Thursday, March 04, 2010


Quick post and I know I have been out of the loop, like always. The next couple of weeks will be tough--so tough, not to mention stressful, that tears are starting to form in my eyes. Wish me luck!

OK. Back to business. I am not a big fan of make-up, unlike my sister. I live by a make-up kit that contains the basic of the basics. I'm big on eyeliner and ultra-vamp eyelashes.

Let's start. The dark circles under my eyes are present by default. I dab in just a thin layer of Couvrance compact foundation cream around my eyes (yes, even on my eyelids, just to even it out) for a concealer-feel.

I use Premiere skincover, a 2-way foundation with a powder finish, to cover up the rest of the blemishes. I'm not a make-up expert (I can only put make-up on myself) but I do not use sponges when I apply foundation on my face. I just use my fingers to even out the foundation. It works better that way for me. I think you should try it too.

I never leave the house without blush-on. I am not brand-specific. When I run out of blush, I do two things: I borrow my sister's (because she has A LOT of make-up plus great brands too) OR I ask my mom to get me one (any color with a pink shade). I draw circles around the apples of my cheeks as I smile like a mad person. The important thing is I also run the brush across the mid-section of my nose for a natural look.

To avoid oiliness in the face, I put on face powder after I have done the aforementioned "tips". Another tip: I do not put foundation on my cheeks. I leave that part make-up free when I am blemish-free. I just put blush-on because the effect would be a "blushing-because-of-heat".

Transforming my eyes is my favorite thing. I use Estee Lauder BROWN eyeliner pencil. I put it on my lashline--just one or two strokes because when I am on to my third stroke, I get teary-eyed already. This makes your eyes bigger. And then I put eyeliner on my eyelids. I go from outer to inner. Sometimes I tweak it a little bit and I literally color from my eyelids and around the lower lashline (just like the photo below, the one with the Jabbawockee).

Get an eyelash curler (does not matter what brand) and heat the top part with a hair dryer for about 5-6 seconds. Be careful, the metal might be too hot (my ninang did this when I taught her how to keep lashes "up" until after midnight, she ended up scalded! Sorry!). And then curl your lashes (divide into 3 sections), hold the grip for 10 seconds and work from bottom-up. I do not apply mascara in a traditional way, I hold the wand vertically so that I could comb every lash and spread it out. I usually go to school in the morning, therefore, I am exposed to sunlight, wind, what have you, almost all the time. When I get home after dinner, my eyelashes are the same way as when I left home. My mom is always surprised because of my no retouch rule. I do not attempt to curl lashes AGAIN when I have already applied mascara. I might break, I am paranoid.

I just dab on some Chapstick! But I rarely do!!! :-(

I am so sorry for this post. I am not ending this. Just to show appreciation to Mel (thank you for stumbling upon my site), I am free-"blogging".

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Again, this is just how I put on my make-up. There are people who messed up my chatbox saying that I have to "LOWER DOWN MY FACE POWDER". I took this literally. I had to say that. HA HA HA HA.