Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am now in Quezon with the family, or at least half of them. The ones that are here are enjoying unlimited food, baked garlic shrimp, baked macaroni, pansit, steamed maya-maya, beef salpicao, and suman from our helper Tess, who lives here in Mauban, and a whole lot more! I am not gonna talk about dessert because I have not tasted it because I am allergic to mangoes. Yes. While most of you have tasted heaven (referring to the mangoes), I cringe even at the sight of it. So, 2 days in Quezon and I am as stuffed as a piƱata.

I miss Harley and my brother Franco who are still in Manila doing last minute Christmas shopping and sleeping endlessly, stated respectively. I am quite worried for Harley and his travel here in Quezon.I took him for a drive last week. Bad idea. He was in the passenger's seat and I, behind the wheel. I ended up petting him and hushing him to sleep. He woke up when I belted out a Plastiscines song. Sorry.

So there (two words that my dean hates--I don't know. I bet he feels that anyone who uses these words in one sentence can be put to death row). But hey, I am on break and I can say whatever I want. Last Saturday (the day before I leave for a week in Quezon), I did last minute shopping--the best part is shopping for the people you love. I had one hour to shop for myself. I did not know where all my money went and how these new clothes got into my closet here in Quezon. Also, this is the first Christmas that I have not gotten a pair of new shoes--normally, I would spend a whole lot on shoes, starting from when I was 3. This year is different, maybe it would bring me luck? Lol. So, I am excited for when I get back to Manila. New shoes and a Blackberry, I am getting the white version, people have been calling it Whiteberry? Is this true? Zia and I cramped our time for shopping into looking at phones and we have decided, we are getting new ones. So excited!

Happy Holidays!

I wrote this in one blow. Excuse me, I may have grammatical errors. Tee hee.