Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Hello, how are you? It has been too long, I apologize.
Anyway, I decided to click on the Bookmarks section on my MacBook (Wee, I feel so powerful typing that in. Lol.) and visited my favorite websites. Good news, one and all. I have found the picture that would best explain the HIDE AND SEEK I have as a tagline in most of my social network page and also here, in my blog.

I got it here. What do you think?

I got a call from my good friend, who has been long-lost since the 1980s--I exaggerate. Marc Law, in our 1-hour conversation via mobile, said that a relationship does not turn out right or what we perceive to be "right" because the GUY did not make/do the right approach. Or in my take, manifest the right moves. The right approach, I do not know, not even the slightest bit of idea. The right moves, I dare not cave.

This one, which I got here, screams CAROUSELAMBRA. I would kill for the hair, the sunglasses (which I think is very Osborne meets Larger Than Life), the jacket, oooh the jacket!

Mondays are for the cool people, as Shai, my very good friend puts it. After class, I drive to Eastwood to have lunch with my friends. We have been doing this for two Mondays now and hopefully, all other Mondays to come.

Cheerios, Papitos.

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Hope you'd fill in my chatbox with comments so that I gain the inspiration to blog religiously. Just a simple HI would do. Mwa!