Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Pop is acting really weird. Mom sat us down for the talk. Yes, Pop is acting weird. Thanks, mommeh, you're the best. Franco and I were in her room when she said, "Bakit amoy yosi?", then looks at Franco. And then she said, "Come here nga, Achi. I'll smell your hair". She hugged me and said, "It's you pala eh!". And then smiled. Anyway, she told me to try to stop. OKAY, I WILL.

The shoot was really fun! I met these amazing artists, Pao, Paul, and Kai. Okay, my hair was teased and that was the closest thing to brushing my hair. My hair and my brush (or whatever it is in sight that could try to tame my out-of-this-world hair a.k.a. a FORK) have some sort of a long-distance relationship because I brush my hair once a week. I'm serious. It's not that I do not give my hair the proper care that every single strand deserves, it's just that I'm in the state of WHO CARES. See, in highschool I brush my hair all the time, in fact, I've reached the point where I was actually seeing my hair break. OKAY. Why the fuck am I talking about my hair? Okay, the shoot was tiring but really fun! Thanks, thanks. BOW!



Or am I just too "late"?

Do you guys know Boyce Avenue? They're genius. I need to update my iPod because my songs are either way too loud or way too cute. It's two extremes like that. Their covers are cute. Jeez, I am such a LOSER. I cannot believe I've betrayed my music! Horror! No! I was possessed. Now that I think about it, they're music is gay. Ha ha. "Sweetest Girl" is cool. Ha ha.

I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST MY PROFESSOR BUT I was in class yesterday (since it's already 1:26 AM), relentlessly bored out of my mind, and I suddenly felt the urgent need to just scream. Let's just hope that Herbie isn't the type of professor who opens his Facebook (but i doubt if he has one), types his students' student number and searches for their profile. See, I think he is capable of doing that. He just tries too hard sometimes. He wrote, "YOU'RE LATE!" on the white board and under the "YOU'RE LATE" he put, "1. Ian". WHAT THE FUCK IS NEXT? "NOISY (underlined) 1. Trizia". GIVE ME A BREAK. He asks questions that are answerable by a YES or NO. So, we have two choices ONLY. If we answer correctly, he'd say this, "NAME, very good! That's... CORRECT! Let's give a round of applause to NAME..." and then claps like a proud daddeh! EH PAANO KUNG HINULAAN LANG YUN? You know the loading sign seen in the computer whenever we surf the net? He has one, only his connection is motherfrickin' dial-up yo. Ang bagal. He's slower than I am.


My brother is sweet.
Franco Lim: ish dont forget to turn off the wifi love you night
Trizia Lim: okay
Trizia Lim: i'll sleep na
Trizia Lim: love you

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It was the best trip ever! Thanks, guys. Now, that's frickin spontaneity! I have a fuckin' wound that hurts so much, but that's the mark of the whole trip. See, we attempted to break-in the only house in Enclave that has a pool. So we did our ninja/cheerleading moves to go up the walls and we got through! Except for the cross breed guard dog (half chowchow, half werewolf) that we have to get pass by, I thought we were kind of successful. BUT NO. There was no pool, that's when we decided to hit the beach at frickin' 2am! Hay nako. Talk about fun. FUN.

Guys, PLEASE take this line SERIOUSLY. What happens in Enclave, stays in Enclave. I'm sorry but we had our tv series moments. I LOVE IT.

They call me, "Fartful". Ha ha. I shouldn't share too much.

I'm 20. Ew. I cannot get over it because I feel like I have not done anything for the world to remember me by. But there will be, tons of 'em. Right now, I wanna be Georgia Nicolson. Her care-free self is what I need to be as of the moment. I don't wanna care about my Physics reporting tomorrow, I mean I'd rather care about planning on how to snog the guy of my dreams and what lipstick to use when that moment comes. I mean, COME ON. Physics or snogging? Ha ha. See, her problems are itty-bitty but when you're 20, it's a whole lot different. Does that mean if you're 20, snogging shouldn't be a problem anymore? That's a nice conclusion.

You know the scene in One Tree Hill when they had a black-out and it was raining? Lucas was over at Brooke's when Brooke got really upset with the letter that Lucas gave her. And then she runs out in the rain and Lucas run after her. They had a few sweet lines and then in the end they just kiss. UNDER THE RAIN. THAT is perfect. (I'd wear a devil-red lipstick).


"Sugar, we're going down".

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'M 20. EW.

Okay, I had so much fun yesterday. My 4-year-old cousin, Gela made me laugh like a hyena! She was swimming when she started shouting and pointing at my sister, Zia.

Gela: Aaaaah!
Everyone: Why? What happened?
Gela points at Zia and says: NIGHT MONSTER!!! Aaaaah!

now, THAT made my day. Ha ha. Shout out with a frickin' bullhorn to my UES! Pat was the head of my birthday brigade, I think everyone knew about it na! I love you, guys.

Pop gave me flowers and I was totally expecting it. HE is the sweetest. PLUS, he allowed me to go wild in Topshop. LOVE IT.

So, I'll be in Tagaytay with the Badets and I still haven't packed! Whew.





I'M 20.


Friday, April 25, 2008


Anj and I went shopping awhile ago! My best buy would be my long gray halter-top dress, which hugs my non-existent boobies and my soda-can curves. Yay! I am excited for Saturday. ;) I still have not found the perfect skirt to go with the white-Katherine-Heigl top. Ang galing. I mean, the MKO style totally bailed on me. I wanna be Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses! OKAY, stop.

Bob is the sweetest kid around, he'd IM me for my birthday countdown. Thanks, JustinBobby. Kat, thank you. Matty, I trust you but I really don't wanna click on the link. And Pau, I wasn't trying to scare you. HA HA.

Thanks, CD for the video. I am gonna cry. You are the sweetest. So far, I have 3 birthday videos. They're all soooo cool. I like laughing at myself. All single males out there, check her out HERE.

I went to Clara's and stayed there for awhile for our chi-chi time. I love Clara, she's the best white igorot in the face of the planet! I AM SINGING ON YOUR BIRTHDAY WITH A BAND!!! I'M SERIOUS! SAY IT AGAIN BY: MARIE DIGBY. Very ambitious, let's just hope you don't disown me.



Thursday, April 24, 2008


I still cut Physics class even if CD told me otherwise. I went to the office with my cousins, Michelle and Ralph, and my little brother, Franco--who is out now. He's buying me a present! I didn't ask for one. He asked me last night, "Achi, what do you want for your birthday?". I said, "a hug". I was serious. Zia went home late last night and she barged into the room and said, "Achi, OH... MY... GOD... Okay, I have a surprise for you. I'm not supposed to show this to you, but I'm really excited!". She and my other cousins made a video for me. I will post it on the 25th. They're all so sweet and waaaay too excited for my birthday. I, on the other hand, am OKAY with it. I mean, HELLO, I am turning 20 and I'm nearing THE mid-life crisis stage (exaggerated a bit there), and have done nothing special for the world to remember! Maybe I should plant trees, help the poor, convince the president to admit her wrong doings about the ZTE scandal (who knows, I might be the next Lozada), and perform genocide to all the jolog-sTiCkY-CaPs-hello-poh-muzta-na-poh-u people. Hay, ang dami! But I think the last one would be more helpful, practical, and SPECIAL for the world to remember me by. All Hail MEEE! My friends would love me more, I know. Jolog season is OUT.

Where was I? (that's what you get for having Mr. Zialcita as your professor, you tend to digress a whole lot, but the digression is far more important than the main topic, believe me). So, where was I? Okay, I'm gonna stop. So, we were in the office, Kong-kong (my Lolo) wasn't there, so I sat on his chair. Wala eh, feeling Bossing. Everyone seems to be excited for my birthday and all my titas asked me what my plans are for the very special day. Blech. Wala akong plans.

Tita Dory: So, Trizia, what are your plans for Friday? Dinner tayo!
Me: No plans!
Tita Dory: Ah, 'coz your going to Baguio pala with your friends, noh?
Me: End of May pa, 'coz of the paint job.
Tita: Ah, so you're going out with your friends nalang?
Me: No rin.
Tita Dory: Ah, you have a date?
Me: Date? No!!! Wala.
Tita Donna: You have a boyfriend?
Me: No. I'm suplada eh.
Franco: Yes, tita, she is. Mahirap kausapin yan eh.


So, I've no plans. The white flag was finally waved, defeated, my mom surrendered! Ha ha. No to war, at least for now. So, the Lim household is at peace. Or ceasefire. She cried when she watched the video that Zia made for me. I cried when I watched it last night.

Ama (my Lola) is home from Egypt. I will talk about her homecoming tomorrow! It's very interesting, this Egypt trip.

OKAY. This is too long for an entry.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Happy Earth Day, everyone! Not that there's anything to love about our planet Earth. Ooh, I'm just kidding. What's not to love about the rich forests and evergreens, the clean air and water, and the love that binds us all together?

Gossip Girl Episode 14 has finally dawned. Little Miss J is finally stepping up and I'm not appreciating it. Remember, there is only ONE QUEEN B. Okay, I'm excited for the next episode because Georgina Sparks (Michelle "Nona of Pete and Pete" Trachtenberg) will ruin Serena! I think Georgina Sparks was Nate's girlfriend in the book series. In the book "I Like It Like That", Georgie was dating Nate while Blair was dating Eric (Serena's older brother).


Hugs and Kisses. Mwa! Mwa!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have no school work to do! Yay! Okay, I've read for PolDyn already and the outline is signed and sealed already. Ahem. Since last week pa! Woah! I'm not an eager beaver to do school work. My "doing it in advance" is accidental. I FUCKIN' READ THE WRONG READING!!! But it's okaaay.

Jeez, I'm being irrelevant here.

Oh, I remembered.

You know how much I hate prank text messaging? Or random text messaging and drop calling? VERY MUCH. You can tell how JOLOG they are. Typing in random number and desperately wishing for the recipient to respond. You can tell that these people are bored with their lives and they bother people, might as well die, you know. Okay. So, this jolog of a person called me and I texted "Who's this?" Because that is what I normally do, it might be important. To better understand the situtation read the conversation (WALANG DAGDAG-BAWAS DAHIL TAPOS NA ANG ELEKSYON):

me: Who's this?
0923-jologme: .Im albert.Pwd mkepag frnd
me: NO
0923-jologme: .Tga asa d, i u
0923-jologme: .,hala ana d,i u.
0923-jologme CALLED
0923-jologme: ,y man.,hnd y gs2 mkepag frnd aku
0923-jologme: an sunget muh nmn. cge d nko matex or col. thnx 4 d tym.

I'd normally not respond to these people. KADIRE. But I figured it's Sun Cellular-- even though Sun has its wonders, there are downsides too, hence this lowly creature, this person would text and call like a million times. I made him/her realize that s/he has no worth and leaving this world would be a great idea. ANG SAMA KO PERO PUTA, I HAD A BAD DAY AND THIS DEFINITELY DID NOT MAKE IT BETTER. PUTANGINA KA, NAPAKA-JOLOG MO.


Monday, April 21, 2008


"Saving Sarah Cain" by Michael Landon, Jr. made me cry like a baby. Five Amish children lost their mother and none of them is of legal age. The only living relative that they have is their mother's sister Sarah Cain, a writer from Portland who incidentally have writer's block for quite sometime, and an "outsider" (non-Amish). She decides to bring the children to Portland with her but then the sudden change of surroundings made it even hard for the children to cope with the loss of their mother. AND THEN... WATCH NALANG! Lisa Pepper reminds me of Ms. J. Aniston. Watch it, watch it. It's also good that I read a book about the Amish people before. Just watch. And cry your heart out.


Saturday, April 19, 2008


And three months. Ces is back for a visit to the most polluted country, The Philippines. Ang bilis, but we missed you. I missed Eka, Con, and Laverne (who brought Rachel. I've got to say, she is nice) too. I just got home from a very late dinner at Italiannis, High Street. I'm never gonna be mean to Laverne anymore because I love her no matter what. Whoops, sorry Con and I were late, trust me, naiinip rin ako sa akin dahil ang bagal ko kumilos.

My courageous attempt to go MKO tonight miserably pulled me and flushed me down the drain. MKO's style does not suit me because wearing big-ass clothes look really well on skinny girls ONLY. I am NOT skinny, so... JUST IMAGINE: Ninang. That was how I described myself tonight. But, thank the Holy Lord for friends who do not bash me despite my tendencies to go for the awesome Ninang-look.

I missed you, guys. I love you with all the cartwheels and handstands in the world.

Flip (because everybody says "Bounce").

Thanks to those who commented and to those who texted me. Like I always say, "thank you, it's another one of my social suicides BUT I'd do anything for my sister". She will be the next break-through editor. SALUTE!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Okay, so Zia has finally found her true talent. She has been editing videos, mostly of her. To keep myself awake and to help her with her soon-to-be profession, we've got this video as a result. Nikole helped out, too. So, please leave a comment or post a message on the tagboard. Tell me what you think of the directing and editing. Do not mind the bad acting, joke time lang yan.

Zia is 13 years old. So don't be too harsh. Oh, I apologize for the poor video quality. I had to minimize the file size so that I could post it up here because I am not planning to post it in Multiply. Zia has the video (yes, the high-quality video) posted in her Multiply site. Or click HERE.

Cheerios. I Wish You Were Here.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Kamille Untalan: Parang moon.

Angela Villavicencio: Parang crater.

Trizia Lim: Parang may rocks.

Okay, never mind. I have just woken up from my nap. Funny, 'coz I woke up for dinner, ate, and then slept again. See, I still have the time to hibernate despite my "busy" schedule. I want to drop Physics.

Zia has, or should i say HAD, pet rabbits. "Kone" and "Ho" (for Kuneho). Those are just tacky names for rabbits; it's like naming identical twins, "Ta" and "Oh". Kadire. Holy Mother of Bees, what the hell was she thinking? But it was benta naman--AND I got the weird sense of blessing them with names like that. So, Ho (the good rabbit) died after two days, I cried. I felt like we had a connection. I remembered my pet rabbits (both did not die at such a young age, I've actually manage to take care of them until they were old and have decided to leave this cruel world), Chumper and Thumper, I had them when I was 7. I taught them circus acts. Thanks to me, they have mustered the act of the ultimate rope balancing act. Kone (the masamang damo), who tried to bite me while I was carrying (or torturing) him. Son of a gun! So this morning, I found him resting with his eyes open. What joy! I even took a photo of him. I am so mean, but think about it, I was NICE to him, I even carried the stinky fluff and what did I get? His two enormous front teeth gnawing at my index finger. Okay, I exaggerated.

The Dead Rabbit:

Rest in peace, Kone. I forgive you. On a much lighter note, there are still rabbits in the house. "Betty" and "Veronica" belongs to cousin Ralph.

The Next Victims of Sudden Death:


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'm never going to sleep at 5:00 am again, Nate and Blair kept me up, I swear I couldn't stop reading the Gossip Girl prequel. I only had two hours of sleep awhile ago, so much for getting a head start for summer classes. It was a wrong move considering that PolDyn lasts for three hours and first meetings aren't excluded from it. I cut Physics, I'm sorry. Ha ha. I hope I get the part because I have waited long enough at Proville that I felt like I was there for 10 months. I'm fat and short like Penelope and standing in between two gorgeous models did not help me in impressing the clients. NO. So have mercy.

My cousins are here! I love them. Drinks and fags at the balcony. THIS IS THE LIFE.

Cheerios (because everybody says "Cheers").

Monday, April 14, 2008


Nothing beats eating tuna out of the can with its delectable oil dripping out of my mouth. See, there IS a Penelope in me. It is so distinct that I do not deem it as funny and cute anymore. Blech. FAAAAT.

Classes will officially start in 5 hours and 29 minutes and I'm still up. Wide awake as an owl. I am feeling a bit obsessive-compulsive about my sentence outlline on... GET READY... "Social Power and its Political Form". I have been editing it for an hour now and I would like to think that I have succeeded because I was able to narrow it down to three frickin' pages. Awhile back, it was four pages. Walang aangal, one page rin ang nabawas. I am hoping for a 1.75 on it (kapal), but my professor is the dean so, I wanna make a good, first impression since--this is old news and I have been ranting about it for a year, most of my professors feel that I do not look like frickin' Pol.Eco student. I am slightly nervous for the quiz tomorrow. It's supposed to test our understanding and reading comprehension and God knows how much I suck at both! Phew. Ha ha.

I am still NOT sleepy, so I guess I just have to re-read my annotations again, yes? WOAH, tunring over a new leaf na talaga ako. Bakit ngayon lang, eh? EWAN.

Ciao, amigos. Mwa! Mwa!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


...a line from the poem, "There is a Reason for Everything", by Helen Steiner Rice.

Okay, so I haven't done anything for PolDyn and I'm downright worried for the sentence outline we're asked to do. See, summer class is in 30 hours and we've already gotten the taste of Inferno. But it IS fine with me, I mean, there's nothing more enticing than a pile of readings. NOTHING.

Hung out with Mim at Starbucks. I swear I drink too much coffee. The barista even offered to make my coffee decaf BUT I said, "No, thanks". She probably noticed that I'm there almost every night, smoking my heart out while enjoying my White Chocolate Mocha. Because I'm motherfrickin' cool like that. YOCK. yock.

Fred hates ANTM and Tyra. I get it. But I gave him the coolest member of YouTube who uploads this shitass, clear videos and he's watching right now. So, if you're reading this, answer, "DO YOU LOVE TYRA NOW???". Guys just have this hatred towards Tyra. I hate her armpits, but I can't hate her GENERALLY as she is responsible for keeping me sane when I'm bored. Oh, yes, I watch re-runs of ANTM when I'm bored.

Watch Penelope! I'm not done with the movie yet but it's super! It reminds me of, um, ME. Check out the film and see. THE SNOUT. Oh, mother of pearl! See that's why I scare people away!



I am flattered as a pancake (WHAT?). Thanks, Kam Untalan! She wrote a blog entitled, "Thank You, Ish", I am glad. See, Kam and I were at the smarea yesterday. I got this from her blog:

This afternoon, Ish and I were talking at the smarea. The conversation I had with her brought back some of the best and worst memories. And I have to thank her for that. I have to thank her because it felt good to have someone to talk to, to revive everything I felt. Those "times" were one of the best times I had. And the bad feelings I felt that time and I was made to feel again were the worst. But then, the bad things I used to feel helped me realize a shitload of things.

"Forget the past. Don't doubt. Risk it, it's the only way you'll know." Thank you, Trizia Lim. Of all the people I've talked to, you were the only one who encouraged me to take another risk despite everything. You don't know how happy I feel to hear that from someone. Kammie loves youuuuuuuuuuuu!

Ish loves you too!

Okay. So, I can't believe that I am in that point where I can give that kind of advice to a friend. I mean, I don't have the most exciting love life, let alone have or be in one. People should learn to scratch the idea of having THE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP. There isn't one.

Okay, okay. I have to read for PolDyn. ON A SATURDAAAAY, motherfucker.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Since I won't be able to make it to the beach with my friends tomorrow, I am compensating for the "not-being-able-to-go" by creating my second post (yes! Second post in a span of, um, a few hours) which primarily talks about my highschool barkada. WOW. Okay, what can i say about those bitches? Okaynevermind. Ha ha.

These are my sisters, I love them to death and they will be at the beach tomorrow. They would probably: go surfing, hunt for some man-meat, drink til one (or two, I'm betting on Laverne and Kandee, since matibay ang mga tiyan ni Shai at Karla) drops, and/or miss their sweetcakes, Ish Lim, of course!

Always in my heart, all of you. I'm gonna cry soon enough. Miss me or die!

Many love for each one of you.


okay, so I've decided to ditch my now-old blog because of so many reasons. Well, for one, I have so many nonsensical posts--most of which I dare not go back to, ever. Another thing is that I'm tired of it and it's given me nothing but a headache, especially when I go through my previous blogs. And LASTLY, I have decided to turn over a new leaf and start anew, because I am a bigger person now. I don't mean it literally, you fools (who the fuck am I talking to? My "readers"? Ha ha, I do not have any here or there). So, even if it kills me to let go of my old blog, that again, no one visits (I'm bitter as an over-ripe fruit), I have finally found the courage to ditch the old me and my old life (wow! Life ang blog. ULOL.). Anyhow, I am begging for comments as I do not KNOW the whereabouts of blogger; I do not even know if I should put a tagboard here. So, there! Expect something more mature from me now. This is actually something to look forward to when I get home from school.


Do they have like a friend list here? (Excuse the newbie)