Sunday, September 26, 2010


“Oh, you think so? Well, I know so. And when the lights all go out. Slay me, hold me down, and hollow out my heart.” – Dressed In Dresden, The Hundred In The Hands

Overdue look (I posted a new one and will blog about it tomorrow):

Black Forever21 cardigan, Be Free cropped tank top, H&M Bandage skirt (given to me by Angela, black Zara purse, gold Headphones necklace (can be seen only if you zoom, ha ha), Random bangles, Rubi ring and chain connector ring both from Aldo, Over-sized owl ring from Forever21, and my best-buy from my trip to China...

My brown leather, 4-inch clogs with orange floral detail.

Also available in white and black. Look at how pretty these are, I had to take a photo. I wanted to buy all three but they won't fit into my suitcase and I am afraid I won't have money left. This is located at the Ongoing Department Store, 1618 Nanjing W. Road, Jing An District, Shanghai,China. I think that this is also the only mall that sells Doc Martens. So, friends, if anyone wounds up in China, please get me the other two. I will pay you and thank you forever.

I do not think that I can go on with life without a bandage skirt--it goes with anything. Find out how celebrities wear them. Check it out HERE.

I have always been addicted to barrettes but this hot pink floral barrette is striking ergo added to my favorites.

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Photos by: Clara Tan -- make sure to visit her blog and send some love, she is amazing!
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