Thursday, September 09, 2010



There is a rule book made by millions and millions of girls. It contains the "when", "where", and "how" to's in this madness called L-O-V-E. These existing rules contradict each other often and I do not think there are any further references (much less, a solution) to fill in the gaps. Most girls have rules because they believe in love; they want this experience to be trouble-free, painless, and perfect. Some girls break these rules (more often than not, their own) because they trust in love; they have accepted the imperfections of it--the pain the other person inflicts on them, the bumpy road they go through, the sacrifices and risks they take, and mental killing of prince charming.

WHEN. Do you have to be an adult--over 18 and mature--to find love? I'm giving you two cases.

(1) My eldest cousin met his first love in high school, age 15, I believe. They broke up, got in and out of relationships, parted ways, and uttered not one single word to each other for a decade. They are both married now. To each other. They also have a plus one now, their daughter.

(2) He was spoiled, knew and cared about nothing but cars, ball, and the long list of girls who like him. She was the typical college girl, lots of friends, and guys fell for her but she would not budge, she was single since birth. Two people, age 17, with nothing in common but breathing found each other. I really have to save up for their 25th wedding anniversary. Story of my mom and dad.

WHERE. Do you have to meet him/her in church? At a bar? A coffee shop?

They say that if you meet someone at a bar, expect that the flaming love will end even before it begins. Why? I have no idea. But if you ask me, I would not want to meet the love of my life while Ridin' Solo is playing. If a stranger walks up to me and asks if he could get me a second cup of coffee, I would say, "Sure. Under the name "Free" (get it? One Iced Vanilla Latte for Free!--this is me trying to input some humor). And I doubt if I meet someone in church.

My cousin's flight to Cebu got delayed. She sat and waited in the aiport. There was a guy whose flight to Cebu got delayed. The two of them chatted only to find out that they were on the same flight. They are now happily married with two beautiful kids. They now live in Cebu.

Love acts in silly ways. If their flight did not get delayed, they would not have found each other. The 2-hour delay marked the rest of their lives together. What a sweet love story.

HOW. Do you have to build a foundation or walk in the park and meet the one?

The key to a successful relationship is friendship (sure). It is one of the love stories with a dreamy start, a shaky middle, and a happy ending. Just like any other romantic comedies, this one, I must say, is taken out of the oven, fresh from the cinema. It goes like this: Best of friends. He was in love; she was in love. But not with each other. He went through a break up and so did she. He called, she answered, and both of them (finally) on each others' end. He is the funny one, she is the serious type. They fell in love after years of being "friends". They were happy then became sad. They grew apart and have had enough. He tried to be okay. She pretended to be happy. The end?

It was just one look that made them fall back into each other's arms. It was magic. It was their magic that no one else can decipher. They had it in them. People around them can just feel it.

Therefore, the key to a successful relationship is magic. Something that not only they feel but what their friends feel.


It took so long, I know. It is just so hard to knock some words out of my brain nowadays. I will be gone for a week.

I am going to China and maybe write about the third installment of this madness. A change of scenery would be good.