Friday, August 15, 2008


I was reading Morlino (yes, Morlino palang ako) for DEV when I got an Instant Message from Tita Flor, my mom's sister from Canada. She is the sweetest.

stegemantrizia are you using your line now
Trizia Limhi, tita
Trizia Limphone line?
Trizia Limno
fstegemanhey what's up ?what time is it now?
Trizia Lim1:17 am 
Trizia Limhow are you?
fstegemanhey how come you're still awake are you studying and smoking at the same time hehe
Trizia Limha ha, im studying. im taking a break though. i sleep at 5 am! i only get to sleep for three hours max!
Trizia Limha ha
fstegemanwhy is that ?do you know that you need your beauty sleep you don't want wrinkles right mom told me you got caught smoking is that true?only smoke when you"re dad is not there
Trizia Limha ha ha, he caught me smoking
Trizia Limha ha ha
Trizia Limbut he let me finish the stick before letting me know he caught me
fstegemanha ha busted hey that's not to bad at least he let you finish it coz he doesn't want to go to waste oh my that was funny are you still smoking
Trizia Limyesss.
Trizia Limha ha ha
Trizia Lim
Trizia Limtita, when are you visiting?
fstegemanha ha ha that was really funny okay i won't tell you're mama if you have something that you want to talk about i'm all ears i know mothers cannot understand but i can oh i have no idea i'll let you know can you give these no. to your mama so she can call kiting 9154412*** or 916786**22 cell yan
Trizia Limokay, i will! thanks, tita!
fstegemanokay i'll let you go back to your studies pls.try to sleep earlier than that love you all kiss everybody for me talk to you again
Trizia Limokay, take care, tita! love you!!!! please tell eveyone i say hi!