Friday, October 29, 2010


Currently reading the third installment of The Hunger Games Trilogy. I am crazy about the books--it took me less than a day to finish the first book. I asked my dad to get the second book the following day. He called to bear bad news. It is out of stock. When he got home, he surprised me! He got it all along! It feels so nice to have a dad like him, he bought the third book the following day after he got me the second book. I currently bought Mortal Instruments Trilogy--I was torn between that and Immortals. I had to stash a lot for my trip to Quezon (I arrived here last Monday). Thank you, Pop, again. Flashback: when I was 8 years old, he took me and my brothers "grocery shopping" at Toy Kingdom, the only existent kingdom in the minds of all children way back when. My siblings and I went crazy and filled in 2 little kiddie shop carts each. Oh, those were the days.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010


I had a good 8-hour sleep last night and woke up to a very fun-filled Saturday. Clara has been taking most of my photos for my blog and today, I played stylist and photographer--I failed the latter but hey, I tried.

Ain't she pretty? She is made of genius. She is the epitome of beauty and brains. She bakes, too. Yummy cupcakes. Check it out here, you will not regret it (or you will because you will crave and insist on having a box delivered to you).

Details on this outfit will be posted soon.

Preview of my next look. I went for the "manang" (old lady--conservative and will probably die a spinster) look.

To top off such a wonderful afternoon spent with my cousin and our grandparents, I had super late dinner with my two best friends in the world, Angela and Diane. I would not have survived college without these two and I am glad they have accepted and kept up with my tantrums. Tonight, Diane brought a plus one (a first for all of us!). Although mandatory to our friendship, Angela and I did not give him a hard time. So, JC if you are reading this: You are officially a Badet! And Diane, if you are reading this: Stop smiling.

Diane, me, and Angela. I am so happy we got to catch up! We have this certain bond, our minds connect, it is quite scary. Messages and thoughts travel under a second. I love you both so much!

Diane's plus one, JC. He kept her smiling the whole time. The three of us never really rehearsed this scene: The three of us having dinner and one with a date. I could have sworn we talked about this in college and I do not think it went according to plan, which is a good thing (only God knows what we came up with--never start the topic of embarrassing moments, wear lots of perfume, every-minute teeth check, to name a few). Regardless, we all had fun! Thank you for dinner, Diane.

Obligatory basket photo with Anj, too! Ha ha ha!

Looking forward to more dinner dates with them. Seems like nothing's change. <3

Friday, October 22, 2010


“Blowing out the candles from my cake, I choke on the smoke as I look around the room. Everybody’s wishing for no more mistakes. And all that I can think about is you.” – Chocolates And Cigarettes, Angus And Julia Stone

QUICK POST: I am in a hurry.

This is, by far, my favorite look. I love my top--it's a million things rolled into one. Tuxedo tail, button-down, weird-sleeved, loose creation of pure awesome.

Accessories from Aldo, Forever 21, and The Bead Shop.

Photos by: Clara Tan

Full deets on the outfit HERE.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

are you full chinese?

Nope, 1/8 to be accurate.

Ask me anything. Tell me something.

where did you graduate in high school?

Proud Montessorian! O.B. Montessori Center, Greenhills.

Ask me anything. Tell me something.

what is your height?

5'4" -- not proud :-(

Ask me anything. Tell me something.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Manuel and I are suffering from a very bad case of separation anxiety. We had coffee today plus non-stop talking and laughing. I bet he still can't stop thinking about Brian like I can't stop thinking about J.Lo walking out of the restroom. The only difference is my thoughts about J.Lo will surely haunt me in my sleep.

Here are the photos we took earlier today.

Car ride home. We still could not get over my plate number.

Taking advantage of the traffic. This is before we braved circle. I was on the wheel. It took howmany minutes for me to realize that Manuel was holding his breath while I make a pressing turn from the left to the rightmost part of the road. You should have seen his face!

Never a dull moment with Manuel!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I received a couple of questions regarding shoes--my favorites, where I shop for shoes that are both stylish and affordable at the same time, etc. So, here is an entry where I show my must-haves for all year round. Not that we have any other choice. Now that I think about it, having fall season here would be delightful. My love for shoes dates back from... Okay, I do not remember. Let me just say that I have acquired more than 15 pairs of Sketchers from when I was in the 4th grade til the 5th grade. I also had a phase where I would wear, buy, and breathe nothing but Chuck Taylors.

These are the pairs I over-use and will over-use. My essentials.

Black suede Forever21 short lace-up booties. I just got this pair this week. I tried it on for a couple of test drives. It goes well with anything--dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts.

Tan suede wooden heeled Forever21 clogs with gold studs. I also got this pair this week. My new obsession. Can anyone refer shops or brands where I can buy clogs that are as awesome as the ones I over-use? You have been acquainted with my brown leather ones, which I intend to wear even in my sleep. Due to its use, it is now fatigued and I had to buy a pair that is similar to that one.

Black H&M ballet flats with silver back-stud detail. I got this pair in China. It is the most comfortable flats I have ever owned. I am crazy about flats as much as I am with suedes.

Black patent Schu flats with gold chain detail. I have been living with this pair for a little over a year now. What I love about Schu is that their items are not only stylish but sturdy and ready for a long-term relationship with its owners.

Beige suede Zara soft bluchers. I bought them in China. I saw them and instantly fell in love. I have not experimented various kinds of outfits with it yet. I have only worn it once since I bought--the weather makes it impossible for me to.

How am I supposed to describe this one? It is quite offbeat. But it is worth a shot. Black leather Hong Kong brand cross breed between flat booties and gladiators. That sounded off. My mom got this pair in Hong Kong, she claims that it is made for my very "unsettling" taste in shoes.

Leopard-print peep-toe pumps. I love anything printed! Do not be deceived, its feistiness does not come in handy. These are hard to walk in but they are too adorable for me to ignore--sitting lonely and staring out the window, I had to adopt them!

Hot pink gusset Topshop slip-ons. This pair screams "spontaneity", which I am not. On days when I am ambushed by my friends to have coffee or days when a much-needed pedicure is in dire need, this (or my white Topshop sneakers) would be on top of my list. It goes perfectly with a shirt, shorts, and worn-out nail polish.

Black satin 5.5" Aldo pumps. There are no words to describe this one. I love how it shows toe cleavage, which in my case, the only cleavage I can only expose (but let us not delve into that topic). I am now hunting for new pumps that are slightly lower in height than this pair--something "wear-able" for lazy afternoons in the mall and something that can spin off its way to a couple of drinks (iced tea or diet Coke, in my case) with friends on a night out. I can only last a good 3 hours in these. Walk down memory lane: I wore this during my graduation. I did not slip but had to walk around PICC (venue) bare-footed when I needed to transport myself to the holding area of graduates and the restroom in a speedy manner. I thought I survived a full 4-hour encounter with these beauties. My legs felt like jell-o when I was just about to hop into my car, I fell. I fell with a good amount of audience. My mom told me not to blame the shoes, I did not eat the whole day. So, for those of you who are planning on getting a hold of these pumps... EAT before diving in. (Photo by: Clara Tan

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I was bored out of my wits since I got up at 6PM earlier today. My body clock is ruined and as a result, I have no sense of day and time. For all I know, it is still Monday today. Due to boredom (and the fact that I really love this song), I decided to open my GarageBand and try this song out. It usually takes me 2 hours of non-stop singing and tinkering with the effects of GarageBand (to conceal my ridiculously pitch-y voice) but this one is different. It only took me 30 minutes to finish this--video included. Speaking of the video, these are just random clips from I found in my MacBook's: videos from China, my long over-due video blog, and recycled snippets of my old videos. I only got through 1:46 of the whole song, barely halfway. So, you can call this a preview? Ha ha ha. There is this weird noise going on in the video, I will try to fix that.

Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy (Cover) from Trizia Lim on Vimeo.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010


“We made a promise, after this we’d quit. Remember it’ll all blow over. We’ll meet again when the temperature is lower. If we don’t turn each other in dear, we’ll be fine” – The Best Treasure Stays Buried, Zoey Van Goey

The song is bittersweet but this outfit is not. It is a tad bit all over the place but in a good way, I suppose. I have been gushing over my clogs for quite sometime now and I never get tired of it. It is beyond awesome and I am trying a whole lot of different styles to prove my point.

Denim Guess polo shirt (from my mom--she bought it when she was about my age, cropped light denim L.E.I. shorts, clogs, brown leather Zara suspenders, beige H&M oversized purse, my awfully cute pink wired H&M headband with black polka dot detail (its debut can be seen in my not-too-long ago video post, flower leopard print H&M brooch (also a barrette, one of the heaviest I have, if I may add), assorted bangles from all over, and pink Aldo flower ring.

I received comments/questions about my hair. I curl it with a flat iron, yes, a flat iron. I do not comb or brush my hair on a daily basis just because. The strands are super fine so it usually takes me 10-15 minutes to straighten or curl my hair.

My new favorite bracelet: black leather H&M bracelet with ribbon detail

Presenting: My hand!

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Photos by: Clara Tan
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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Long overdue post. I am stoked for my job interview tomorrow. Actual deets to follow if I get the job. Please do pray that I get in as this is my dream job.

“We’re sitting out on the couch. A movie plays without the sound. Words to say left in my mouth with nothing left to pour.” – Heart Full Of Wine, Angus and Julia Stone

Dark blue Zara tube top with bow detail, gray Zara bandage skirt, black garterized Zara belt with gold heart as buckle, black chained Zara purse, black suede studded The Ramp booties, pink flower Aldo ring, silver and gold Aldo chain connector ring, brow Firma ring, black The Bead Shop pearls& gold Aldo watch.

Just realized how I bled Zara in this look. What I love most about the top is that it is one-piece, like a bathing suit, so I would not have to worry about wrinkles.

The most comfortable heels ever. Like my clogs, I can hike in them.

I got 100+ votes on this look. Check out my ChicBlog HERE

Photos by: Clara Tan
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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Disclaimer: This is composed of a roll of photos that I took using my phone, so please excuse the resolution. My digital camera is busted and I still pretty bummed about it. Whenever I see it, I remember 8 hours of work.

It has been such a long since I last talked about how my day went by. So for old time's sake, I am making a rundown of how my week went by as it deserves a spot here. I spent the whole week EATING with my friends. This week I was spontaneous (at least for my taste).

To pay tribute to our then-morning routine back in high school, Kandz and I decided to have breakfast at McDonald's, Greenhills. I never thought it would materialize in just a day's time of planning.

This was last Monday. It looks so different now. I remember how my friends and I would meet at 7:30AM and have a quick breakfast over chit-chats. We would walk to school with heavy stomachs and fight the urge to sleep through our 8:30AM assembly. Kandz, Shai, and I met at 7:30AM (yes, we thought that if we would relive the moment, we had to relive the time, too). I got a BBM from Eleu asking where we were and after 5 minutes he was already at McDonald's awaiting his 9AM job interview.

So this is what I look like without sleep. I have been up for 24 hours so I was mostly confused throughout the day because my Sunday, which was their previous day, has not ended yet. This was at Starbucks, Theatre Mall, where we also used to hang out--where I freaked out when I found out I was not classmates with any one of them in my last year in high school. The baristas at Starbucks never spell my name right (I mean who would?) unless they ask if my Trizia is spelled with a "C" or an "S-H". It was the second time in my Starbucks history that they got it correctly--they spelled Kandee's name "Candeet", which I thought was the highlight of the morning. Seriously? Candeet?

I was crashing at 10:30AM. We accompanied Shai to have her photo taken as a requirement for her Korea trip this December (jealous!). I saw this mannequin. I stopped to look at it very closely. Arms of a man, boobs that could pass for G's.

This kept me up on the way home. I slept through their greatest hits and woke up on a Wednesday.

The best day was last Wednesday. Since we tried breakfast already, we decided to have brunch.

Mandatory photo of the girls who are trying to complete all meals of the day in a couple of week's time. Brunch and dessert at Mozu with Karla, John, Eleu, Manuel, Kandee, and Shai. (It definitely brought back college memories)

Notice how all of our plates have hearts on it? Manuel danced his way into forcing the waiter to put an "I Love You" on our dessert plate.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Banoffee Pie

Frozen Brazo

We headed to Shai's shop Provocouture for Kandz's fitting. I have three videos as evidences of our whackness, which I do not intend to upload (for security purposes, mine alone--I still want to live a happy life).

This is Manuel trying on a pretty dress.

And this is us eating dirty ice cream. I am sucker for street food. We headed to Starbucks to meet up with IC, Karla, and Laverne.

Grabbed from Manuel: Kandz, Shai, Manuel, and IC.

IC, me, Karla, and Kandz. I took photos of the place and our food using my phone's camera but I am afraid it never did any justice to any of it. The place is so pretty. The food is superb.

Brought Manuel home, we were singing to Love The Way You Lie and could not get pass Eminem's part. We then realized we spent 12 hours together, which was awesome.

If there is one thing I love most about my friends, it is that they are literally one BBM away. I was stuck at Crowne Plaza for 3 hours last Thursday and called Eleu. We had coffee at Gloria Jean's after a few sticks at Holiday Inn.

Yippp. My friends are awesome. Where is Friday? I will talk about it tomorrow because it is the highlight of my week!

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I timed myself. I spent an hour making this post.