Friday, April 30, 2010


Last Sunday was the best birthday ever. Aside from the fact that I celebrated from 12-12--yes, 24 hours of being the queen, I realized how loving my parents were. Pop woke me up to a bouquet of roses and a letter that made me bawl like a baby. I could not understand his handwriting but his letter went like this: "Do you know why I love you so much? It is because it is through you that I became a dad. You will always be my baby girl. I love you so much." Wasn't that the sweetest? See, my dad became a dad when he was 17 (when he had my brother, Ahya D.A.). At that time, (and I am guessing that all teenage dads would agree) he did not know how to be a dad. History repeated itself when he had me and since April 1988, he became a real dad to me and my brother. My parents attempted to plan a surprise birthday dinner for me last Sunday but they ended up breaking it to me. It did not push through but it is the thought that counts. We went to church, had lunch, bought Zia's BlackBerry, had coffee with my siblings while parents were "out to pay bills", picked us up from Starbucks. In the car, Pop asked me if I wanted an iTouch. I said, yes but I do not need/want now plus I already got my present, which was my sister's BB. Then he sang Happy Birthday and gave me an iTouch. I cried, everyone in the car did. I love how my parents make me feel special in so many ways. I'm happy and everyone's happy. I love family.

It was, however, difficult to part with my old iPod (four years of memories).

I believe in the power of prayers. I am not the most religious person in the world--I go to mass every Sundays, pray to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, believe in the Miracle Prayer BUT I have my vices. Thing is, all the things I have asked for were given to me before my birthday. I have mentioned them in my previous post. I have been doing alot of thinking and the best thing I have received, the most important of them all, is for me to move on fully. I cannot expound on this as it is private. But the feeling of gaining something bigger than you by letting go of something that has made a huge impact in your life is one of the best thing I have felt to date.

Okay, so much for the babble but I am overjoyed. I am graduating in June.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I turned 22 last Sunday. By far, it was the best birthday I have had since I was 5. I only had 3 wishes--to graduate, get my sister a BlackBerry, and the last one, I do not intend for the world to know (or at least to those who read my blog). The last one, I could not have gotten if my friends were not by my side, specifically on a road trip, which is primarily all about men who act like boys. We left Manila last Thursday and came back the following day. It was the best road trip ever. Thank you to Diane for letting us crash in her better than better house in Canyon Woods. Her house is O-M-G. I cannot even put into words how amazing her house is (I will include it in my next post).

Diane, Danica, Me, Kam, and Dei (thank you for driving)

We spent hours and hours here. This was at 4AM. I thought it was midnight. My brother texted me while I was there, he said: No boys, Ish! I said: Yes. Only boy problems. Until now, my friends and I are still trying to figure out how to work out the minds of boys. We called it a night at 5:30AM. Nothing beats heartaches around friends who are there to talk some sense into you.

After 2 hours of sleep, we went straight to the beach, which reminds me, I need to go on a diet. I need a diet plan that would not require me to binge and throw up. But I am desperate. Please email me your suggestions.

First ever photo when I turned 22. This was after I had a shotgun birthday salubong with the girls minus Dan. I love them, I had a Tequila shot.

Last week, I was super emotional. I was turning 22 with nothing progressive enough to share. I will talk more about it in my next entry, hopefully tomorrow. I am gonna make it nice. I love my family and my friends. My parents are the sweetest, you have no idea.

Last month, I received an email from one of the staff of asking me to answer stuff because she stumbled upon my blog. I received a message from a blog follower telling me she saw me in I did not know about it. So, thank you! See Style Files: Trizia Lim HERE. Please forgive for the hasty subject+verb agreement. I was in a hurry when I answered this.

Last time I was in Candy Mag was in 2004 (July issue). I do not have a copy! I wanna get one in a Book Sale store. Or buy it from someone you know? I wanna show my grandkids in the future. "I was thin when I was 16!"

Monday, April 19, 2010


Here I am armed with a cigarette and several thoughts running through my mind. I have been idle for days and I think it is getting old.

I have told a few friends to never stall the feelings of heartaches. More often than not, we leave the pain behind, hide it in a safe place, like a... shoebox. The moment we find the strength to deal with it, then that is the only time we feel it. For days, weeks, even years, we take note of the things that make us happy just to cover up the pain because we (yes, I speak for all) convince ourselves that he is JUST a guy. SURE.

IF he is JUST some guy then why is it that:
(1) When you drive around alone, you look at the passenger seat and imagine him beside you.
(2) You automatically change the song that reminds you of him.
(3) When you are out with friends, you make sure to look around the bar to make sure there is no sign of him (if there is, you run to the loo and do a re-touch)
(4) When every movie you see, you imagine it is YOUR story (you are the girl who: wished to be turned into a vampire, got screwed over by the football player, suffered a severe case of Alzheimer's, and married the guy who lives next door when you could have just waited for the ridiculously hot soldier)

Point is, no matter how many times you convince yourself that you are okay, I am telling you, you are not. I know the next thing you do, you convince your friends that you are okay--when they tell you that you are not, believe them. So, just feel it because this is not easy but tomorrow will be.

(6) You just write the things you want to tell him and link it via Twitter.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I have a lot of movies lined up for me to watch. I will start tonight: Notting Hill, Somewhere In Time, Jerry Maguire, Sweet November, and What Dreams May Come. My friends call me a masochist for watching A Walk To Remember and The Notebook over and over. What can I do? I want to cry.

In my previous post, it was written as good as an oath, that I would post photos but for now, I can only afford to post one. This one was taken by Clara Tan on timer. I call her my Twin Cousin, you will find out why.


Saturday, April 17, 2010


I have not blogged in a really long time and I was on the verge of moving out of blogspot to Tumblr. I feel like such a looz even at the thought of it. I am posting this entry at 5:38AM because I want to experience the awesomeness of my Lumen Led Light, which was given to me by my uncle, Davis. (I had to stop for awhile because I was looking for a decent photo online just so we could make this professional). Then, I remembered I had this photo, which can be found in my Twitter.

This came in two sets, one in silver and the other one came in red. I love it. It is useful now because there is little light out and the room I am in is as close as a cell. Thank you very much.

On another note, I am still trying to deal with a life-changing moment. I am close to graduating--one grade close to it, to be exact. If it were not for the suspense/delay of my International Political Economy grade, then I could have slept soundly for a month. But no, I guess this is just one of the many things that I have to endure as a Pol.Eco. student.

The reason why I temporarily stopped blogging is because of: inconsistency--with thoughts, with emotions, with free time or lack thereof (one minute I am free to do as I please and the next minute, I remember I have to do something that is... school-related), with... I cannot think of anything else. But you do get it. I know for sure.

I have been throwing thoughts at random and this is starting to get really boring so I will share a photo of me trying to look really cool.

Photo by Clara Tan. She is my cousin and she takes really, really good photos. She is also a co-owner of NeverForget Clothing.

I will continue later and I am gonna keep my promise. I am depressed now and I love blogging. I am ranting.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Friday, April 02, 2010


Trying to blog using my BlackBerry. Hee hee.
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