Sunday, June 12, 2011


No, I did not live backwards, I still breathe through the internet. I have not updated in so long because I do not have the drive to blog about anything, which is very unfortunate. No looks to be be uploaded, absolutely nothing to write about that will interest you. I would like to write about my boyfriend but even that is too Taylor Swift, even for me. But hurrah, no more bitter blog entries about love, which I intend to nullify in the near future.

Notice how I go back to babbling? It is sad how I do not know how to write anymore. Funny how I thought of my writing as witty, funny, and educational. I guess I thought wrong. My brain is still in the adjustment period--I go from doing nothing to 8- to 9-hour job, five times a week. Between sleep deprivation and spending every free time with the best boyfriend ever, I play with my dogs. That is that. Life could not get any better.

Tomorrow, I will be here:

And hopefully, I get that drive back. I am stoked to blog about this lovely place!

Photo from the Bellarocca site