Saturday, January 17, 2009


FUNNY! We were taught that it is IMPORTANT to treat ourselves to something nice after a hard day's work. It's been a looong time that I went to the movies with friends until last Thursday, after International Economics with Sir Jimmy. Bride Wars at Shangril-la with Abby, Anj, Danica, Kinah, and Jess. KAGULO phase. We stayed in Starbucks, Pearl Drive after to study. Never ending, mukha na kaming reading.

I stayed in tonight. I'm halfway done through ComPol and SPEC. Yay! I do not cram anymore (at least for the past week and hopefully the next and the next and so on).

I am a victim of prank calls. I think it's because my mobile numbers are so easy to dut-dut-dut, you know. I'd understand Sun Cellular, as it is unlimited calls 24/7. The problem is, prank Sun Cellular callers wouldn't STOP bothering you and you'd be forced to answer them prank callers. I answered and said: FUCK YOU, PATHETIC LITTLE TWIT, GO AHEAD AND KILL YOURSELF. I also learned to divert the calls to 911-11-11 and our phone number in Baguio. There you go, no more prank callers. See, I'd understand Sun, but Globe and Smart, tangina nalang ha?!

Very weird post but I am on break so I am free writing.


Looking forward to another hell week. Ang dami nag-cut sa IPE.