Saturday, February 28, 2009


It has been two years since my brother's death. I still cry and think of him everyday. I wish he never washed the X-trail. :( But things happen. I have good memories of him. That's enough. I MISS YOU.

Franco and I are here in Manila. Zia and Mom are in Quezon.

Over YM:

Zia Lim: i miss you, achi
Zia Lim: i know you miss me too
Zia Lim: don't ya?
Trizia Lim: i miss you, shobs!
Trizia Lim: seriously
Zia Lim: oh i know
Trizia Lim: :@)

Never forget. Everyday.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Sarcasm is the key. HA!

Eto nalang, kinilig si Mrs. Annie Lim kay Matt. Ha ha ha! Cute ni Annie Lim!

As much as I want to upload photos here and post an update, I am stuck with IPE and do not want to do anything else but stare at my laptop.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Franco, my brother, asked me to print his monologue for him. Read and enjoy:

I remember what my wife told me. "If I want to be a good father, I shouldn't be my father" she was right because my father gave me a hard time growing up.
I remember the time when my 4-year old son was trying to get up and walk, he held my hand, and I let go as soon as he stood up. But after a few steps he fell, I picked him up as soon as he was about to cry. As time passed by, my son was at his teenage years—full of curiosity and deceit. He got addicted to all kinds of drugs and other vices, that’s when I realized that he fell again just like before. So I picked him up. Took him to rehab and let go once more. By the time he graduated college, I thought my role as a father is done. He was planning to have a family of his own because he has a stable job. I visited him at work one time; because I was driving near by. As I got to where he was working, there was an ambulance singing in front of me. I rushed to look for my son. I saw him lifelessly on the ground. I tried to pick him up one last time. I know I'm old but my hands are strong as ever. But this time I didn't let go.... He was the one who did. I lay
flat on the ground myself, weeping. My tears blinded my eyes as I saw a hand reaching out to me. It was my father's hand. Picking me up once more.

Photo by: melaniumom

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've been hunting for IPE topics for hours now. And I came up with this one: role of regional trade agreements on negotiations under the Doha declaration. Does this even make sense? FML: I found an IPE topic (my ticket to taking the final exam) only to find out (from Danie Thomas) that a) WTO topics are not allowed anymore and b) one of my blockmates might be working on the same topic, so fuck my life. At least, I wouldn't be asked to fuck a tree.


I have stuff to work on besides hunting for, what might be considered as, an "impossible dream". I was given THE brown envelope for the Summer Internship Program of Political Economy. Oh, joy. I passed my CV and the institute that was in accordance to my preferences is the Institute of Popular Democracy in Teacher's Village. Three more requirements to pass, an interview, then comes the moment of truth. I'm losing hope in facing Pol.Eco. every minute of the day but I hope they accept me. At least there would be some direction in my life.

I bought two cans of beer awhile ago only to find out that my bestfriend would be drinking them tomorrow night.


Untouched by the Veronicas isn't so bad! Thanks little christine!

Monday, February 23, 2009


I have been updating my iPod for hours now. Never mind school work (at least for awhile). Anyway, I've been downing (stealing from Franco's iTunes) my iPod with pop and rock.

Lady Gaga is genius. Eye Alaska rocks. Lights is okay.

Although these songs have different genres, I play them continuously as if they roll.

Eh eh (nothing else I can say) by Lady Gaga
Drive my soul by Lights
Through willows and streams by Eye Alaska

Cheerios and post some songs!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


MY IPE topic is a DEV topic. I cannot take school anymore. So much for an update.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Pop had Ahya D.A. when he was 17 years old. He had me when he was 20. Nothing wrong there but this one's just ridiculous! Oh, young dads.



Back-to-Back Plays:

"Exp. Date" written by XY Pintoy; directed by Draco Moreno;
starring Trizia Lim and Patrick Mayo
"StarCatcher" written by Kinna Kwan; directed by Linus Paterno;
starring Miliza Prado and Jordan Benedicto/Mike Reyes
Feb. 16 (MON) - CAS101
Feb. 17 (TUE) - CAS104
Feb. 18 (WED) - CAS103
Feb. 19 (THU) - CAS101
*all shows start at 7:45PM



Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Paul Abdul: "It's the end of the road. I am sorry."
Me: "But--"
Paula Abdul: "I am sorry, honey. Maybe next year--"
Me: "But-- NOOO! Please give me another chance"
Paula Abdul: "Maybe next year, you can move to America but you have to pass RM first"

(End scene)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Neither is it a boy nor a girl but a kidney! Yes, a kidney.I heard over the radio (Magic) that donating a kidney could be done in a process similar to childbirth. This is not fallacious! Johnson, a 48-year-old woman has gone through this process when she donated a kidney to her niece. The effect of this would be, of course, more female kidney donors. Doctors assure donors that this process would be less and less painful as compared to the traditional and former, as donors would only incur 2 pea-sized scars under the navel and 1 down there. However, further studies and practices should be done so as to avoid the possibility of rupture of the kidneys during the operation. GALING! Click here!!! Don't you girls find it amazing how powerful we are? Vagina saves the world!

I am writing and researching about vaginas and kidneys because I am literally put ON HOLD in Research Methods.


All I could say is EW. This is gonna be one of those blog entries that is full of loathe towards people who implicitly claim that they are as powerful as President-Elect Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey (I extend my heartfelt apology to those who do not believe that these two should be used in the same sentence--same adjective, nonetheless. To me, both are indistinguishable!), as macho and batak as David Hasselhoff and People's Champ, Manny Pacquiao (who are two DIFFERENT people; easy to tell apart), as intelligent as Einstein, and as fashion-forward as Agyness Deyn and Happy Hippie. NO. I am not all of these, no. My point is, why pretend when you can just go with the classic HUMILITY and most importantly, STAY AT HOME, where no one can see you. I'm kidding. And mean.

My point is: act and dress accordingly. If you're Einsteins, check the date, it's 2009. My goodness!

Chill, all of you are cool so FUCK you all!

Funny, 'coz Sarah, Abby, and I were in Starbucks awhile ago--aren't we all?--talking about how important it is to remain humble and carefree.

I have no fashion sense, too but I am working on it.
AND AND AND, my Clooney Count hit 7,000! Last time I checked, it was 6,900 something which means that some people do visit my blog! Thanks! See, I entertain through the chatterbox.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


After 7 years. :) I've missed you, Guys! You've no idea.