Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Road rage, prostitution, Haiti… these are only but a few things that made me depress today. Or so I thought.


A feeling that is so vague, you can never explain it. I am confident that most of you will agree, it is so vague that it can be in line with the feelings of hurt, pain.
I have not come into terms with this “pain”—I may have been hiding it, or maybe I was bored awhile ago that I decided to feel the pain. You know, just for the heck of it.

It only takes a certain log in on one of your many social network sites. Just a few backs or previous-es. It only takes a few seconds, eyes closed, no less, to type in the name of the moron, who until now, you think caused you nothing but... Let me enumerate:

1. Your reputation. Drunken phone calls and text messages are never welcome in the middle of the night.
2. Headaches.
3. The infinite “All About Him” playlists in your iPod that takes you back to the old times during your drive home from school/work. This results in #2.
4. A low grade in your paper.
5. Vast amount of blabbing to your friends over coffee/drinks when you could have talked about something like “how beautiful the world is”.
6. Increasing the number of the people you follow on Twitter (TheDailyLove, thelovestrings, LoveYourself, and the like)
7. Your soul.

Okay. I was not serious about the last one. I just had to end it with a bang. Point is, love is not something you should worry about, much less, think about. Someone broke into your core, you fell for it, he left, and never called the next day. I say, “so what?” I will never ever recommend that you put “regret” in your dictionary—it is such a hasty judgment. Take it in: the pain, the anger; then channel it in and allow yourself to transform this into something positive. Remind yourself constantly: Now, you know. That you should not watch Romantic-Comedies? No. That guys are morons? No. That you are the dimwit that fell into their trap? No.

Think about this, you are here in one piece with a great set of support groups—AA or not. You are packed with knowledge, armed with wisdom, and backed up with hope that someday you will never ever have to cringe when you see his photo.

You are not killed in a road rage. You are not a victim of prostitution. You did not experience the unfortunate event in Haiti.

So, why worry about something that is so shallow as compared to the ones mentioned above? And why stress about the moron that you will surely laugh about in 5 years?