Wednesday, February 04, 2009


All I could say is EW. This is gonna be one of those blog entries that is full of loathe towards people who implicitly claim that they are as powerful as President-Elect Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey (I extend my heartfelt apology to those who do not believe that these two should be used in the same sentence--same adjective, nonetheless. To me, both are indistinguishable!), as macho and batak as David Hasselhoff and People's Champ, Manny Pacquiao (who are two DIFFERENT people; easy to tell apart), as intelligent as Einstein, and as fashion-forward as Agyness Deyn and Happy Hippie. NO. I am not all of these, no. My point is, why pretend when you can just go with the classic HUMILITY and most importantly, STAY AT HOME, where no one can see you. I'm kidding. And mean.

My point is: act and dress accordingly. If you're Einsteins, check the date, it's 2009. My goodness!

Chill, all of you are cool so FUCK you all!

Funny, 'coz Sarah, Abby, and I were in Starbucks awhile ago--aren't we all?--talking about how important it is to remain humble and carefree.

I have no fashion sense, too but I am working on it.
AND AND AND, my Clooney Count hit 7,000! Last time I checked, it was 6,900 something which means that some people do visit my blog! Thanks! See, I entertain through the chatterbox.