Friday, November 19, 2010


I have a lot of back blogs I have yet to finish. Looks are piling up and I need to catch up already. 

This look was an easy pile on of anything I could get a hold of. It turned out well, I guess.

“And there’s nowhere I can escape you. We never close our eyes. Where you lead, I will follow.” — We Never Close Our Eyes, Scanners

Check out this look here and here

Deep purple floral Topshop dress; beige BKK brand suede vest with gold studs; and beige Forever21 clogs. The beige suede vest is perfect for the "country-side" feel I was going for.

I was talking to my cousins in this shot. For the sake of telling a story through a photo, the house behind me is where the caretaker and his family lives. I think he is in charge of my grandmother's plants--there are gardening tools in there, too. I went out to pick flowers with her one time. Pretty rad for a house because the view is perfect.

The view I was talking about earlier. Body of water where boats come and go. While my cousins and I were shooting,  about 7 passed by.

I think that the floral detail on my dress and the studded vest are made for each other. Talk about contrast.

On another note, I have been craving for milk tea for days now. I went to the bank and went straight to Serenitea. I am beyond happy I got my milk tea fix at an early time. 

Hokkaido Milk Tea, 100% Full Sugar, Pearl Sinkers.

Photos by: Clara Tan