Monday, July 20, 2009


So, the usual Monday Lunch at Eastwood has been postponed. TWICE. But it is well. Raincheck on a Friday is even better -- great food, great company.

RSF Toni, Me, and Diane

Shai, Eleu and AJ

This is me TRYING my best to sport Jane Aldrige's outfit, top and visible bra. OKAY.

What can I say, I am blessed with wonderful friends that know me all to well ("Ooh, PURPLE... BUTTERFLIES..." -- Shai's best imitation of me, but in my defense this was in HIGHSCHOOL). So well, that even our laughs, we get to imitate. AH-HA-HA-HA (Shai's laugh, the winner laugh of the night). Intensity, intensity -- I am talking about the pep talk.

Harley turned 4 months yesterday and I am a proud Momma. He has gotten so big -- gaining .5 kg every two weeks. He has kissed me one too many times on the lips. And, oh, he licks by default.

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