Friday, January 02, 2009


You know the saying, whatever it is that you do, have, feel, and all the possible verbs you can think of on New Year's Day, you will innately possess all throughout the year? I scheduled myself -- even if I'm on break, and I'm the type of person who'd take advantage of ANY break doing whatever -- to start doing some school work. Walang ka-bibohan involved. FYI: my blockmates are way ahead of schedule, but in my defense... NOTHING. OK. I just got lazy and I think I'm losing my "drive". SO... I started with my planner, which I claimed from Starbucks, 2 weeks after the promo started (thanks to school, Starbucks has had more than a few drinks per Pol.Eco. student). Here's to creativity all year round! Not bad, eh? It's kind of festive on the eyes. These are just magazine cut-outs of what I intend to stand up for (verbally), especially on the month of January. My mission, as is Hilary Duff's, END HUNGER.

I'm trying to look for a decent video of Flickerstick's "Smile" on Youtube. FAILED. It's been stuck in my head for awhile now (I haven't listened to Flickerstick in months that I decided to amp my iPod). What's good about them is their variety of genres (from alternative rock to pop) and they lyrics to their songs (well, you can just make up your own "meaning", talk about being true-blooded artists, letting their audience decipher the underlying meanings of their music).

Okay. That's it for now. I'm hungry. BAAAH.

Cherrios Papitos!