Friday, July 02, 2010


I finally decided to upload one of my favorite looks in Chictopia (check out the full deets of the look HERE). I wore this last Saturday for a few drinks with my friends. I deem it mandatory to update the whereabouts of my bum life, I say this is true. Why do I bring this up? I badly want to upload a photo of my first ever ink, which, by the way, received over 500 notes in Tumblr (!!!). I, however, would find it a tad bit reckless as I am not sure if my parents bother to read my blog. I am being mature, well, careful rather.

All my looks in my Chictopia are all music-inspired posts. I love music--I breathe it.

Inspired by Clementine by Sarah Jaffe. I love love love my dress, topped with a nude shade of lipstick. I have been meaning to post a photo of the best accessory yet (I can’t post them here, maybe in my blog?). Slow on updates.

Photos by: Clara Tan