Saturday, January 22, 2011


And the week that was.

I have been more than out of the loop with this, I started my first week at work. It feels weird how normal I have been living now--up by 5:30AM and in bed by 9:30PM. It is a total turn of... events? But I am getting the hang of it.

This look is long overdue here. Taken by the awesome Clara Tan, who I miss sorely.

Windy afternoon: black Forever 21 cardigan, violet ruffled Forever 21 top with pink and white polka dot detail, acid wash Dark White jeans, black classic reva Tory Burch ballerina flats, and my "hard-to-find" gold-rimmed Ray-Ban aviators (I went to three malls and they were all out of stock. I went to the lucky forth. This is what my childhood crush Brad Pitt wore in one his films, which I missed out).
While Clara was taking my photos, Harley decided to join in. Look at how he is looking at my favorite flats!
I was on a hunt for the perfect pair of flats. I was visiting the Tory Burch website when my best buddy, Rye, who now lives in San Francisco, IM-ed me. This is his Christmas present, fresh from the U.S. of A. The package came in a little too early for Christmas and I literally tore it apart. Thank you, Buddy! I love you forever! Introduce me to your new blondie. I am just kidding.
The white clutch with gold detail is a hand-me-down from my grandma, she is too sweet! I love the chain and the little beehive detail. Thank you, Ama Perly!
Pearl necklace, gold & silver chain Aldo connector ring, snakeskin ring, which I got as a present from Mommy Daiz (plus a lot more),  psychedelic print Forever 21 ring, and my trusty gold Aldo watch.

I am rotting in bed. Now, I move.


Anonymous said...

i really love your style