Sunday, December 28, 2008


Ib and I were supposed to hang out with Franco and JB at Four by Force, which is a cool place to drink and chill with friends, by the way (located at Granada St. (?), near the parols). I don't mean to rub this "een", Ib, if ever you're reading this. She lost her wallet with 5,000 in it. I just travelled to Marikina (with Tatang, of course). Fun night with the Badet. Just get ready for the emotional blog entry in the latter part, I am just thankful for our friendship. BADET FOREVER.

Marcos Highway seems never ending, especially on the way back to my place. Christmas lights along the way were only but a few. Does that symbolize how lonesome people are this Christmas, especially all the single ladies? (Put a ring on it). WEH.


Don't rub it "een". Never mind the people who forget about the past. It is an act of cowardice, these people would only get items on sale in a super market, like canned goods. People who choose to do otherwise will get good stuff in Bergdorf's and Barney's.

Here's another thought.

When people say, "we know each other all too well"... Does it mean knowing each other really well or just choosing to believe that you actually know each other. It's a battle between knowing each other in moments of hue and beyond that.

All these are what we talked about. Sort of a sum-up.