Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've been hunting for IPE topics for hours now. And I came up with this one: role of regional trade agreements on negotiations under the Doha declaration. Does this even make sense? FML: I found an IPE topic (my ticket to taking the final exam) only to find out (from Danie Thomas) that a) WTO topics are not allowed anymore and b) one of my blockmates might be working on the same topic, so fuck my life. At least, I wouldn't be asked to fuck a tree.


I have stuff to work on besides hunting for, what might be considered as, an "impossible dream". I was given THE brown envelope for the Summer Internship Program of Political Economy. Oh, joy. I passed my CV and the institute that was in accordance to my preferences is the Institute of Popular Democracy in Teacher's Village. Three more requirements to pass, an interview, then comes the moment of truth. I'm losing hope in facing Pol.Eco. every minute of the day but I hope they accept me. At least there would be some direction in my life.

I bought two cans of beer awhile ago only to find out that my bestfriend would be drinking them tomorrow night.


Untouched by the Veronicas isn't so bad! Thanks little christine!