Friday, August 22, 2008


So, I am sure to fail ComPol. I don't wanna think about it anymore. Pop picked me up from school awhile ago (straight from Quezon). I was gonna treat him to dinner because we need a little father-daughter time (and there's a book I want from Fully Booked and I have been craving for my favorite shake in Cibo). Ha ha. No, seriously, book and shake or no book and shake, I just wanna spend time with him. He called for a rain check because mother cooked dinner. While in the car, he pulled out a cigarette and OFFERED me one.

Pop: Chi, let's smoke (pointing at his pack infront of us)
Me: No. I don't like.
Pop: Hooo, I know naman your smoking eh. Hindi porket you're old na ha.
Me: Quit na ako.
Pop: Sige na. I just wanna see how you smoke. Here (offering a puff).
Me: Eh, pula yan eh. Ha ha ha.
Pop: Ah, ha ha ha!
Me: I might get dizzy.
Pop: Ah, ayaw mo ng pula? May iba ka diyan? Sige na.
Me: I won't! Let's go to Metrowalk.
Pop: Okay, Unti (driver), Metrowalk daw.

Pop: Chi, do we have the complete set of Friends?
Me: Um, no. We have Season 1, 3, 6, 10.
Pop: WALA TAYONGG Season 12?!?!!!
Me: Pa, it's only til Season 10. Walang Season 12.
Pop: Eh, I saw it on tv eh! Miss, complete na ba tong Friends hanggang Season 12?
Miss: Wala pong Season 12. 10 lang po.
Pop: Do we have Iron Man, Chi?

HA HA HA. We watched Camp Rock on the way home (we bought it for Zia). I didn't know he was into it because I was close to falling asleep. I put my MacBook to SLEEP as I was getting dizzy already.

Pop: HEYYYY!!!! Why did you turn it off?!

We finished the movie at home and since we already watched about 40 minutes of the show, INUUUNAHAN NIYA SA DIALOGUE YUNG MGA ARTISTA. Ha ha ha!

Pop as Mitchie of Camp Rock: I have to call my mom...
Mitchie: I have to call my mom...

Car ride home from practice.
Me: Oh, Chelle! La la la la la.
Chelle: La la la la.
Zia: Yeah nga, Achi!!!
Me: Wag ka ngang epal!
Tatang: HA HA HA, epal si zia! EPAL.