Monday, September 01, 2008



It's something that requires a lot of contemplation, something that would most likely wind up in a heated debate. Most single girls are sure to be on the run, hunting for "the" perfect one. They would most probably go out of their way to find "him" (and they would most likely revive this passe dating game). Don't get me wrong, I admire the boldness of these girls and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Confidence, I'd call it. And then there are these girls. Oh, these girls would just patiently wait for "the one". The funny part is that they patiently wait but are in search for "the one" at the same time. Complicated. These girls choose not to compete with the "worldly, confident girls". Why? Because of the apples. A friend shared a quote she found, it goes something like: girls are like apples on trees, some apples fall--these are obviously the rotten ones--but guys along the way would pick the rotten ones while the good apples just "hang" (get it?) on their branches. THE RATIONALE: the good apples who choose to "hang around" are just waiting for the one who would climb the tree and pick them, just when they're crunchy, ripe, and fresh! (no double meaning, I am serious!)
Back to the question: I guess girls are just afraid to get hurt, to be one of the rotten ones who fell and kicked off in the curb, eventually. It's their hearts that are at stake, that's why they choose to hang on to their branches. See, girls do not look for the one, at least not in its literal sense. They wait. They stay put. They control their feelings. They shield the mounds of jealousy they have for the rotten apples. They play by ear. They wait and watch the season change. All these they do until "the one" climbs, carefully and gently picks them. The fact that he climbed makes him "the one".

THE PERFECT BOYFRIEND: Just because they climbed and got a hold of you doesn't mean that they're perfect. Girls. They're minds can go fictional in a snap. I think that girls look for the perfect boyfriend because one, they've read Stephenie Meyer's Vampire Saga. That or they've been Notebook-ed. Seriously, though. The perfect boyfriend. Everyone is in search for him. Out of billions and billions of girls, there is only ONE. Competition is present so it's time to make an alternative. The alteration of perfection in a girl's mind can be just crazy! Girls would create the epitome of a perfect boyfriend. Fair-skinned, surfer body, dimples on both cheeks, rich, flashy ride. JUST KIDDING. "A perfect gentlemen, generous, loving, fair, loyal..." And it goes on and on and on. See, girls and their minds! So imaginative that they make their "the one", the "perfect one".

No such guy exists. Believe me, it's all in the mind.