Saturday, July 31, 2010


The thing is, I have always been good at giving advices, especially when it comes to love. I doubt I got it from real-life experience. I must have gotten my skills in giving love advices that, if I may add, are most of the time true--where most of my friends would end up saying "exactly". I tell my friends to break their walls, loosen up, and believe in love. "Risk it"--risk the feeling of pain and heartache because you would not know if you do not dive in. As the old saying goes, "it's easier said than done". I am able to analyze every situation of my friends' love lives from start to finish, or at least until when it starts to blossom. I am able to say, "stop seeing the bastard, he's breaking your heart. You deserve someone better." I am able to tell whether the relationship is about to rot and whip up ways to bring the spark back. I am able to decipher the line between the path to friendship and the path to relationship. All these I can never tell myself. I can never convince myself of the fact that love is not all about the romantic stuff only, but filthy obstacles come along with it as well. I can never convince myself that there is someone out there for me, who will not break my heart. It is not that I do not believe in love or have given up on it. This brings me to a theory, single ladies are single not because they want or choose to be. They (or should I say, we?) are single because they are scared shitless to have someone who can make them retaliate from what is planted into their minds. Because they know that there is someone who can make them have a different perception of love... And this new perception will be good, better than what they had before.

Someday, this will be dedicated to someone. I fell in love with the song but could not give justice to it. Obligatory disclaimer: I sang this in one blow last night, listened to it awhile ago, realized how pitchy it was, and added the Ambient Vocals in the background (to semi-conceal the flubs). Pay attention to the last part, I included a photo, which I have been meaning to post and blog about. Again, if you decide to press the Play button... Earphones!

The Only Exception (Cover) from Trizia Lim on Vimeo.

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Friday, July 23, 2010


This is one shotgun post as it is almost 4 in the morning and I am still trying to catch up on Smallville (still in Season 5, I know, I am way out of the loop). Tom Welling has been my number one crush since high school and I had to announce my love for him in a magazine. See, when I was 16, I thought that I would not feel embarrassed when the time comes that I decide to say this: "Oh, who was I crushing on when I was 16? Who are the people important in my life?". No, I did not think that today, I am gonna regret seeing this: "My family and Tom Welling." So, friends, do not ever think that you knew all too well when you were 16. There are things and decisions that you will most likely regret and you will realize these in 4 years. I dated a pervert when I was 16. See? I'm just kidding.


It takes a while for me to read the comments that are posted here (but now, I already synced my blog email to my BlackBerry). Two comments stood out of the few. 1. Do you have a boyfriend? Or girlfriend? and 2. Kumakain ka ba ng isaw? (Do you eat chicken intestines?). I AM DEDICATING AN ENTRY ON THESE TWO TOPICS. I WILL WRITE THEM LONGER THAN ANY OF MY ENTRIES HERE.

Okay, I know my graduation entry is delayed and I do not intend to make one now. But this is what I wore. I'm posting a full body shot soon. Dress my the lovely Shai dela Merced, owner of Provocouture You can see the top. I am typing with one eye open. I am sorry about the babble.

Photo by: Clara Tan

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I wanna be your sister....

Ha ha ha! For sure!

Ask me anything. Tell me something.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I feel like such a wimp for re-posting the things that I have written in my Chictopia and pasting them here. I have promised myself--countless times already, that I will blog religiously but I have been slow on updates. But since I am bored as a lone tree, I may have to flood.

“I’m a travelin’ girl… I wanna go… I wanna be free…” — Travelin’ Girl by The Bitters

I have been stalling my updates in my main blog and here—because these are the only things I find interesting in the weblog, not to mention, these are considered to be my outlet… my escape to boredom. My cousin and co-owner of NeverForget Clothing Clara and I have been busy fabric shopping and coming up with designs for our next collection, hence, the turtle-like updates here. On top of that, I am busy trying to relocate my mindset to something more appealing, something more tangible—I mean, my dreams of being the next president of my country is something that I should not think about ATM. The following weeks will be busy, a buzz-kill from my bum life. In cases of bad hair days, lazy days, etc. a messy ponytail would be perfect—okay, this is me trying to insert the relevance of my whereabouts to this outfit.

These are the photos which I posted in my Travelin' Girl look on Chictopia.

Here are the add-ons:

This my dog Harley. He's is running around my room as I type.

All photos by Clara Tan. You can visit her other blog HERE--a must-visit!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


"Every time I think we’ve reached the end, we just meet back here and do it again.” – The Drawing Board, The Features

Clara and I had a lot of fun taking photos, hence, my stint on the chairs. No, I did not break my neck. I was able to survive the afternoon. The striped “dress” is my brother’s sweater—perfect for a rainy day and it did!

Are you ready for the photo spam? I skipped my other look because I would like to dedicate a full blog about it--my first ever yacht experience! My "The Drawing Board" look beats the rest of my other looks because I have gone through great lengths to "work it" as requested by my cousin Clara's requests. This is especially precious, not to mention exceeds my capacity to bring out the fierce in me (ha ha!). The thing about coming up with a unique outfit does not really require a lot of "thinking". I have noticed (and Clara, too) that the outfits that I have not thought about fully acquire the greatest number of votes and comments. I guess this is the most interesting thing about having a keen eye on the latest finds and the latest trends in fashion--the more spontaneous your outfit is, the better. And my fellow Chictopians seem to appreciate my spontaneous looks and the photography, as well. Thank you very much, lovelies.

Topman sweater worn as dress, brown worn-out belt, Long Champ purse, floral barette, Aldo gold watch, my luck coin and key necklace, wooden bracelet, black stockings, and a pair of brown patent Peter Pan shoes!

While I was standing on the chairs, my cousin and I could not help but curse ha ha ha. It was too funny!

Bringing out my inner fierceness HA HA HA.

Full deets HERE

P.S. So excited about a lot of things. If everything pushes through, I will blog about it here!

Friday, July 02, 2010


I finally decided to upload one of my favorite looks in Chictopia (check out the full deets of the look HERE). I wore this last Saturday for a few drinks with my friends. I deem it mandatory to update the whereabouts of my bum life, I say this is true. Why do I bring this up? I badly want to upload a photo of my first ever ink, which, by the way, received over 500 notes in Tumblr (!!!). I, however, would find it a tad bit reckless as I am not sure if my parents bother to read my blog. I am being mature, well, careful rather.

All my looks in my Chictopia are all music-inspired posts. I love music--I breathe it.

Inspired by Clementine by Sarah Jaffe. I love love love my dress, topped with a nude shade of lipstick. I have been meaning to post a photo of the best accessory yet (I can’t post them here, maybe in my blog?). Slow on updates.

Photos by: Clara Tan

Thursday, July 01, 2010


I know this is a shot right through the heavens. I am coming to terms with the fact that my singing capabilities--or lack thereof, will start and end here in my room. I am just usually bored at night so I decided to sing and bombard the neighbors' ears at 3 in the morning. My fourth attempt, this is. There is a huge gap between the last verse and the bridge and thought of inserting snippets of When The Stars Go Blue by Tyler Hilton Feat. Bethany Joy Galleoti (spell check please).

Make You Feel My Love by Adele from Trizia Lim on Vimeo.

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