photos by: Clara Tan

Friday, November 19, 2010


I have a lot of back blogs I have yet to finish. Looks are piling up and I need to catch up already. 

This look was an easy pile on of anything I could get a hold of. It turned out well, I guess.

“And there’s nowhere I can escape you. We never close our eyes. Where you lead, I will follow.” — We Never Close Our Eyes, Scanners

Check out this look here and here

Deep purple floral Topshop dress; beige BKK brand suede vest with gold studs; and beige Forever21 clogs. The beige suede vest is perfect for the "country-side" feel I was going for.

I was talking to my cousins in this shot. For the sake of telling a story through a photo, the house behind me is where the caretaker and his family lives. I think he is in charge of my grandmother's plants--there are gardening tools in there, too. I went out to pick flowers with her one time. Pretty rad for a house because the view is perfect.

The view I was talking about earlier. Body of water where boats come and go. While my cousins and I were shooting,  about 7 passed by.

I think that the floral detail on my dress and the studded vest are made for each other. Talk about contrast.

On another note, I have been craving for milk tea for days now. I went to the bank and went straight to Serenitea. I am beyond happy I got my milk tea fix at an early time. 

Hokkaido Milk Tea, 100% Full Sugar, Pearl Sinkers.

Photos by: Clara Tan

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


"I know things will get clearer with time but it's a rocky road we must follow." - The Books Stop Here, All The Damn Kids

70s-inspired polka dotted dress (Thanks, Diorella!), belt used as bow. Threw in random accessories from Aldo, Forever21, Firma, Fossil, and H&M. I am big on accessories. I can never go on a day without a pile.

You might be wondering why there is an "A" in my bracelet. I stole this from my mom, her name is Annie. It still suits me, my first name is "Anna". I wonder how my life would turn out if people called me "Anna". Ha ha ha.

I posted this look in my Chictopia and Lookbook. I decided to watermark my photos because this girl won't stop grabbing the photos Clara took of me.

Photos by: Clara Tan

Friday, November 12, 2010


“There’s a rain that will never stop fallin’. There’s a wall that I tried to take down. What I should have said just wouldn’t pass my lips. So I held back and now we’ve come to this.” – Words I Couldn’t Say, Leighton Meester

I am stoked to post this outfit. I have been a sloth for the past few days and the looks are piling up. This was shot in our compound in Quezon during my 8-day vacation. Clara and I took advantage of the scenery, which is beyond awesome, in a very rural way. Ha ha ha! My cousins and I would race around the compound in our neon colored trucks--I miss those days!

 I did not know, for the life of me, that all the pieces would go well together. The gold and blue go well together with the different shades of green from all over!

Gold Dark White top with padded shoulders; navy blue Esprit skirt; black The Ramp suede studded booties; and accessories from Aldo, Forever21, H&M, and Firma.

I love this shot. I loved it so much I ran back and forth in 4 and a half-inch shoes! It is probably one of the reasons why I love my shoes so much--they are too comfy!
I practically threw in all the bangles and rings I saw in my box. I would like to think they went well together even if I muddled the pieces.
My barrette is the cherry on top of this look!

Photos by: Clara Tan

Thursday, November 11, 2010


One of the highlights of my 8-day vacation in Quezon are these new toys from my grandmother. I scored a brown leather purse, which is also a good take for a book bag (I have been meaning to look for one that I could carry around), from her, too! My love for barrettes is unending. My Shanghai trip was merely a hunt for the weirdest finds but I only got designs that are made in this era. Ha!

Ama Perly is a safe keeper, which, of course, comes in very handy. I am quite surprised she preserved these. They date back in the 80s, I believe. My cousins and I went crazy. I got a total of 7, the horde in me came out. I was literally possessed.

Black Ribbon with gold and pearl detail. It is the size of the diameter of my head, so I can never wear it with a ponytail. I wore this in one of my looks, I will post it very soon! 
Violet ruffled ribbon. Best with waves and a high ponytail.

I have a new friend. Her name is Lady Sekoia. Love: The black and white crazy print on the fabric, Lady Sekoia's  seashell earrings and eye lashes. We have matching red lips, too!
Brown velvet barrette with gold button.
Green semi-glittered ribbon.  It reminds me of the movie Romey and Michelle's High School Reunion. It reminded Clara of Minnie Mouse.
I am a big fan of hair accessories, I could look at them all day.

Photos by: Clara Tan

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So, apparently, I am half-Italian, half-Filipino. I was an exchange student. I went to Venice. And... I have a boyfriend. DUPE! RIP-OFF!

This girl has been using my photos in her Formspring and Facebook accounts. My sister found out about this thru a friend of a friend and told me about it. Thank you, Friends for bombarding this lowly creature's Formspring and reporting her on Facebook. I, on the other hand, cannot view her Facebook page. I was blocked. This is such a laugh and annoying at the same time.

Harmonie's Facebook and Formspring.

On another note, I spent the day with my friend Kandz and took lots of photos.

And this photo from last Saturday with IC, Manuel, Shai, and Eleu.

I am currently working on a new post. I hope I can update tomorrow!

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Click HERE.


It has been ages since I last updated and I know I have broken a lot of promises, mostly to myself. I cannot blog religiously, not because of lack of time. I should not explain any further.

You’re gonna want me back, back in your arms.” – Mossy Woodland by Javelin

I have been rather adventurous with this look and I am quite surprised by the turn out.

Pink NeverForget Clothing cropped shirt; three shades of green thrifted plaid skirt; beige Forever 21 suede clogs; and random gold-chained necklaces.

I do not really comb/brush my hair--it is an event that happens once a week. I do not carry a hair brush in my purse, which is both unusual (for a girl) and convenient (a few ounces off the weight of my purse) at the same time; like this look, the below-the-knee skirt suggests conservative but the peek-a-boo skin conveys this girl is unchaste (I am just kidding).

Photos by: Clara Tan