Friday, May 22, 2009


OK. He started to turn 19 two years ago and every year since then, he proclaims that he's just turned 19. We had dinner at Myron's Place, Greenbelt 5--GOOD FOOD, and headed to Bugsy's after. I can go on forever saying good things about my friends but it's 2:50am and I still have a paper to do. Bottom line is: I LOVE YOU, GUYS.

I grabbed photos from Triccie and these are some of the photos that I would like to share with you guys.

Birthday boy: Sean Go (or should I say, Sebastian?). Thanks for dinner. We love you forever.

Group photo outside Myron's Place. The food is awesome and the Red Grape Fruitshake tastes fantastic! I will upload the photos later.

Three people are missing. :\

The birthday boy with me sporting a "Harem Johphur" pants that I bought months ago. I was teased earlier that night for wearing pajamas by Franco.

The three Ts as Toni, my rock sister, puts it. (L-R: Trizia, Toni, and Triccie). Spot me channeling a Christmas tree--Moss Green eyeshadow and ultra red lipstick. I still think it is beyond rad even if I am missing a tinsel. And a star atop of my head.

This photo is taken at Bugsy's. Meet our alter egos. (L-R: Tasha, Margaux, and Cameron). Sebastian took the photo--he really exerted effort, which I believe cost him some of his brain cells when trying to figure out the names! Not too much! Good luck on the test.

I also have a habit of adjusting the time, advancing it to 4 hours. I tend to bug my friends asking what the REAL time is. Why? I want to get a feel of going home EARLY in the morning. Today, I went home at 6am.

That is all.

Thank you to the people who take the time to visit my blog and send me private messages on Multiply and Facebook! Thank you, one and all. It makes me really happy and want to blog some more! Oh yeah, 10,000+ hits! Woohoo!