Sunday, January 17, 2010


If you could just excuse the title... It's an inside joke. As suggested by my wonderful friends, I am going to dedicate a blog entry to the official gate crashers of Ortigas. I am currently in my balcony, armed with a pack of cigarettes and my nth cup of coffee, taking a break from editing my essay.

Although my BB connection was down last Friday, I was able to manage to take a photo of the people who have gate crashed for the first time, no less.

It was Amazona who I blame for the sudden bursts of laughter and the rudeness that came along with it. We tried to be polite--we laughed in Shai's car when the gold-wearing, hep-hep-hurray, close-to-the-looks of a stand-up comedienne was out of sight. Or so we thought. I was close to being salvaged by Con upon going down the car when we came in close contact with the Amazona. IN A DIFFERENT PLACE. I practically squatted in the middle of the road laughing, trying to warn Shai that, yes, it was not a horrible nightmare, SHE IS ALIVE!!!"IN THE FLESH, MADERFACKERS, IT'S CRAZY IN THERE!!!"

I guess I should stop there? Otherwise I would fill this entry with non-sensible paragraphs that only THEY can comprehend.

Photo from my then-non-serviced phone. Shai, Me, IC, and Con.

I am happy that my highschool friends get along with my closest college friend. It is not everyday that you can see that. So, thank you for hitting it off, you guys! Photo from Shai's seriviced-and-cooperative BB: IC, Con, Me, birthday girl Diane, and Eleu.

That is all.

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