Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank you Trizia!! :) By the way, where can I find a nice denim jacket at a reasonable cost? Lol. I've been meaning to buy one for weeks now! :)

You're welcome! Hmmm, I've seen one in Forever21. Try Topshop, too. It may be pricey but think about the durability and quality of the jacket. You will be using this for a really long time. Are you from Manila? (Because) I recently went to Greenhills tiangge, if you have a keen eye plus good bola skills, you'll get one at such a low price!

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Where do you buy accessories? :)

Forever21, Aldo, Firma. I also have lucky finds from different stores--the weirder, the better for me! Some of my accessories are gifts from friends and family from their out of the country trips.

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What's a nice pair of shoes to pair with a denim jacket and a dress with swirls as its print? :) Will the jacket and the dress look good together? Lol. Considering that floral dresses go well with denim jackets. :p Btw, anything but heels please! :))

Hi! Yes, the jacket and dress would look good together (denims are the in thing nowadays). I'd deff go for a pair of beige ballet flats because beige looks good with almost anything. I'm quite particular with how the flats would fit--make sure your toe cleavages show! Others: a pair of slide-ons for a casual look; leather ankle-strap sandals, preferably with a detail (like ribbons or flowers); ankle-length flat booties (there is a pair in Forever 21 that would look with a dress); or old-school brown oxfords with lace.

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If there is one thing that I would want to be good at, it would deff be drawing.

Exhibit A: Love On Halt illustration is a disaster. But I am just trying to make the first chapter animated.

Back in college, my groupmates and I were given a task to portray unrequited love. It was hard enough to evoke the condition through dramatization as it was hard enough to act infront of our literature class. How do we show unrequited love--its causes, its conditions, its effects--when we know that the pain it causes never ends with just a drop of tear. To show unrequited in love and put it into a photograph, to me, was the best portrayal of the topic. Why so, you ask. In this situation, you just stay still, not moving, waiting for the other person to come to his senses... just like a photograph. A lot may say a photograph captures the best of the best but I think there is more to the best than there actually is. The truth.

The truth is hard to accept. Can love be measured? Does it have an expiration date? When do you stop? When do you give up? How do you cope? Will you want out? Am I losing? Is this a game?

And a lot more questions.

I have a template for these things that come about when my friends are in a deep love coma. "It takes courage to love someone more than yourself. But it takes more than courage to accept the fact that IT cannot be." What could IT be? Acceptance. "You know, there are things that cannot be handed out to you instantly. Sometimes, even if you work really hard for it, it still won't happen." Yes, rants about life-is-unfair take place BUT... "There is no other way to heal but to accept. Accept that he isn't the guy of your dreams. Accept the fact that he will not call you everyday. Accept the fact that he would rather spend his time hanging out with other girls while you sit at home on weekends. Accept the fact he will reel you in and drop you in an instant. Accept the fact that there is no future. Accept the fact that he could never be yours." Ouch. Reality hits. But that is the sad truth. There are things in life that do not belong together. There is no magnet.

So, I end that template with a shrug and "You will be okay. You just have to suck it up and never let the jerk see you cry".

I thought it would be funny to put a watermark on my photo. You know, my art work is something that is hot and prone to internet photo thefts. Ha ha ha!

Monday, August 30, 2010


The past week has been a reflection of my views toward the ever so delicate topic that is none other than the 4-letter word most of us are afraid of... L-O-V-E.

We would talk about over coffee, think about it when we are alone, rant about it over the phone--yes, it is everywhere. Last week, three of my closest friends have asked for my advice regarding the topice ven if my credibility was unfavorable. On top of that, I received Formspring questions asking me the following: Are you in love? Have you ever had a boyfriend? Plus one that is nothing but disturbing--occasional questions such as Wanna get it on? I, of course, would not dare, for the life of me, answer those questions individually. If I have a boyfriend at the moment, trust that the things that you would be reading here are all about our heated discussions regarding the ending of the movie that have seen; our silent moments during our coffee dates, which I would consider precious; how he excused himself from dinner to buy the flowers that the vendors were selling outside some Italian restaurant we were dining in; how he supported me for my undying love for grease-y burgers and fries; how he laughed at me when I was wearing a dress plus my Hello Kitty combat boots; and so on. So, the answer to those questions is no, which I am deff okay with.

Now, ask me why. Three friends, three different stories and situations.

To make this even more exciting but more so to oblige myself to post an entry everyday, I will talk about each of one and divide it into three sections because I am very much inspired to talk about this and make you come to a very important conclusion.

Friday, August 27, 2010


As you all know (or not), I am very much addicted to the book series-cum-TV series, Pretty Liars that I decided to channel all four for my next set of looks on both Lookbook and Chictopia. I am down to the last one. I will be posting photos that my cousin Clara took plus a whole random knick knacks on what I have been up to lately.

So you all saw my Spencer look. I love Troian Bellisario, if I had her face, life would be so much better. Ha ha.

I do not think I pulled off Aria in these set of photos, wardrobe-wise at least, but the photography made up for it. Dark, gloomy, mysterious. I think the photos below convey the character.

Here is a sneak peek of my next look, which I am very excited to wear outside.

Channeling Emily with a little bit of flare. I cannot go by without over accessorizing, especially when I am just in jeans and a ragged polo. I will post this look soon.

My recent profile photo. I am wearing my black doll eyes contacts. They make my eyes look bigger.

Have you guys come across the MTV mockumentary, My Life As Liz? Today, after a 30-minute trip to get an NBI clearance, I took a nap and woke up with the sudden urge to dress like Liz--laid-back, no-care-for-the-world, easy-going, and all other antonyms of "uptight", which is the word that would best describe me.

Rotate... your computer. It's been almost 3 years since I last wore my Converse. I am excited to get the Hello Kitty edition of Doc Martens. I cannot hide how stoked I am.

I accompanied my friend Kandee awhile ago. We went out to get her BlackBerry and had coffee with Shai, Eleu, and Steph after. It was raining mad and I was worried about my car. It pukes pink, I laugh with contentment every time I see it from afar. You would not miss my car. I call RHYME!

I live for Starbucks. It is my lifeline, next to my phone. I came across the very first barista who asked the correct spelling of my name. I am so happy to see this. She spelled it correctly (with my help, of course) and had to take a photo of it. Thank you, Lala!

Tradition. I am happy!

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Friday, August 20, 2010


I finally got to update my Chictopia and now, under construction, my Lookbook. I am down with a cold + sore throat and what better way to ease the pain than to update the overdue photos I have been longing to post ages ago. I am not a fan of Photoshop--all because I do not know how to dance my way through the effects and all of its wonders. I am more of an "enhance-in-iPhoto-in-just-one-click" type of person. And most probably because my cousin Clara does all wonders by manually tinkering with her, I would like to believe, her beacon of hope, her armor, also known as her camera. I found a way to place multiple photos in one canvas using Photoshop, which is, of course, the farthest I can get.

I am addicted to the TV series Pretty Little Liars. My latest look is inspired by my favorite liar, Spencer. Full deets on the look HERE.

Photos by: Clara Tan -- Please do visit her site, a collection of how awesome her photography is.

"Where do you go with your broken heart in tow? What do you do with the left over you? And how do you know when to let go?
Where does the good go” – Where Does The Good Go, Tegan & Sara

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Because I cannot think of a better title. I am listening to All You Got by Tegan And Sara

When us girls get together, we get together. We pick up where we left off, we tease each other every chance we get, we fall into silence from a momentous laughter and then laugh again. We have known each other for more than half of our lives, which I find very odd--a total mix of characters, if hand-picked by qualifications, characteristics, personality, hobbies, and so on, we would not have been chosen to be part of the same group. So, how do we stand each other considering the hail blend of personalities? I do not know. Tell me. If I message them one by one to answer this question, I would probably get a uniform response: "... Love you, Trish, go to bed." But this is what I think makes our friendship "long-lasting", so to speak. It is that we have no definite answer as to how we ended up as friends... We love and support each other despite our mixing bowl of personalities. (We miss you, Karryl and Chesca!)

Back in 2004, our senior year in high school. (L-R): Shai, Karla, Kat, Kandee, Laverne, and Con.

July 2010, Tagaytay for Kandee's birthday. We are missing two people: Chesca and Karryl.

Taken tonight, Karla's early birthday dinner/drinks. Thank God for side bangs, digital perm, hair dye, colored contact lenses, and a progressed knowledge on fashion.

Can u tell who's who? Tee-hee.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


This week has got to be the most record-breaking week I have ever had in my entire life--full of love, surprises, and undying appreciation.

The rundown:

- I am more than lucky enough to be connected to the web world at all times--I get to discover new things, read interesting blogs, and get to connect with awesome people! I have always wanted to "pimp" my blog and make it vampishly alluring to the eyes. And what better way to do this than to have such an amazing banner that I could not, in heaven's name, create? Thank you very much, Jessica Yun (Sydney) for stumbling upon my humble abode (and what is known to me as my blog--my lifeline). The banner is super-awesome. I am happy beyond words.

- My brother arrived from a 4-day trip to China.

- I had my first ever facial c/o my aunt who is a dermatologist and a good one at that. I had my pimple injected, blemishes cleared, skin tightened and rejuvenated, eyebrows lifted, nose enhanced, and who would have thought this could be taken care of... breasts augmented. I am kidding about the last three, of course.

- I had a few drinks with BC (my college friends). It was a major catch-up session over barbeque and banoffee pie. I do not have a group photo with them (cry!). First photo is of Philip (such a good friend) and I--he was trying to get a photo of him and the scribbles on my back (my face!). Second photo is of Sacha, me, and Bea. Speaking of Bea, I was at Forever21 the other day and saw her. I called out her name, almost gave her a hug... It was not her. It was a stranger who looked like Bea. Thank God, I was not slapped on the face, stoned to death... Only burning from sheer humiliation. I will talk about this some other time. Photos by: Pau Andanar

- My super cute friend Manuel celebrated his 22nd birthday along with his bestfriend (and a friend of mine, as well) Danica, who has grown to be such a beautiful lady. Geez, I sounded like a mom.

- Finally had coffee with Kam 3 days back. Just awhile ago, I had coffee and early dinner with Kam, Diane, and Angela. We will never ever get tired of talking for hours. I ordered my usual vanilla latte at Starbucks. I had China green tea with lots of honey, too.

- THE HIGHLIGHT OF THIS WEEK: my Kong-kong (grandfather) surprised me with a hot pink metallic car. I will write a meaningful entry on this one.

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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hey. i really admire you. your blog consists of fashion, inspiration, and different things. you're so pretty. Girl, you're better off without smoking :) Just a suggestion. Hahaha :)

Thank you very, very much! Thank you for inspiring me to blog more. I'm really trying my best to cut down on smoking, it's such a bad habit. :-(

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( can i make you a blogger banner? :D )

Hi! Yes, please!!! That's really sweet. :-) Thank you, thank you!

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You're version of the only exception was cool. It made me teary eyed because of the picture! Oh my. Can we be friends?

Thank you very much. I'm getting teary-eyed because your comment/question. Of course! Hee hee. :-)

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Saturday, August 07, 2010

ive been reading your blog for a year now. your life seems to be really interesting. (:

Wow! Thank you very much. :-)

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I seriously wanna be your friend :( for the pass 2 months i've been looking to your blog. you seem to be a nice person. your bro's proud of you, i can tell :)

Aww, thank you very much. That means a lot. I shall keep blogging!

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I have been wanting to change my old contacts (Coffee--mix of green, gray, and brown). Thanks to my tita, she knows of a friend who sells the black ones that I have been craving for months now. It is a big change though. The first time I wore it, I look scary.

Channeling one of the Korean pop stars. Ha ha! Fail. One thing I love most about these new eyes is that they make my eyes look bigger.

To make the whole Korean look perfect, I struggled with doing a peace sign. It was impossible, thanks to my Key connector ring. I have been wearing it everyday since I got about a month ago. I also have one in silver.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


As difficult it is to admit, we live in a world of “what ifs”. And as much as we try to delve away from the notion, we find ourselves battling it out with a far cry. Often times, we fail. I would have to estimate only 2 out of 10 people are lucky enough not to be deceived. I say, it takes a lot of practice and courage. I use the term “practice” loosely, as it stems from the different ways people are able to handle certain aspects of their lives. Courage, too, comes in different forms but it really starts and/or results in one common motif. This is the ability of one to accept realitythat sometimes, things do not go according to plan; that sometimes, you have to swallow your pride when faced with crass judgments of people around you; that sometimes, it is better to look at the bright side at your lowest point; and that sometimes, you have to get hurt in order to move on.

As cliché as they all may sound, these are things that keep us going. Although we may not accept these coping mechanisms, we really think about these—whether it be consciously (like a guidebook) or unconsciously (like a silent agreement) do not really matter. We just do.

I carry on with life knowing that problems and heartaches are constant but there will always be something good that I can get out of those. The most important lesson in my life would have to be one that my late brother taught me when I was trying to understand why he passed away and I saw his box of quotations, randomly picked out one out a hundred (and I know I have mentioned this one too many times here): Things happen for a reason. There are no mistakes, accidents, or coincidences. Things happen for a reason. Learn from it.

I still fall for the trap of “what ifs”. I would be a hypocrite if I say otherwise. But the thing is, if I allow myself to, I would be moving backwards. Life has so much to offer that it would be a waste to build a perfect world of “what ifs” and not get a hold of reality.

I dared myself recently: Open your eyes to what is laid down in front of you. No matter how difficult or painful it is, deal with it. Never allow yourself to justify the actions of people that hurt you. If it hurts, you will heal, eventually.
Go out there, break the castles of your what ifs and face reality. You will be okay.