Tuesday, July 28, 2009


1. Name: Anonymous
Do you feel you're a stereotype?
-- I keep telling my friends: “SINGLE NA NGA, TYPECASTED PA…” Ha ha ha.

2. Name: mia
what are ur fave bands?
-- Oooh, hard one. I love music and most of the time I look up on new artists. I am currently listening to Marianas Trench’s album as I type.

3. Name: carlea
hi i like ur fashion, do you know saab magalona personaly?
-- Thank you! Visit my Chictopia! Nope. I see her on TV. :-)

4. Name: ces
hi trizia, ur so pretty, by the day what is your course and where are you studying? if you dont mind me asking. :D
-- Aww, thank you! I’m studying at UA&P taking up Political Economy.

5. Name: tintin
what brand of computer are you using? are you on-line all the time?
-- I’m using a MacBook. Yup, when I’m awake, I am.

6. Name: mel
very cute outfit? san ka nag hs and college?
-- Thank you! I studied at O.B. Montessori Greenhills and now at UA&P for college.

7. Name: hi
hi! :)
-- Hi! (Wow, a triple hi)

8. Name: jm
hi, as i read on your past post you where invited to watch wowowee, did you watched na? and r u a fan of the show. i dont like willie's attitude kc, hehe
-- Not yet! They have my number though! I am waiting for a text. I am a big fan of the show! I love Willie of Fortune.

9. Name: jake
will you let me sweep you off your feet?
-- Ahhh.

10. Name: JP
what do you look for in a guy? :)
-- Hmmm. Tough one. My friends call me choose-y. Hmmm. Napaisip ako bigla.

11. Name: nhellieboy
love reading your blogs... i'm also a rockenroller... my question is... "why are you so cute"? just kiddin... see you one day in eastwood...
-- Thank you! Suggest great bands!

12. Name: ralph
Hey! you sing really great. I have no questions to ask but I do more like have a request. would you like to try and sing "three rounds and a sound" by blind pilot? It was my summer song and I think it would be good on female vocals...well with a female vocal talent like yours. :P
-- I must admit, this made my day! Thank you sobra! Ha ha ha! I will download and try. (Yuck, ang feeling kooooo!)

13. Name: carlea
where are d answers? :D
-- Right here! Sorry, I’m trying to answer but some questions are really tough.

14. Name: cesy
wow you really have a nice voice. any plans of joining the showbuisness? :D
-- Thank you! Ngek! No! And hindi ako papasa.

15. Name: car
hi, if u dont mind em asking do you live in a condo unit?
-- I live in the penthouse of my family’s building. But we will move once my Kongkong has our new house built.

16. Name: jamie
ilan kayo sa family?
-- Like siblings? I have 3 but I lost my older brother in 2007. So, 3 nalang kami ngayon. Younger silang dalawa, Franco and Zia. I have a lot of cousins, they’re all like my siblings.

17. Name: hi
ganda pala ng voice mo. your very talented... ano pa meron? baka dancing saka acting kaya mo rin? hehe...
-- Thanks! Ha ha, I’ve been cheerleading since the 5th grade til 2nd year of college. After that, I tried theatre also. ☺

18. Name: triziafan
sana ako una naka-isip ng name. haha. anyway, what can i ask? can i ask to a favor? can you sing songs na kanta ni taylor swift? thanks in advance. :)
-- Wow! Thank you! I love Taylor Swift but I don’t think I would be able to give justice to her songs, given that I sang. Ha ha ha.

19. Name: mark
how old r u?
-- 21.

20. Name: curious
what is your take in smoking? do you judge people based on their bad habits?
-- Smoking is a choice—as well as other vices. And no, I don’t judge people. I don’t think anyone should. ;-)

21. Name: KC
ilang taon na po kayo? saka po ano full name niyo?
-- 21 po. Anna Patrizia Lozada Lim.

22. Name: clarisse
i had to look for a back issue of candy mag. i saw you. you look very young but still stunning. do you have other modeling stints besides that? btw, i love your blog. stumbled upon it. actually thinking of blogging aswell.
-- Really?! My last project was last year. It wasn’t like super big though. Blogging is really fun. It’s my outlet. I suggest you blog too.

23. Name: max
hi do you know ana vitangcol? if yes how did you met? she seems snob in her plurk. hehe
-- Yes, we’re from one barkada (college). She’s really nice, far from being a snob. If your definition of a snob is, her not responding to your Plurks or questions, maybe she doesn’t know you personally kaya ganon. But again, she’s not. :-)

24. Name: .
tagal ng answers

-- Demanding!!! I love it! Ha ha ha.

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