Wednesday, May 06, 2009


It's been a week since I've last updated and couldn't think of a better alibi than "my dog ate my laptop". Anyway, to compensate for the missed happenings, I will post photos--unwatermarked, because I am really lazy. Also, thanks for your comments and surprisingly, e-mails, for saying good things about my blog. I got cool comments both from your e-mails and private messages in Multiply and Facebook (and no, I am not active in Friendster--I just open it to check my best friend's account). Thank you for thinking of my writing as "funny" and "interesting" (is it, really?). Anyhow, I just had to say the things above to let you know that I've read your mails and messages but opt not to respond just because... BUT I really and truly appreciate it. :)

This was taken at Bugsy's last Friday--Labor Day. Earlier that day, I met up with Jae and Toni (who I spent 12 hours with and that includes walking the streets of Ortigas Center, which is really fun btw)

Later that same night, me, my sister Zia, and my cousin Nikole made the most hilarious 25-second video in the entire world.

These photos were taken the day after in my Photobooth. Mama and I went to a wedding and had a date at Eastwood later. I love my ultra red lipstick! Although wearing it on a regular basis would be kind of weird, I think I will do that because it is beyond amazing, it makes my teeth whiter, much less like a smoker.

The other day, Mama, Zia, and I went to Starbucks and this is what I ordered--Chicken and Turkey Tuscan Sandwich. Heaven, I am craving for one since the moment I left Starbucks. I went to Starbucks, Pearl to have coffee with Diane yesterday only to find out that there are none left!

After the encounter with the best sandwich that set foot on planet Earth, I had my mom and sister drop me off at Home Depot to meet up with Toni and Jay. Buffalo Wings and Things was the best... as well as...

The cover of Superhuman by Toni and LJ Fajardo!

While my friends were downing Vodka and Wine. I was enjoying my Flamingo Drink! :)

That is it for now. Yet another shallow post by me but that is all I've got. I tried, to say the least.


Thanks, Mama for the best birthday gift ever. I love the smell of leather. What do you think of the latest Gossip Girl episode?