Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Who would ever imagine that aside from the cold weather, the beautiful flowers, and pink-maned horses, Baguio still has more in store for me? As requested by the then-birthday girl, my mom had to cater to my interests (not that she doesn't), especially on MY day, where I was treated like a queen. My parents would never approve of shopping in an Ukay-ukay. Never. But again, it was MY day and I was THE QUEEN. I am an avid fan of leather and vintage clothing. I think it is the one thing that will never go out fashion. Now, I am fond of briefcases and could not find a decent one here in Manila as I like them a little bit on the worn-out side. Solution: Ukay, we go! It was sweet of Pop and Ma to accompany me. I guess it was a win-win situation--shop til I drop with everything ON SALE. According to Pop, "mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ko".

I got my eyes on this the moment I saw this hanging. OMG, talk about having the vintage-feel. Do you see the Mickey Mouse Detail?

Lucky me, I found this green, leather purse. I was expecting to get black and brown ones but this is just heaven! It was like hitting the jackpot! It even offers a bonus, a checkbook divider, which completes my corporate look. I don't think this purse was even used, the shoulder strap was wrapped in plastic.

Like the green purse above, this was 100% untouched. Every piece of leather was still intact and also, the strap was wrapped in plastic. I love love love the gold button detail. It is beyond beautiful when you see it up close.

I found these necklaces at home. I was watching many of my favorite tv series and reading fashion blogs a lot lately and could not tell whether long or short necklaces would be in this summer. But personally, I would go for the shorter ones that fall just right above my non-existent bazoomas. Let's make this easier and less hurtful, "falls just below my collar bone".

I am most excited to wear the one at the right side. It was given to me by my grandma, Ama Perly. Thank God, I will have a good use for it with less revolt.

I am more than sorry for posting this, I just wanted to share my trip to Garbage Heaven! I would still appreciate your comments. Even the most nasty ones are more than welcome. HA! Thanks!

Cheerios, Chicas!


My 21st birthday was celebrated in Baguio. The birthday salubong in the car, to be more specific. Pop and Ma were waiting for 12 midnight and sang the birthday song the moment the clock struck 12. They've been doing that for 21 years. Our house looks so different as compared to the house I set foot on with Kong-kong and my cousins almost 13 years back. I will post photos of the house soon!

Allow me to deconstruct the trip through these photos.

This was taken at the Grotto. It is a tradition that we visit the Grotto first, no matter what happens--meaning RAIN or shine.I wished for nothing but the happiness of Ahya D.A.

My birthday cake. It's only Pop, Franco, and my cousins who call me "Ish" in the family. Mama is trying to get the hang of it.

My brother Franco and I outside the house. It was so cold! Matching cardigans, of course!

Mama and I.

Pop and I. I love this photo! He was super funny. He made my simple birthday dinner similar to that of a 7-year old's. No, it did not include musical chairs.

This one is just a random photo taken the next day at Minesview. I love the pusit!

Taken at, what I call, the Starbucks corner at home. There's a big ass, green umbrella outside. Again, it was too cold--I had to wear a jacket over my sweatshirt!

Just an update. I will be uploading more photos and talk more about Baguio--the misadventures included.


Saturday, April 25, 2009


HA HA HA! I'm 21! I will update later! Thank you for the birthday greetings!

Friday, April 24, 2009


I had fun earlier when Toni, Jay (Toni's cousin), and Sandy (Jay's friend) went up to the hills. "I love you, Antipoloeeee", as Toni would put it by screaming at the top of her lungs while enjoying the fresh air of Antipolo. I still couldn't believe that Coors beer would amount to P299 a bucket and a pack of Marlboros, an astounding amount of P75. I will not state which restaurant because no one would ever want to get a bad review. But in total, we all had fun. Dinner at the Fajardos' was also awesome. I am craving for a torta at this very moment. After the Coors incident, we all went to Tapsilogan and Bulalohan ni Vivien. Although I am not sure of the word sequence of the food chain, the food was also great, not to mention affordable as well!

Took photos of Toni's house, which is so fly.

Her family is wonderful. We talked about Mauban, Quezon and Toni's Cheerleading mishap over dinner. :)

Toni and I overlooking the wonderful sight.

This photo is very comical. I LOVE IT. Sorry, I ruined the photo!

I just had to have a photo of the Ralph Lauren polo (which is by the way, older than I am). Awhile ago, Mama confessed that she got it on SALE. Akala ko panaman, sosyal at mayaman kami. Denims are in AGAIN! Yay!

While most of my chicas cannot leave the house without their earrings, I, on the other hand, cannot leave without bracelets and rings. See my Pol.Eco. strings?

I love Toni! I trust her with anything! I am glad that we are close more than ever. :) I am ready for our trip to Quezon. Who wants to come with?

Tomorrow, I will be 21 years old. I will spend my birthday in Baguio with the family. No internet at home, I am hoping that Pop's Smart cable would work. This would mean that I would not be able to make it to the Friday GNO with the rest later tonight.

Cheerios, Papitos!

I am tired of this watermarking but Toni reminded me of the time when our group photo in Virgin Beach, Batangas was stolen and posted on a site. I think they stole it in some "blog". I just didn't say that it might have been me who's the source. So, watermark it is then. I may grow tired of it soon but for the meantime, ruined photos are what will be seen in my future entries.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I never really planned on getting one but ever since Franco bought his highlighter-green Skullcandy Lowrider, I got jealous and asked Mama to buy me one. All of the people working in iStudio, Shangri-La were very friendly and thanks to their enthusiasm, I finally bought the idea that the Red/Orange/Black Lowrider fits me perfectly. The ones that I had in mind were not available. Nevertheless, I AM HAPPY WITH MY RED/ORANGE/BLACK Lowrider! It even has a fur detail on it. Thanks, Mom for the pre-birthday gift! It also matches my sheets!

I shall name mine _________.



I caught my counter at 8888! This was taken awhile ago (or yesterday because it's early in the morning, 2:17am) right before I left for church with my family. According to my friend, Agnes, 8888 is a lucky combo--she is an 8888 herself! I miss you! I miss OC!

Cheerios! And keep the kind comments coming! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Long live the girls, I say. Just when we thought that we are finally going to be complete at Shai's Housewarming Party... Balloons pop and nails screeching on board, Karryl and Kandee were missing. And yes, Con made it--alive and kicking. It is quite true that things never change, ergo people missing a crazy night with Mojos, Asti, and Red Horse. Let us not forget the stack of cigarettes that have butts that could fill in a manhole and of course, friends that tend to snort due to excessive laughter. Guilty as charged.

Shai's house is beyond amazing. OMG, I mean, ODK! I'd say it can be featured in UZ and Kat's future show, "Ang Bahay ni Mama". I'm just kidding. Her room can actually pass for a set of Project Runway, but the best part is when you enter her room. Ha ha ha! We are proud of you because according to Eleu, out of all of us, it is you who has direction. I, on the other hand, do not even know what is happening to my life TOMORROW. I mean, all I care about for tomorrow is lunch. Ha ha. But SRSLY.

Here are some photos which (thankfully) I transferred. The videos are long gone. Ask me another time about this tragic story, I cannot talk about it now because I am as bummed as a hungry lion. The Hills spinoff is not for us at the moment.

This is from my Photobooth. I had to upload this just so I could remember the elevator disaster we had before going to Shai's.

Shai and Karla

Kat and I turning Korean (or Japanese).

Oh, yes. Con is alive and kicking!

Painting by Shai. Gorgeous! I wish I could draw like her. I am trying. I just have to dance my way through drawing stick figures.

Eleu and Jam

Eleu, please spare me. Don't laugh. Ha!

Laverne and I

People are MIA. :(

All's well. I love you, guys. To bits and pieces.

Cheerios, Chicas!

Please do excuse the crappy resolution of the photos, I had to resize them so that I could watermark them properly.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, I haven't been in my best "sleeping" behavior. Yaya claims that I have turned day into night and vice versa. True enough, I felt the need to post another one of my random entry at 4:57 in the morning. I wouldn't be this courageous if it weren't for the lack of work (not that I am finished with my reading and advanced research) and the sheer boredom I am dealing with at this hour. A friend suggested that I watermark my photos because the internet is such a horrid environment, that anything and I mean anything can be stolen and re-posted with, say, an airport on my face. It happened to me in highschool, in my computer class, I remember. PLUS there are haters, who have nothing better to do than loiter... Well, let's not talk about that. I had a dream this afternoon--yes, because I sleep during the day, excuse the repetition, I just want to make myself clear and claim that I am now a living vampire--that my friend sent photos of me with my head cropped off and pasted on Johnny Depp's body. It is ridiculously funny. I have yet to buy an iWatermark software if I find the time and if I don't change my mind--it ruins the photo. So, no nalang?

This is my sister with my cropped shorts and my denim Converse. Isn't she dear?

OMG. I was catching up The Hills Season 4. I am done with it and am now on track for Season 5's Episode 4. Apparently, it is the last season. I am quite sad as I have been a fan of Lauren Conrad ever since Laguna Beach.

The sun is up and I may as well hit the sack.

Adios, Papitos! (This is getting old).


She is genius! If there was someone whose closet I wanna raid, it's gonna be Jane Aldridge's. I am a big fan of her blog.

Video Credit: nichopoulooza on Youtube.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I am in my balcony as a write this.

I was on a roll trying to do research, as been assigned to Jewel and I by our boss, who is now in Spain having coffee. I was looking for a decent notebook where I could scribble in things—you know, to get that “correspondent”, responsible employer feel. So, I got a hold of a notebook, which I used almost two years ago. I was tearing up the leaves that had notes on them already. I came across quotes I took down by my professors. “You know it’s like you wanna say something but you can’t—like you’re constipated?” and “Imagine Scoobydoo versus the people of the RP”. I just had to go back and laugh until I saw—what hit me in the most unusual way—the mushiness that only a cheese curl could bear. The writings were… fresh. I couldn’t help but rewind the moments. HA HA HA HA HA. STOP IT.

As a result, I had downed 3 glasses of Iced tea, smoked—what it seemed to me—half a pack of silent killers, and dirtied my ever-so clean laptop. Clooney, is what I call my Mac. I was singing to VersaEmerge’s Lover’s Lie. Way to cool a song.

Another update for my Pol.Eco. blockmates: While they are busy with their work, trying to battle the urge to go back into their beds, going through the hassle of pondering on a corporate look for everyday’s trip to the office, conquering the traffic in the P.I. while simultaneously trying their best not to freak out and curse, and wasting their money on unhealthy, overpriced food at their work’s cafeteria, I AM SPENDING MY INTERNSHIP AT HOME. Not fun for me. I would rather work my ass off and go to the office every fucking day and spend every fucking hour being bullied by my superiors. Maybe next week, I will get a taste of the corporate world. So, how is yours?

Cheerios, Chicas!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


At least for the week. I'd normally make playlists and categorize them by genre--there is a certain genre I listen to for driving, for example, or when I need to set my mood. This playlist is rather different, their genres range from Industrial to Indie to Rock to Alternative to Experimental. I am still trying to get the hang of it though. It is quite difficult to change moods as the song changes. Ha ha.

"Like an apple on a tree, hiding out behind the leaves. I was difficult to reach but you picked me." - You Picked Me, A Fine Frenzy
"I could see you in the clouds on a rainy day" - Rainy Day, Big Dismal
"Shake it. Let it loose on your dancing shoes" - Modern Man, The Blakes (I love their albums)
"We'll hope it's not for nothing at all" - Secret Valentine, We The Kings
"Somehow you have managed to get under my skin more than anyone ever did" - Makeup Smeared Eyes, Automatic Loveletter
"I've been confused, why can't we just run away?" - You Versus The Sea, Daphne Loves Derby
"This wicked city just dragged you down. You're with the red lights. Your side of town" - Blood, Editors
"Tonight I'll be a classic work like Edgar Allan Poe" - Do It Again, You, Me, And Everyone We Know (Wooot!)
"This is where we both break free and I'll bring you home" - I'll Run, The Cab
"Try to keep straight, my limbs are binding now" - Whisperer, VersaEmerge



Even with my revolting stomach and tortuous backpain, I still went out because I really miss Diane, Toni, and Angela during the break. I only have 2 photos with me because my "trusty" memory card acted up. Side note: Is it possible to reformat an SD?

This photo was taken in Uncle Moe's before leaving for Starbucks, Pearl Drive to visit Angela (who got into a car accident in Bacolod yesterday). I am really glad you are fine. L-R: Diane, Me, Toni, and April (Toni's friend).

My posts haven't been reader-friendly. I talk about the most unusual things. By the way, Toni's friends are so much funnn. Bumped into Kam, too. I miss you.


Tee hee.

Oh! Today was my first day as an intern. I will talk about it some other time as there is not much to write about.


Sunday, April 12, 2009


Dug these up from "Mom's Closet". Aren't they the coolest? Saved up on cash too (which I really have a shortage on since the beginning of summer, which is bound to last for a few hours).

These are my favorite! I love the gold detail. These are Ferre Sunglasses. I also think that the band is rad.

I looove the frame of this. Nothing else to say.

Okay. Guess sunglasses from back in the early 90s.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just a quick post before I leave. I am addicted to VersaEmerge. I couldn't find a decent video of a live performance.

Enjoy! I will post more music later.

The video is too small. I can't embed a larger size. :|

Friday, April 10, 2009


I went to seven churches with the family awhile ago (Visita Iglesia) and had an early dinner. HELLO, I'M HUNGRY NANAMAN!

I've got lots of comments in Chictopia and I'm also trying to get through responding to each one. It is quite a lot for me considering that I've never expected any comments AND I've been a member for only a couple of days. I LOVE IT! I have a Referral Code. I hope I can persuade Erika Dizon, who is now on BLOGGER (thank God), to join as well. Hey, I got special mention, I've never thought that I was THAT insistent. Ha ha ha.

Bea Vergara also made me realize that I have too many accounts! OO NGA NOH. :| But hey, I am not on YM for the time being. Medyo bawas rin yun? HA HA HA HA!

Living the life of a notorious gambler. I am. Hello, I already lost P500 since yesterday.

I will eat. A LOT.

Cheerios, Papitos!

Erika Dizon, you made me crave for tacos.
Internship starts on Monday. :|

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Yay! I am finally on Lookbook and Chictopia. It took me awhile to get through Lookbook because an invitation is needed. I applied and have an extra invitation code. Who wants it?

Check it out:

Whoopteedoo. I am gaining weight! I am waiting for the pizza.

Monday, April 06, 2009


Here are the other sets I made on Polyvore

Lisa by trizialim featuring Forever21 necklaces

Diane by trizialim featuring See by ChloƩ blouses

Simone by trizialim featuring Juicy Couture necklaces

Jane by trizialim featuring Forever21 rings

Lane by trizialim featuring Miu Miu hair accessories



What I have been up to lately. Thanks to Ana V., I am now addicted to Polyvore. Here is one of the first sets I have made. It is so much FUN.

Penelope by trizialim featuring Joseph Griffin sandals

Okay. I will make more!

Thursday, April 02, 2009



Okay, I love food. You've no idea. Aside from living in my bed, which includes taking a shower at 8:30 pm, I eat and eat and eat as part of the bonuses of my vacay. I had Yaya and Tatang buy me 2 large fries, 1 caramel sundae, and 1 caramel sundae with Oreo--I just learned that it's called Oreo Explosion AND 1.5 L of Coke. Yaya also showed me the box of junk food that was stashed around the house, I'd rather not state where. It is our secret. Oh, joyyy!


Okay, bye. I will eat some more. Okay lang, I just gained 5 pounds lang naman. OKAY LANG TALAGA!