Saturday, May 08, 2010


My apologies. It's been too long since I last opened my email for the comments. I was veering away from all the nasty ones, yes, friends, I do get nasty comments (and I am suspecting only one). Ha ha ha. I hope it is not too late but...

Name: Aics

Hi! I also have a Blackberry phone and downloaded some apps like twitter and facebook and even YM. But the problem is it doesn't work. Did you subscribe to the Blackberry plan from Globe, if you're a Globe user?How did you make it work? Help! Thanks in advance and I miss your blog. More updates...please? :)

-- Hello! Again, I'm sorry! This was sent April 17th. You need a BlackBerry Internet Service to make all of the apps work, especially on-the-go. You can go to Globe or just call their CSR @ 211--it is toll free. If you're postpaid, you can avail of the add-on for BlackBerry, atop of your regular bill for SMS and calls. I love Twitter and I can teach you this one: if you already have the BIS, download UberTwitter, press MENU, go to OPTIONS, look for the NETWORK OPTIONS, and select BIS (and check USE WIFI IF AVAILABLE). Download BlackBerry Messenger also! My friends and I are gaga over the "scanning of the barcode". You can also Google the promos and services of other networks. :-) I really hope I helped. Please let me know if I was any help. Thank you also, Aics. I promise to update religiously. God bless you. :-)

Name: claire

i completely agree - its so hard NOT to picture the guy next to you, look for him everywhere, etc etc. also, you arent the only one who enjoys crying - its not masochism, its just wanting a cathartic experience :)

--I like this one! And now that I think about it... crying helps a whole lot and I will shift to a new perspective. Crying over someone, reminiscing about the old times, etc aren't ways of deliberately breaking your heart--it's the best way to release hatred, pain, longing in your heart. I will Tweet this and I will share this to my friends. Thank you very much, Claire! God bless you. :-)

Name: natalia

eu sou do brasil venha ser minha amiga
-- Olá , como está você? I had to use a free online translator for this! Hello, Natalia.

It is 5AM. I will try to sleep now.