Thursday, September 04, 2008


I woke up sporting a sore throat and a bound-to-be colds. I slept the entire afternoon with constant breaks of PUSHING DAISIES (Thanks, Chelle!). I've already seen the Season Premieres of Gossip Girl and Ome Treeh Hill. I am speechless.

Cousin Chelle told me that there was a petition for showing Twilight the movie on NOVEMBER 20th (instead of the original January showing, freaking MMFF!). I cannot believe that I'd be seeing the Bloodsucker sooner than I've expected. I am thrilled as a goat!

Sometime last week, I was in the bookstore. Something that I'd usually do if I had the time. But last week, I just needed to get something so I had Tatang drive me to National Bookstore. My encounter with one of the customers was so horrible--so horrible that I'd puke a little in my mouth every time I remember. See, a girl who obviously did not shower for ten days bumped into me. I made a face which any normal person would do. An instinct. A reaction. I had to stop, hold my breath. I had to walk to the next aisle without breathing (thinking that there'd be "fresh air" there). The cashier was punching my purchases when the same, smelly dimwit stood next to me. Gusto kong sumigaw at sabihin: HINDI MO BA NAKIKITA NA EXIT ITO? EXIT!? DOON KA SA KABILA AT MALIGO KA PAG-UWI MO. ETO ANG LIMANG PISO PANG BILI MO NG SHAMPOO. ABONOHAN MO MUNA YUNG SABON MO. PUKE! Phew. She smells like a barrel of rotten fish with a hint of ginger and onion. EW.


Cheerios, Papitos!