Thursday, December 31, 2009


... and because all of my promises are mere "drawings" ... and because Christmas is my favorite holiday... and because I have had an awesome one. I always get emotional when it comes to writing about Christmas (as seen in my post last year). While most of us are with our families feasting on a sweet ham, there are some who "sleep on it".

December 24, 2009: ticket-giving at the compound. I do not have a photo of the ticket-giving outside our house, but the people were twice as much.

Time: 7:00AM but a lot were already in line as early as 2:00AM.

My heart is just so full of joy because every year the number of people increases. Our family has been doing this since 1988. This year (aside from the employees) there are more baranggay tanods that helped us out, but still there was a semi-stampede. No one was hurt--thank God!

These wonderful photos are from my cousin Clara, the epitome of awesome.

I will continue soon.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am now in Quezon with the family, or at least half of them. The ones that are here are enjoying unlimited food, baked garlic shrimp, baked macaroni, pansit, steamed maya-maya, beef salpicao, and suman from our helper Tess, who lives here in Mauban, and a whole lot more! I am not gonna talk about dessert because I have not tasted it because I am allergic to mangoes. Yes. While most of you have tasted heaven (referring to the mangoes), I cringe even at the sight of it. So, 2 days in Quezon and I am as stuffed as a piƱata.

I miss Harley and my brother Franco who are still in Manila doing last minute Christmas shopping and sleeping endlessly, stated respectively. I am quite worried for Harley and his travel here in Quezon.I took him for a drive last week. Bad idea. He was in the passenger's seat and I, behind the wheel. I ended up petting him and hushing him to sleep. He woke up when I belted out a Plastiscines song. Sorry.

So there (two words that my dean hates--I don't know. I bet he feels that anyone who uses these words in one sentence can be put to death row). But hey, I am on break and I can say whatever I want. Last Saturday (the day before I leave for a week in Quezon), I did last minute shopping--the best part is shopping for the people you love. I had one hour to shop for myself. I did not know where all my money went and how these new clothes got into my closet here in Quezon. Also, this is the first Christmas that I have not gotten a pair of new shoes--normally, I would spend a whole lot on shoes, starting from when I was 3. This year is different, maybe it would bring me luck? Lol. So, I am excited for when I get back to Manila. New shoes and a Blackberry, I am getting the white version, people have been calling it Whiteberry? Is this true? Zia and I cramped our time for shopping into looking at phones and we have decided, we are getting new ones. So excited!

Happy Holidays!

I wrote this in one blow. Excuse me, I may have grammatical errors. Tee hee.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I know the title is odd. It is just that I have been singing this song non-stop. It can be described as a major fail because I only sing the first two lines and then I go on singing another song.

Yes, I have been out of the loop here. But still so excited because the break has officially begun, at least halfway if you count my RM class tomorrow.

I am psyched to share these photos from last Saturday's party, the annual BC party. The photos, I stole from my friends, of course.

I got a new neon-rainbow-colored-peek-a-boo dress from Denise. Someone got a bottle of water. And one got a can of liver spread. I do not know which one of them is better off. Let me think. This photo makes my heart melt. BC parties are fantastic. I also love the theme.

This is me with Sacha and Toni. The dress that I am wearing will be out on the second collection of NeverForget Clothing.

I do not know what to think of this photo. It just shows how much of a whack my friends are. I love them to death.

Of course, there had to be a Badet series.

These are the BC girls. Two missing!

L-R: Karla, Diane, Den, Me, and Bea. <3

This would make a great finale. Everyone was so weirded out with the dedication. Diane was cramming the card she was gonna attach to the gift (I did not put any). Isn't she lucky? She got Jesus! If she sees this post, she will probably blame the Jack!

That is it for now. And tomorrow, I will blog some more because I have good news about NeverForget Clothing!

Sunday, December 06, 2009


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MOM AND POP! I had so much fun with the family. This photo made this day extra special.

Friday, December 04, 2009


What a week is all I can say and the week has not even ended! I'm still onto having the same routine every night, bordering on morning and breakfast morning. I'm an owl and I don't sleep until the sun is up regardless of having 12 hours of sleep or not. Now, I have the urge to post a quick entry because of something really shallow, that no one could even care less about. I'm completely torn with what to watch. Yes, it is shallow. I just wanna share that I'm more than excited to watch my download in progress, "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs."

And oh, I tried rapping along to Jay-Z's Empire State Of Mind, sing along to Mozella's Hurry Up And Choose, and rock to The Plastiscines' Bitch. i failed miserably.