Thursday, August 07, 2008


I'm not one to complain (all the time) or so I thought. But today, complaining and giving up are the only options I have! The piles of readings I have yet to read for DEV is beyond human comprehension. So why else would someone make people suffer? Isn't that someone else's job? Like, Stalin or Ryan Phillipe? No connection there but HELLO?! I've been preparing myself for hell--sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and lunacy. THIS CLOSE, PEOPLE!

I just need that ounce of inspiration. That one thought for me to continue reading. I have been stalling for so long! I wanna be 29 years old and get it over with. HA HA. It's a scene for a perfect movie! Something like "13 Going On 30". It's so funny if in a few second I'd be 29 and not know where the years in between went. I'd go out out my room and see a topless man with perfectly-shaped abs, flashing his bright smile, "Coffee, Hon? You work too much!". WOAH, ASAWA KO PALA! WOW nalang. The husband? Possible. Workaholic? Not quite.

SNAP OUT OF IT. I'll go to the kitchen. HA HA HA.

Cherrios, Papitos!