Monday, February 22, 2010


I find this really funny.


If they hold a contest for "Jabbawockeez: The Look For Less", I will definitely enter this photo. For serious!


I've got two things that make people go "WHAT": my love for music and...

Friday, February 19, 2010


I was on Facebook when I saw this photo in the POLIS - IPE page. At first glance, this photo of me is so wrong--premise: I was chewing with my mouth open, playing with my food, and eating tissue. The nails... I will NOT talk about. Then I study the horrible photo again. I was in blue, yellow, and red (that would be my slightly pink cheeks and I am counting that as red). The Philippines.

Corruption exemplified by being a glutton. And eating tissue.

I hope the next president would address this problem. CORRUPTION IN THE PHILIPPINES.

Vote wisely and kick her out. Not her as in her. Her, ME.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Because of 2 reasons: first, it is almost 4AM and I am still up, busy scouting for new TV shows that I would eventually be addicted to and second, it isn't the 14th anymore, so no more of those cheese-y or bitter posts.

I am here to talk about how I live in the lives of my favorite characters and how I relate to each of their stories. Although I am not in love with a vampire, (I mean, the closest thing I have gotten to one is hear Edward Cullen's voice on the rip-off audiobook I downloaded before) I can relate to Vampire Diaries' Elena's compassion for her loved ones. Although I am not in love with a director, (the only thing I have gotten close to a one was when I was asked to run back and forth in heels, hold a cellphone "correctly", and I forget the rest) I think I can relate to One Tree Hill's Brooke's guard when it comes to falling in love.

I think every girl does. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Even if it means wearing big sunglasses to Starbucks and using the word "like" a million times in a sentence. There is nothing wrong with it because these characters, in times of loneliness and heartbreaks, they step up--they still look pretty and shrug of their problems. I think every girl should, even for a short time. We deserve that.

I played director and screen captured this. One of the most heartbreaking scenes that I repeated over 5 times. If only I could tweak it a little bit and OWN it.

"My attendance is bad but my intentions are good", One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 16.

There are signs of being "UberBitter" but if you please.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Confession: I have not come to terms with the dancing dragon. I have been terrified by the red dancing dragons you see in the opening of new businesses owned by Chinese--yes, the ones you see with at least 5 people inside, usually in white shirt and red pants. And yes, the ones during Chinese New Year's. While I was on my way to grab coffee with my friends, I saw one on the road. I am not terrified anymore. I think. I did not scream. Some of you would ask something rhetoric, like, "Because you were in the car?". Maybe. Point is, I have to embrace my roots and a big part of that is the dragon dance. Funny, since I was a little girl, dragons have been invited to our house almost ALL the time. So now, I conclude that dragons are funky. I can feel that this is my year. Dragons bring good luck. Bring on the luck, after all, I was born a dragon!

The photo below is inspired by New Year's, which I will spend in Quezon with my dad. I miss him so much.

I love spicy noodles. Try out Weiwei, it is the best! It is best eaten with chopsticks!

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Friday, February 05, 2010


This week's been busy but today is Friday and I am in need of a break. It is such a huge bonus to have friends that I can message anytime and ask if they are available for lunch. Lunch was last Wednesday. The photos I will be sharing are all from Manuel's camera. My tummy ached from excessive laughter.

Mr. Kurosawa, Eastwood with Ben, IC, Manuel, Eleu, and Shai.

Manuel and I feeling very "The Hills" in my car--windows down, deep drag from our yosi, we are so VERY COOL. While he was thinking "The Hills", I was veering towards "The Wakefield Twins: Elizabeth and Jessica". Glad I got to share my drama with this girl.

COMMERCIAL: IC (and) Shai, as I have been stating in my posts, is a fashion designer and her shop, "Rendezvous" will open soon. Deets re: the shop SOON!

The lighting is very pretty. No flash from Manuel's digital camera.

There is one photo that is too entertaining and I feel like it deserves a separate entry. This is all for now.

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