Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Neither is it a boy nor a girl but a kidney! Yes, a kidney.I heard over the radio (Magic) that donating a kidney could be done in a process similar to childbirth. This is not fallacious! Johnson, a 48-year-old woman has gone through this process when she donated a kidney to her niece. The effect of this would be, of course, more female kidney donors. Doctors assure donors that this process would be less and less painful as compared to the traditional and former, as donors would only incur 2 pea-sized scars under the navel and 1 down there. However, further studies and practices should be done so as to avoid the possibility of rupture of the kidneys during the operation. GALING! Click here!!! Don't you girls find it amazing how powerful we are? Vagina saves the world!

I am writing and researching about vaginas and kidneys because I am literally put ON HOLD in Research Methods.