Saturday, May 30, 2009


For the Baguio trip with my friends. I will meet them in 5 hours and I am not sure if I will be able to sleep. Too much excitement, I know. We will be there for 3 days and 2 nights but the things that I have packed are unbelievable. I am the ultimate Girl Scout.

I will run down the things at the top of my head right now. curling iron, straightening iron, DVD player, meds and vitamins, bandages, Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion (I am crazy about the scent), cover-up, and sunblock. Yes, sunblock.

Okay, I will blog from Baguio.

Friday, May 29, 2009


I have a lot of things to be thankful for and one of them is my awesome, crazy, and always-there-for- you friends. This was literally the first time we went out COMPLETE. We have Chesca to thank and of course, the ever so reliable Plurk. I could not even think of the right words to describe this night, but clearly (and as will be seen in the photos I will share), it was AWESOME.

Kudos to all. Here are the photos--the evidence of a fun-filled night!

L-R: Me, Con, Laverne, Kat, Shai, Karryl, Kandee, Chesca, and Karla. Click on the link and notice that most of us are on Plurk. See, while at Bugsy's, we Plurked and Plurked because we are cool like that.

Chesca, my sobriety sister, makes me laugh real hard. I go bonkers when she tells her stories. Karla and Laverne would just laugh when I go bonkers. According to them, I am drunken crazy by all accounts. And no, I do not drink.

Con ordered spaghetti and MEATBALL. Yes, meatball and Kat poked it. Yes, just a meatball. Shai and Kandz are my official format bloggers. I hope Shai does not go overboard with her redbull and Kandz, with her Weng-Weng. Funny, I associate Weng-Wengs with Kandz. Let's just hope that I don't go: "Chief, isang Kandz", because that would be extra weird.

The Fashionista-slash-Designer and the Mommy-slash-Beauty Queen. I could not be any prouder. I am tearing up like a Soccer Mom watching her son make a goal.

Weng-Weng, I mean, Kandz and Iced Tea, I mean, Ish. We go way back. I love you forever. An excerpt from Kandz's blog entry:

Looking back, I see the rough roads we had to take, I hear the hurtful words we had to say, I feel the pain we had to overcome. No one knew we'd get this far. If I'd be asked to go back to those times, I'd gladly do it because it was all worth it.

Con and I got new phones and we did not, in any way (because it is quite impossible to reach her for the last couple of weeks) talk about getting new ones. She is the person who knows me all too well for me to even drop a tad bit of a lie. I love her like a sister.


Me: Oh! Imagine, ten years we'll all have husbands and there will be (doing a head count, 1..2..3.. NINE), twenty of us!
Karla and Kandz were trying to let the number 20 sink in.
Me: Dalawa asawa ko, BAKIT?


We have a format. Name and surname. Deal? K.

Cheerios, Chicas!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Photo credit: LesLoveImage

Friday, May 22, 2009


In need of something to write about, I go to one of my favorite blogs and ended up in MyStylePill's site. Her blog is very interesting and I have fallen into buzz while reading her blog. I was thrilled to just look at the photos, enjoying myself while fighting the feeling of envy--I wish I was that thin. After minutes of complying to "open link in new tab", I got to Emerald City: OlsensAnonymous. I am such a huge fan of theirs and their style is just beyond amazing. I wish I was armed with that swagger.

This is the photo that caught my attention, hence the re-posting.

Photo credit: OlsensAnonymous
The best part of her ensemble is how she wore her watch. I love how it may fall out when fishing something from her bag. Also, notice how her accessories are randomly put on, it is brilliant! I have never been a fan of mixing gold and silver. I am kind of apprehensive about it but MK made it happen and made me think otherwise.

I better fish out all of my watches. Felt the urgent need to have them adjusted to PLUS TWO.

Million claps to the Olsen twins.

I am busy looking through the best photo album ever.

Photo credit: LeSmokingImage



OK. He started to turn 19 two years ago and every year since then, he proclaims that he's just turned 19. We had dinner at Myron's Place, Greenbelt 5--GOOD FOOD, and headed to Bugsy's after. I can go on forever saying good things about my friends but it's 2:50am and I still have a paper to do. Bottom line is: I LOVE YOU, GUYS.

I grabbed photos from Triccie and these are some of the photos that I would like to share with you guys.

Birthday boy: Sean Go (or should I say, Sebastian?). Thanks for dinner. We love you forever.

Group photo outside Myron's Place. The food is awesome and the Red Grape Fruitshake tastes fantastic! I will upload the photos later.

Three people are missing. :\

The birthday boy with me sporting a "Harem Johphur" pants that I bought months ago. I was teased earlier that night for wearing pajamas by Franco.

The three Ts as Toni, my rock sister, puts it. (L-R: Trizia, Toni, and Triccie). Spot me channeling a Christmas tree--Moss Green eyeshadow and ultra red lipstick. I still think it is beyond rad even if I am missing a tinsel. And a star atop of my head.

This photo is taken at Bugsy's. Meet our alter egos. (L-R: Tasha, Margaux, and Cameron). Sebastian took the photo--he really exerted effort, which I believe cost him some of his brain cells when trying to figure out the names! Not too much! Good luck on the test.

I also have a habit of adjusting the time, advancing it to 4 hours. I tend to bug my friends asking what the REAL time is. Why? I want to get a feel of going home EARLY in the morning. Today, I went home at 6am.

That is all.

Thank you to the people who take the time to visit my blog and send me private messages on Multiply and Facebook! Thank you, one and all. It makes me really happy and want to blog some more! Oh yeah, 10,000+ hits! Woohoo!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


With only an hour of sleep, I go to school--Pearl Drive, the place to be. I walk into Starbucks, order my usual--Iced Venti Vanilla Latte, as I wait for Jewel to arrive. I take out a cigarette, seriously a very bad habit. I people watch for 6 minutes, get bored, grab my new book, "Long For This World" by Michael Byers. I am on the 5th page.


With only an hour of sleep, I drag my ass to Teacher's Village--IPD, a foreign place to be. I walk to the Sari-Sari Store, order RC cola in plastic, as I wait for Jewel to arrive. I take out a cigarette, seriously a bad habit. I people watch 6 minutes, get bored (and annoyed--there are so many tricycles that pass by), grab my new notebook to write random thoughts. I am on the 5th page.

Goodies from Fully Booked: Notebook by Divinas Palabras and a Michael Byers Novel.

Cheerios, Chicas!

Monday, May 18, 2009


I remember the times when it was easy to say things, speak your mind without any hesitations. No care for the world because you said something that was YOURS. Eight years ago, that was our scene—my friends and I. The location of the scene: our classroom back in first year high. Speaking our minds and throwing lines at each other such as, “I hate your hair”, “I don’t like your boyfriend”, and the like would happen on a daily basis. Cliché as it may sound… College may have separated us but the friendship never faded. Surprisingly, nothing’s changed—well, except for developed body parts, which I never really experienced but let’s not get into that; unknown heartbreaks that either caused shock and relief; and even death. My friends and I have been blessed with openness in our friendship. We speak our minds whether it be about weight gain and disapproved boy toys.

Although there are times when we keep things to ourselves, we never fail to resort to a hug as an alternative. We never fail, it is still our scene.

L-R: Laverne, Karryl, Shai, Me, Kat, and Kandz. Missing that night: Karla and Con.

I had this stored in my phone since Wednesday. I love you!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


After what seemed like FOREVER, the cute poodle with the tacky puppydog-eyes in the window is finally ours to keep. The long months of forcing and begging our parents to get us a new pet have finally paid off and boy, was it tiring! I get to pick the name because a new pet is still part of my birthday gift (along with the bag and hopefully, another bag. HA!). I don't know what's gotten into me BUT when my mom asked me which I prioritize the most, I said A PUPPY over a new phone. We all couldn't wait to leave Greenbelt awhile to go to Tiendesitas. After visiting the store of bags of all bags, I must say, I am goal-oriented now. I've turned over a new leaf. I will save to get my hands on a Damier and a Sprouse in pink. My brother Franco thinks of the bags as BURN, his term of RIP-OFF. Although the Apricot-colored poodle, Harley is adorable, the expenses that go along with the puppy with the tacky puppy-dog eyes isn't what I expected. Nutripet costs P450, for example.

Here are some of the photos we took earlier. The rest are in my Multiply.

Welcome home, Harley!

A photo of me forcing Harley to smile for the camera.

Super Harley according to Tepang.

Thanks, Ma and Pop!

Harley's forelegs go this way whenever he's carried.

Zia and I are very happy.

Since Pop is in Quezon, we just showed Harley to him via webcam. He thinks Harley is cute. This is the conversation we had earlier tonight. Of course, Harley the wonder dog, is the topic.

Isn't Harley the cutest poodle?

Cheerios, Papitos!

In need of a Doggie101.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


My Kuya is supposed to be 24 years and living.

It's been a long while since I've written entries that are, um, blog-worthy--you know, not those that start "I woke up at noon and ate lunch", "I am mad at...", and the like. And, yes, you've guessed it... it ends with "Bye!". :| I think I'm just being too mean, we all have different writing styles. I can tell if you got it elsewhere. I am watching you.

But since it is Mother's Day and my brother's birthday, I will excuse myself from blogging and for just posting photos. Forgive me. Again.

I love you. Thanks for THE BAG. I will save up to buy my own, I will buy YOU soon.

This is a photo of Pop and Ahya D.A. I miss my brother terribly.

I'll be home tomorrow!

Cheerios, Chicas!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


It's been a week since I've last updated and couldn't think of a better alibi than "my dog ate my laptop". Anyway, to compensate for the missed happenings, I will post photos--unwatermarked, because I am really lazy. Also, thanks for your comments and surprisingly, e-mails, for saying good things about my blog. I got cool comments both from your e-mails and private messages in Multiply and Facebook (and no, I am not active in Friendster--I just open it to check my best friend's account). Thank you for thinking of my writing as "funny" and "interesting" (is it, really?). Anyhow, I just had to say the things above to let you know that I've read your mails and messages but opt not to respond just because... BUT I really and truly appreciate it. :)

This was taken at Bugsy's last Friday--Labor Day. Earlier that day, I met up with Jae and Toni (who I spent 12 hours with and that includes walking the streets of Ortigas Center, which is really fun btw)

Later that same night, me, my sister Zia, and my cousin Nikole made the most hilarious 25-second video in the entire world.

These photos were taken the day after in my Photobooth. Mama and I went to a wedding and had a date at Eastwood later. I love my ultra red lipstick! Although wearing it on a regular basis would be kind of weird, I think I will do that because it is beyond amazing, it makes my teeth whiter, much less like a smoker.

The other day, Mama, Zia, and I went to Starbucks and this is what I ordered--Chicken and Turkey Tuscan Sandwich. Heaven, I am craving for one since the moment I left Starbucks. I went to Starbucks, Pearl to have coffee with Diane yesterday only to find out that there are none left!

After the encounter with the best sandwich that set foot on planet Earth, I had my mom and sister drop me off at Home Depot to meet up with Toni and Jay. Buffalo Wings and Things was the best... as well as...

The cover of Superhuman by Toni and LJ Fajardo!

While my friends were downing Vodka and Wine. I was enjoying my Flamingo Drink! :)

That is it for now. Yet another shallow post by me but that is all I've got. I tried, to say the least.


Thanks, Mama for the best birthday gift ever. I love the smell of leather. What do you think of the latest Gossip Girl episode?