Saturday, November 08, 2008


I guess Clooney will be having his much needed rest after a hell-hole of a semester. My dad has been bugging me to "pimp" his laptop and asked me to download songs between cheesey and okay-cheesey by Elton John and The Cure, respectively.

I was 2 minutes late for my 7:30-am class yesterday. BUENA MANO. It takes about 3 minutes for me to walk from the entrance of UA&P to ACB203. 3 cuts and your out! This is just something along the sidelines as I am watching FRIENDS as I type and tendency is, I lose my train of thought--or the lack thereof.

I am surprising my dad. He's so funny and cute he asked if "we" (meaning I) can fix his iTunes in my room and he sat beside me while he downloaded photos of cars. He kept whining about the photos that wouldn't appear in his screen saver and desktop background. He expects me to know everything and asked me to fix it and look for the lost photos of Range Rovers and Mercedes' that he downloaded from before. UM, KASE SA GOOGLE, MARAMI LUMALABAS NA PHOTOS NG CARS, PA. MGA 35,090,343 PLUS, PLUS PLUS. 

So since I couldn't google them for you. HERE! Someone who needs a new car.
Ready? Presenting... Pop's new background.