Sunday, August 03, 2008


Clara's 18th at Wack-Wack Pavillion was super! I saw Krizia ha ha. And thanks, Val, for keeping me company and for going with me for our fag breaks. Achi Essa had to bring little Eve home before going out. Thanks to our driver that night, June, we got lost so many times. I do not know how to fuckin' get in and out of Makati. Met Kuya Kenneth, Vanjo, and Rich (who was really basag that night)

Rich: How old are you?
Me: 20.
Rich:, No, that's too old. How old are you?
Me: 20.
Rich: Can you be my date Friday night?
Me: Go to sleep, Baby Boy.

The five of us had to go to Alabang to bring him home. He jumped over his gate and fell, butt first. HA HA HA. We couldn't stop laughing. We had to pick up our ride so that we could go home. THANKS.


Cheerios to Shai, Icey, Eleu, and Pat.