Thursday, January 29, 2009


You know what they say, the strongest, most comical and outrageous people you know are the ones who are weak deep inside. It's not that they deliberately and intentionally blind themselves of the fact that other people exist in their "perfect, happy world". Truth is, they see you. They think about you constantly. They imagine leaving their "perfect, happy world" in exchange for yours. It's not that they weren't there. They're just too scared to admit it.


I've been meaning to upload this song that I made. Oooh, it's the one that I mentioned in a blog posted earlier. Like I said, I haven't written the verses yet, so all I have here is the chorus. Tell me what you think! BE nice though. HA HA HA HA.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009


FUNNY! We were taught that it is IMPORTANT to treat ourselves to something nice after a hard day's work. It's been a looong time that I went to the movies with friends until last Thursday, after International Economics with Sir Jimmy. Bride Wars at Shangril-la with Abby, Anj, Danica, Kinah, and Jess. KAGULO phase. We stayed in Starbucks, Pearl Drive after to study. Never ending, mukha na kaming reading.

I stayed in tonight. I'm halfway done through ComPol and SPEC. Yay! I do not cram anymore (at least for the past week and hopefully the next and the next and so on).

I am a victim of prank calls. I think it's because my mobile numbers are so easy to dut-dut-dut, you know. I'd understand Sun Cellular, as it is unlimited calls 24/7. The problem is, prank Sun Cellular callers wouldn't STOP bothering you and you'd be forced to answer them prank callers. I answered and said: FUCK YOU, PATHETIC LITTLE TWIT, GO AHEAD AND KILL YOURSELF. I also learned to divert the calls to 911-11-11 and our phone number in Baguio. There you go, no more prank callers. See, I'd understand Sun, but Globe and Smart, tangina nalang ha?!

Very weird post but I am on break so I am free writing.


Looking forward to another hell week. Ang dami nag-cut sa IPE.



Thursday, January 15, 2009


Aside from the unusual (not complaining) 0 degrees, IPE makes me shiverrrrrr. HA HA HA.

Mr. Avila: ...Mag-kawaay talaga si [Stephen] Krasner saka si [Susan] Strange. You know, Strange wrote an article, "WAKE UP, KRASNER!"
Cris Gonda: Ish, yung kay Krasner: "I'M AWAKE, STRANGE!"
Even more HA HA HA HA.

I've been meaning to print old photos using a Canon Selphy printer that I never knew still existed and is cool, as well. BUT, it prints photos straight from a Canon digital camera--no editing, no retouching, ONLY trimming (pina-sosyal na CROP, or CRAP. HA HA HA). It's Diane's birthday today and I plan on giving her post card photos, or at least I planned to. So, I ended up printing 3 UNEDITED photos because I don't know how to transfer edited photos from my laptop to my camera's memory card. Help??? Or hindi talaga pwede?

I wrote another song, well, a chorus--6 lines, to be exact. I sang to it, GOODLUCK. It's been a looong time since I've used GarageBand. It's really fun to use, so you go get a MacBook. I just felt like writing a few lines, but I ended up mixing instruments for the background music or melody? Um, what? Basta yung tunog ng song. It's based on a friend's story.

I am talking rubbish.

You know the rooftop scene? I will write something about that.

Cheerios, Papitos!

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DIANE IBAY! (Click on the link, go bother her, or leave a message/greeting on her tagboard!)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


What keeps me up? Cigarettes and Neon Moon by Brooks and Dunn. I've been listening to it non-stop. Download and enjoy! And then I say, no pun intended. Kanta lang ng kanta.

Goodluck to me. I hope I survive this week. :|

Monday, January 05, 2009



Friday, January 02, 2009


I am desperate. I have been sleeping right after sunrise for weeks now -- talk about taking advantage of the break. I've been lying awake for an hour now, staring into nothingness. My laptop, I already stashed away thinking that it will help me gain back, what is now foreign to me, "normal". I am now using cel in making this entry. I put my iPod on shuffle. A game that I usually play. I've gone mental, forgive me. Another half hour has passed and my player has been playing 2 of 5787. I'm amusing myself with a scene on my mind. A music video in which Chad Murray -- "Michael" has been scap-d since we got together in 2009 (it's 2010) -- and I star in. "Perfect Grave" by Social Order. A bit too whiney for my taste but at least I get to be with Chaddie.

Ew. I've gone mental.


You know the saying, whatever it is that you do, have, feel, and all the possible verbs you can think of on New Year's Day, you will innately possess all throughout the year? I scheduled myself -- even if I'm on break, and I'm the type of person who'd take advantage of ANY break doing whatever -- to start doing some school work. Walang ka-bibohan involved. FYI: my blockmates are way ahead of schedule, but in my defense... NOTHING. OK. I just got lazy and I think I'm losing my "drive". SO... I started with my planner, which I claimed from Starbucks, 2 weeks after the promo started (thanks to school, Starbucks has had more than a few drinks per Pol.Eco. student). Here's to creativity all year round! Not bad, eh? It's kind of festive on the eyes. These are just magazine cut-outs of what I intend to stand up for (verbally), especially on the month of January. My mission, as is Hilary Duff's, END HUNGER.

I'm trying to look for a decent video of Flickerstick's "Smile" on Youtube. FAILED. It's been stuck in my head for awhile now (I haven't listened to Flickerstick in months that I decided to amp my iPod). What's good about them is their variety of genres (from alternative rock to pop) and they lyrics to their songs (well, you can just make up your own "meaning", talk about being true-blooded artists, letting their audience decipher the underlying meanings of their music).

Okay. That's it for now. I'm hungry. BAAAH.

Cherrios Papitos! 

Thursday, January 01, 2009


I just had 7 Hereford Sausages, fresh out of the can and now I'm dizzy (due to the oil intake). Before anything else, I just wanna wish my two friends, Triccie Baquiran and Angela Villavicencio, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

2009, let's start the year with a good laugh. I got this from my cousin's Multiply site. I edited the photo to make it the real deal. KUNG SINO KA MAN, MAHIYA KA! HA HA HA HA!