Friday, May 22, 2009


In need of something to write about, I go to one of my favorite blogs and ended up in MyStylePill's site. Her blog is very interesting and I have fallen into buzz while reading her blog. I was thrilled to just look at the photos, enjoying myself while fighting the feeling of envy--I wish I was that thin. After minutes of complying to "open link in new tab", I got to Emerald City: OlsensAnonymous. I am such a huge fan of theirs and their style is just beyond amazing. I wish I was armed with that swagger.

This is the photo that caught my attention, hence the re-posting.

Photo credit: OlsensAnonymous
The best part of her ensemble is how she wore her watch. I love how it may fall out when fishing something from her bag. Also, notice how her accessories are randomly put on, it is brilliant! I have never been a fan of mixing gold and silver. I am kind of apprehensive about it but MK made it happen and made me think otherwise.

I better fish out all of my watches. Felt the urgent need to have them adjusted to PLUS TWO.

Million claps to the Olsen twins.

I am busy looking through the best photo album ever.

Photo credit: LeSmokingImage